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Has Anyone Used Lactobacillus Acidophilus for Their Children?


I have an 18 month old daughter who has had a stubborn yeast diaper rash for almost 2 weeks. Our pediatrician suggested starting her on lactobacillus acidophilus to help, and to continue her on this until she is out of diapers to prevent future rashes. She also suggested that I give it to my 9 year old daughter who has constipation and frequent stomachaches. Has anyone tried this? What kind of results did you get? Any side effects?


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HI M.,
I've used a lactobacillus acidophilus product for all my kids at different times, ages 12 months to 18 years, with no side effects, just side benefits. There is some helpful info at this website about these supplements for kids: http://www.acidophilus-supplement.com/acidophilus-pills/

I'm so pleased to hear that a pediatrician recommended this!

Take Care,

My son ended up getting cdiff colitis from antibiotics before he got tubes in his ears. We used a probiotic called florajen per his dr.'s request. He had good luck with it and no side effects. It is a capsule you get at the pharmacy. We just would open the capsule and add it to his bottles. Hope this helps!

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HI M.! Yes! acidophilus is ESSENTIAL! My kids take a chewable tablet every day. Not only does it help with constipation, yeast infections, tummy pain etc. but it boosts immunity. There are no side effects.
I like the Udo's Choice powder but you can go to Whole Foods or The Valley Natural (in Apple Valley?) to see what their selection is.
Also, my kids get yogurt and kefir every day. Both are a great source of probiotics. But the tricky part is to find a yogurt without processed sugar in it. Sugar makes yeast grow and grow, so yogurt with sugar, high fructose corn syrup and other things really defeat the purpose of acidophilus.
We have seen immediate results for things like cradle cap, constipation, yeast (you can use the powder to make a paste with water or plain yogurt and apply directly to the yeast rash!), etc... Remember to keep whatever product you get in the fridge!

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Hi M.,
I can certainly make a recommendation for your children. I have a background in nursing, but currently work with a wellness company and have experienced amazing results with myself and my family by using their products. Let me share on experience with you.
I have had IBS for many years and doctors did little to help me. I even had more than one colonoscopy,(which, in my opinion, are humbling and uncomfortable before, during, and after)and showed nothing. Doctors just told me repeatedly I had to learn to deal with my stress! Ha, ha
My IBS became so bad, I couldn't even eat some days while at work, because I knew what the results would be.
Anyway, once I learned of this wellness company and started using their probiotic, I was cured!! I even was shocked by learning of something I could do for myself, that even doctors weren't capable of helping me with.
The probiotic is completely safe for children, can be sprinkled onto food, is not expensive, and so convenient, and the health benefits are unmeasurable.
I am not a distributor for this company, and I do not sell products, but if you would like more information, I can certainly help you learn how you can get these products.
You can also go to my website to learn more, and if you leave me your info on my website, I can contact you when convenient.
In health,

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Hi M.
Yes-- I used and still use Lacto for one of my twins-- the other when I can get her to take tabs LOL as they are now almost 8.
We tried tons of stuff for sore bottoms and constipation for her-- to no avail- even had to do suppositories finally which was tramatic for her too- HA.
Then we used Lacto and it worked great. We added in something we called fairy dust too which was a fiber sprinkled on her food-- it sparkled so she liked seeing that.
She's had normal poops ever since.
Give it a whirl and if you want to know what I used, email me back as they apparently don't want people to talk about that kind of stuff on this venue publicly.

About me: 48 yo perfusionist, wellness coach for nationwide online biggest loser challenge where you can win $, and mom to 7 yo twin girls

B. J

Yes, my boys both take acidophilus daily (and I do too). I highly recommend it to anyone.. its so great for their internal health.

You could start by giving them yogurt once a day. Yogurt will do the same thing as lactobacillus will.

I have also used this for both of my kids. I got the powder-and just mixed some in my sons bottle when he was only a few weeks old because he has reflux and constipation. I love the stuff. It works great and is completely safe. I highly recommend it. Keep in the refrigerator and use when any of your kids is sick--stomach ache, constipation, or even if they are ever on any kind of antibiotics--it will help keep their bodies in balance while takeing an antibiotic. Good Luck--this is a very very good option!!

I use Shaklee Optiflora Pre and Probiotic System. Safe and really effective in getting the digestive tract in sync. This helps so much with the immune system too. They also have a great infant powder (multi). They have a natural, organic diaper rash cream too.

I've used it on myself when I had to have massive antibiotics- it helped tremendously with the stomache upset caused by the medication.

Good for inhibiting yeast growth- women often use it for yeast infections.

Alternative- if your kids like yogurt, yogurt with active cultures have LA in it. Several yogurts a day is good.

Kick-starting the system with the LA for the diaper rash might be a good idea and then go to the yogurt when things calm down in that area.

For the 9 year old, while it might help, a better bet is lots of clear fluids and a more finer-rich diet.

We're battling constipation with our 3 yr old and fluid and fiber seems to do it.

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