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Has Anyone Used Goats Milk as a Supplement?

My little girl is 8 months old and I've exclusively breastfed her. I'm just looking to supplement with one bottle a day. As I pump at work but my supply is very very low. :( I've tried numerous formulas and she won't take any of them. I've been told she's still to young for cow's milk. Has anyone used goats milk as a supplement? Thanks so much for your help! :)

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We used goat milk to supplement my daughter who has a milk allergy. She has a mild allergy but can not tolerate cow's milk even now that she is 17 months old. We have continued to give her one bottle a day just to get some milk in. She tolerates it well. Know that goat milk tends to not stay fresh long and is a little hard to find. I have found that Wholefoods, super Walmart and David's Market (Bel Air)have fresh and i know that Weis carries condensed goat milk that you just add water. My pediatrician suggested this over trying soy and I have been really pleased.

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Actually, my mother was fed goats milk instead of breast milk when she was a baby because my grandmother didn't breastfeed and she couldn't have cow's milk (of course, I think this was back when formula wasn't readily available either) and she didn't have any adverse side effects.

I would ask your ped. to be sure, but I think it's probably a viable option.

I dont know if this will work for her or not but my son just turned a year old and we tried to give him cows milk. He of course didnt want anything to do with it. So what we did was put one part cows milk and 3 parts formula. He drank it just fine. So in your case use 3 parts breast milk, and one part formula. Then gradually start using more formula and less breast milk, and eventually she should be fine and not notice the difference. Im not sure about the whole goats milk thing, you might need to ask you doctor if she is allowed to have that. Hope this helps

She needs formula not any kind of milk for at least 4 more months. You need to make the transition slowly. First pump BM and put in a bottle/sippy cup and get her used to the bottle. Then if she eats 6oz at a feeding do 5 1/2oz BM add 1/2oz Formula. Then gradually adjust the mixture adding more formula to BM. Stay with one formula type while doing this don't switch around. Most kids won't immediately take formula after being breastfed exclusively. I takes patience and slow introduction. Good luck.

My 2 year old loves goat milk as he had a severe allergy to cow's milk. As someone previously suggested, try a little goat's milk mixed with breast milk to see how she tolerates it. I would of course suggest you double check with your pediatrician before doing this. Trader Joe's carries goatmilk with Vitamin D which some of the other brands do not have.

Formula is probably the easiest replacement, and mixing formula with breastmilk will probably help your baby transition. You don't have a lot of milk to spare, so I understand the hesitancy in doing that. Goat's milk is a much better choice than cow's milk for an 8 month old, but any pasturized milk is going to lack the enzymes to help your baby digest the milk. If you can get raw goat's milk, the live enzymes actually help her absorb the nutrients. Speaking of nutrients, again, goat's milk is better than cow's milk because it has nice milkfat, but it's low in folic acid and B12 vitamin. You can try to supplement that by adding nutritional yeast and giving your baby egg yolk (not egg white because that is linked with allergies until 1 year). In addition, I'm sure you've tried this, but you can also add fenugreek, mother's milk tea, oatmeal, and extra fluids to your diet to help you produce as much milk as you possibly can. I too had low milk supply, but my dd took formula without much fuss. Good luck!

i would definitely try mixing breast milk with a formula before trying goat's milk. my babies hated formula at first too when started supplementing my breast milk it, but mixing it gives 'em a chance to get used to it slowly.
good luck!

The reason people have given their babies goat milk is because it is the closest (most similar) to human breast milk available.

Almmond milk is the best. If you can start your child on this it is much healthier for them throughout life as cows milk is not meant for us. Lactose allergies don't develop till adulthood but protein allergies ccan start at any age. My son has a dairy protein and soy protein allergy so it is VERY hard for us to find things he can have. Almond Milk has been a saviour. You can find it in the organic section of grocery stores. Good luck.

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