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Has Anyone Used an Amber Necklace for Teething?

On a recent post someone mentioned using an amber necklace to help with teething. Has any one else had any luck with this? I am a bit skeptical about it, but wanted to find out more info.

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T., Why would you when there are so many alternatives???? I personally wouldnt want my children to choke on a chunk of rock... just my opinion. I always found a cold wet face cloth to chew on was the best for my kids. Enjoy the teathing era.. it too will pass. L. C.

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I found that amber teething necklaces work wonders. We put one on our youngest daughter and the next day she stopped complaining. It is a natural, safe way to go and provides a continual soothing effect which helps prevent her from getting overwhelmed. She wears it all the time and hardly notices it. We got ours from http://ecoprecious.com they are very nicely made with knots in between each bead so they won't break and go everywhere.

I wouldn't use something like this. Amber can crack and turn into little pieces. I'm sure something else would work better and be safer. so, after reading more messages, they wear them, not chew them ... babies aren't supposed to wear necklaces because they can get caught on something. But the posts do seem interesting. good luck!

We've been using one for months and I think it helps. I've never used Tylenol or Motrin. Occasionally I will also use a dose of camillia but that is it. My DD hasn't had any bad teething at all so if the necklace isn't helping, she's just super easy. :)

I have not been concerned with the amber cracking. It just hangs there, isn't handled really at all. And if DD puts it in her mouth I take it right off. I figured it was worth a try.

My daughter has been wearing her necklace for about 1 1/2 years now and I swear by it. It got us through almost a whole mouthful of teeth with very little fuss. I bought it one day because I was desperate with the drooling, chewing on everything,crankiness and sleeplessness. Like I said it really helped take the edge off.

Hi T.-
I am a jeweler and have worked amber in it's raw form into polished "stones." Amber is NOT something you should use for teething. It is really not a stone. It is very fragile and can break. It is fossilized tree resin- millions of years old. I can see it's appeal- it gives a bit when one bites, but if it breaks it splinters and is even dusty....maybe people are using a fake amber? i have never heard of this and it seems crazy!

*****amber necklaces are not to be used as a substitute for teething rings, etc. THEY ARE TO BE WORN, NOT CHEWED ON. and always with adult supervision.

i have a friend who makes these as well as know many people who swear by them. we personally used hyland's teething gel and lots of washclothes that i put some breastmilk on and then froze them (this was my wonderful pediatrician's advice).

T., Why would you when there are so many alternatives???? I personally wouldnt want my children to choke on a chunk of rock... just my opinion. I always found a cold wet face cloth to chew on was the best for my kids. Enjoy the teathing era.. it too will pass. L. C.

Hi T.,
I, myself, have not used one for my kids, but I do have a friend who had her son wear one since birth and she swears by it. That's the only info I have, for whatever it's worth!

Hi T.,
I was extreamly intrested in this question!! I decided after reading your other responses to look it up online. What I found was that the amber necklace for teething are supposed to be worn and not chewed. It says that it has a type of calming effect and that they naturally will not chew them. So thats all I've gotten but I thought it was intresting. They looked pretty :) Good luck !!!

I have not personally used an amber teether. However, I own a baby store and have heard amazing things about them. I have customers who swear by them and only use the necklace (no tylenol, orajel etc.). If you google them I know you can find them for around 25-30 dollars.
Def worth a try!

No sorry and I also have not even heard of it. I guess it would be worth I try but I don't think it is something I would try. For my son Hyland's teething tablets (found anywhere, CVS, Rite Aide, Stop & Shop, ect.) work awesome even better than Tylenol or Ibuprofen and the best thing about them is that they are totally safe/homeopathic so you can also use Tylenol or Ibuprofen along with it if need be. Give that a try! Good luck.

Lots of people I know swear by them and I will use one when my dd starts teething. The beads are individually knotted so there is no worry of the baby breaking the necklace and swallowing or choking on the beads.

They do sell them at the Papaya Patch in West Hartford. (I bought one for a friend and it's worked like a charm.) The people there are also extremely knowledgeable and can fill you in on all the details and more.

Good Luck!

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