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Has Anyone Tried Weight Watchers Online?

I need advice on how to stick with the WW plan and workout when I have kids to take care of and a job to go to everyday. I have tried the plan before, but I never stick to it because my job is always having potlucks and the people around me are always eating heavy foods. How can I stick to the plan without getting sidetracked and tempted by others? By the time I get home from work I am extremly tired after having to help with homework, cook dinner, get kids ready for baths and bed. After this I am totally wiped out and the last thing that's on my mind is getting on a treadmill! Any ideas or suggestions?

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I have done Weight Watchers but not on line. It does work but it is a slow process. You really have to use mind over matter and just say no to the things that are going to cause you to gain weight. Also start by working out 15 min a day. All of the things you do count as exercise.

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I am doing it online and going to a Saturday morning meeting. What works for me is bringing a healthy WW dish to a potluck so I know there will be at least one thing there I can enjoy. Try to eat often so you don't get so hungry that you forget your are on WW. Also, working out in the morning, before work, may work better for you. When I had 12-hour workdays, I was up at 5:00 a.m. so I could jump on the treadmill because I knew it wasn't going to happen at 7:00 p.m.! Good luck to you.


I'd like to refer you to a site that is free. It is called sparkpeople.com you sign up and it is free. I love it. You log your food daily and exercise. You can look up thousands of foods calories, etc... You may want to give it a try.

Dear T.,
Been there, done that. It can be done. You are probably going to have to be a leader in your office. When you do potlucks take a little bit of things and a lot of rhte healthy thin gthat you bring! YOu will actually have more energy at night if you feel good about what you ahve put into your body during the day.
I was not able to put any of this into practice until I fugured out why I allowed things like you mentioned to keep me stuck. I really didn't know they had anything to do with my weight but it REALLY did. I went to a program called Pathways Core Training and it really helped me to be the mom, wife, and woman that I wanted to be but never really could muster the strength or motivation to be on my own. I read every self-help book but something was missing. I have found it for me. I feel so strongly about what is there for others that I volunteer there every month and have for 7 years now. If you would like to talk to me about this please let me know. My email is ____@____.com
I hope I will hear from you.

I haven't done the on-line one, but done the meetings until the doctor put me on meds that I quit losing. It's a good progam if you can make yourself stick with it. They will tell you and it really is - not a diet, but a lifestyle change which takes commitment. As far as exercise, you have to make the time for you - you really will feel better afterwards even if you don't feel like doing it. I've started going to jazzercise before work and it just makes my day much better. Tried the treadmill and it's too easy to make excuses.

I have done Weight Watchers but not on line. It does work but it is a slow process. You really have to use mind over matter and just say no to the things that are going to cause you to gain weight. Also start by working out 15 min a day. All of the things you do count as exercise.

I am a lifetime member of weightwatchers. I prefer both online and meetings. But understand fitting in an hour meeting plus drivetime might be difficult. What a friend of mine did, was they held the biggest loser contest with their coworkers and did weight watchers online. They ended up turning the potlucks into weight weightwatcher recipes and holding each other accountable, weighing in at work once a week. I think weight watchers is the absolute best plan out there, and what I like about it, it's not a diet, it's a way of life and do-able. But I find that most of the people I've talked to that were doing online only, could not stick to it. You need accountability. I bet you can find a couple people at work that would love to shed some pounds before this summer. Ask them to join your effort!! You might even take a quick lunch and go for a walk around the building...the weather is getting gorgeous!

Hi T.,

I certainly understand the busy mom thing as I am a single mother to a 2 year old and have a full time job. For some the online program works but I have to go to the meetings. At some point you have to decide you are worth the 30 minute meeting and just go. There are so many good ideas at the meetings that you just don't think of on your own and a lot of positive people struggling with the same things you face. Also, there are weight watcher meetings during the lunch hour or maybe you could start one at your work. Also, if you don't have time to squeeze in exercise then you can break up your exercise into 3 10 minute intervals or just wear a pedometer and get more steps in every day. I don't know how old your kids are but some members bring their kids with some activities, or you can get to a meeting on the weekend too. Email me if you need some more ideas. In the end your health is going to depend on being at a good weight. I have lost 35 pounds and have some to go but I really had to just make it work for me.

Good luck.

I'm having a tough time doing it online. I did in person for years, met and kept my goal until I got pregnant last year. Been doing it online since I started up again a couple months ago and it's really hard. Mostly I'm having trouble getting back into running. I'm with these babies all day, and when we go for our walk I can't exactly run with them the way I used to. I've recenlty been able to make better food choices so hopefully it will kick in again. I know it's hard. Can you put up posters in your office with your trigger foods on them and the big red "no" sign over them? Or just opt to not eat sweets or salty during the weekdays? (that's what I do---makes it taste really good on the weekends!) You might also try to squeeze in a meeting.....

Hi T.,

It sounds like you are in the same situation I was in when I first did WW online two years ago. It was really helpful for me because my schedule would not let me get to meetings and, since I was always in the computer anyway with my job, I could get in and login my food/activity, look up recipes, etc. My husband and I did it together - if it werent for my 'buddy' (he has all the will power in our family! :-)), I dont know if I could have done it. It helped us to plan out what we would eat everyday. Ive just had baby #2 and started back last week, also online (they can adjust your points if you are nursing - 10 extra a day!). Its been a huge help. As for exercise - well, that is not my strong point, either. When Im at work, I try to take the long way to places as often as possible - park further away from the door, take stairs if possible, stand in meetings, etc. Its not the workout that is recommended, but every little bit helps! Good luck! I know you can do it!

I haven't tried WW but i tried HERBALIFE ans it's soooo good i los 13 pound in a month, and i feel great..if you want further info call me ###-###-####

I have not tried WW online, but was thinking that maybe you can take a healthy lunch to work and walk somewhere. Obviously I don't know the specifics of your location, but maybe you could go eat somewhere away from the temptations and walk for 20 minutes or so. If you are able to find a friend at work to do it with, that would be even better. Support will be key. Also, cut yourself some slack. If you can get a total of 30 minutes of moderate activity on most days, you'll see change. Total meaning it can be 3 - 10 minute sessions. Happy to try to help you figure this out if you need more or different suggestions.

WW is a great plan. I have read the responses and agree with most but have a couple of suggestions. I started back to WW just a month ago and have already lost 13+ pounds with many more to go. Going to the meetings is so very important. There are others there struggling with the same thing. If you can't make it to a meeting, talk to your co-workers and see if they would all like to join and start a weekly meeting during lunch. Also, why do you want to loose the weight? You have to make this commitment for your family but mostly for YOU. Put a picture of your family on your desk and remember, you want to always be there for your kids. And lastly, potlucks! Oh yuk. You will have to be responsible for what you eat. Make sure your dish is healthy and low in points and you should do just fine.

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