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Has Anyone Tried "Foot Zoning" and Does It Help?

Hi! I have a friend that just finished training to do "Foot Zoning." I was wondering if anyone has done it and if it has helped them. She claims it can help the body heal itself. I have a daughter with eczema and a son with a learning disability. She thinks it will help them. My husband doesn't like alternative therapies. I'm more open to it if it could help. I appreciate any advice. Thanks!

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Hi everyone! I decided to try foot zoning since my friend didn't charge me anything to try it. We found out that my daughter has a milk allergy. She hasn't had milk products for a week and her eczema is starting to clear up! She also recommended some essential oils for my son to help him think clearly. It was interesting to watch her do the treatments and I look forward to seeing if her other recommendations work for us as well. Thanks for all your input!

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I personally love reflexology. I don't use it to "cure" my body but to help me understand my body and to help eleviate pains that I have. I like hand and foot reflexology. I don't think it would cure a learning disability...but it could probably help with focus. I'm not sure on the eczema as it is a skin condition. I have used reflexology to treat my migraines, and with my sinus problems. I also found a pain on my foot that was consistent for a week. I looked up on a reflexology map what that area was, and it was my kidney. I was in the process of passing a kidney stone that week. I think there is some merit to the fact that there are so many nerve endings in our foot, it is connected to our bodies. I don't think it replaces western medicine but I do use an approach of western medicine and eastern philosophies. The chakras really interest me and I love yoga. I guess what I am getting at is it would be worth trying, but at what price? I checked out books from the library and self-taught. I had been having chronic migraines for a year and medicines were making my life worse. I had other symptoms showing up and I just needed to detox and get off all of the meds. so I studied up on reflexology and used it and accupressure for myself and I got the migraines under control again. I still have to take medication from time to time for it when I don't catch them coming on from a trigger but if I catch it right away, or knowing some of my triggers (like sunlight through blinds) I can start the massage and deter the headaches. So yeah, I think there is some validity to it. again I would learn about it for yourself and see how you are feeling about it. There are lots of great books and websites that show the zone maps and you can feel it out for yourself.

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My mom has done it and liked it. It helped her. Another thing you may want to look into is the biomeridian machine. It measures frequencies in your body to see what is out of balance. My sister has started to do it this year and would do it really cheap for you if you are in the davis county area and are interested. A lot of chiropractors have them in their office and have had success with it. It is natural and great for kids. I know she used it on her neighbors child and the extreme eczema went away. good luck.

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I have used reflexology technics on my best friend after she had shoulder surgery to help relieve pain after her exercises. It really helped a lot. I also used the technic on her colon area. She was on 56 laxatives a day to help her bowels move. She hadn't had a BM on her own for over 40 years and her muscle stopped working almost totally. After I worked on her feet, targeting that area, she was able to have a BM the next morning. I know it works! I believe in people having a cure for what ails them. I a not a big fan of going to the doctor at every sniffle. I use natural remedies for just about everything. I believe doctors care for us, but they are "practicing" on us. Let your friend use these technics on your children it will not hurt them, you may find you like what it does for them

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I have eczema and have done foot zoning. My feeling is that it doesn't hurt to try it. I am not sure that it is a heal all, but I believe that if you are willing to listen to the spirit and allow Heavenly Father to direct you, you can't go wrong. I believe that he has all the different kinds of remedies out there to help us. Most of my eczema was cleared with the cream I got from the doctor. I believe that the emotional side/energy of eczema is where alternate therapies work and it will help it stay gone longer. I would also try lasinoh cream that is used for breast feeding since it is harmless and I have found clears up a lot of dry skin issues my baby or I have had.

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I don't know anything about this therapy in particular, but I have enjoyed the Web site www.quackwatch.com (or maybe .org?) to learn more about some alternative therapies that are and are not useful. Good luck!

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