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Has Anyone Seen My Immune System??

I am so sick and tired of being sick! It's ALWAYS something. Respiratory infections, sinus infections, flu, pneumonia, stomach bugs, and the list goes on and on... When a virus/germ goes around the family, I always get hit the hardest. We got influenza earlier this year, my husband was sick for one day, I ended up in the hospital for a week with full-blown strep pneumonia, and infections all over my body. My kids barely got sick at all!

It's very frustrating because my job is so demanding that missing work is impossible most of the time, so I just have to go to work sick and stick it out. It seems like a year never goes by that I don't take at least 6 or more courses of antibiotics for one reason or another.

I've had a CT scan of my sinuses, and everything is normal- better than normal- we thought maybe that was the causes of recurrent infections, but not so. I have not had any allergy testing but my allergies rarely act up. I do have some seriously out of date carpet in my house that is long-overdue to be replaced, I fear that that may be the contributing culprit. But I have been this way my whole life, even before I lived in this house. Ever since I was a kid, I've been constantly sick.

What can I do to boost my immune system? I'm not into hoaky homeopathic remedies, or accupuncture, or anything like that (waste of time). I don't do well with vitamins, they always make me feel weird.

What have you tried? What works? I seriously need some help!

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Thanks to you Moms who answered with advice, especially the ones who left out the judgments about my reservations with non-convential therapies. I believe in science & medicine- my beliefs are my own- and I don't have to explain that to anybody. I think I will get allergy tested, sounds like several of you have found answers with that.

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eat good, fresh, local whole foods. toss everything preserved and pre-packaged. periodically go raw.
i used to get sick all the time. since i've fixed my diet (raw milk, local unsprayed produce, local ethically raised meat) i am almost never sick, and when i am it's mild and passes quickly.
but i also do resort to hokey homeopathic remedies at times, and do take some vitamins.
;) khairete

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You really should research some of the things you aren't sure of! Acupuncture helps me and my family with many things, definitely not a waste of time! There's a reason most major medical insurances cover it, they don't cover anything experimental or that doesn't work! When I'm sick I take extra vitamins, especially A, C, and D, get adjusted regularly by the chiropractor, extra rest, and tea/broth. If it's respiratory, elderberry syrup. My kids were exposed to whooping cough and we did all these things, they never got it! They've been adjusted by the chiropractor since birth, and my five year old has been sick on average once a year! That's nothing compared to her friends! we also avoid toxins and let her play in the dirt once in a while, they say regular exposure to everyday germs helps, and it gives me an excuse not to keep my house super clean ;)

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Food allergies are a possibility. Allergies don't necessarily cause the same reactions like hives, itching, rash & throat swelling. My mom just recently got tested for food allergies & they had to send her home with a list on a card to keep in her purse! She had no idea she was allergic to that much stuff! And this was all just food. She already knew about molds & pollens. She feels a lot better now that her body isn't having to constantly fight these foods that it sees as bad.

One of the foods is gluten. My sister found out on her own that she is also allergic to gluten, just by cutting it out of her diet & almost immediately felt better. She had be awful sick & the doctors couldn't even figure it out.

So, you might start there with getting allergy tested for foods and other things like mold, pollen, etc. It might not cure all, but if you find some things you are allergic to and avoid them, maybe your body would be more prepared to fight off the other illnesses!

When I have the money I've got to have myself tested! I just hope I'm not allergic to gluten -- I'll starve! ha!

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Well, it's hard to answer not knowing any real specifics about your situation - diet, bmi, etc BUT I will say that there are some things you can do none the less.

I'm not sure what qualifies as "hoaky" in your book - I guess in mine it generally means someone trying to sell me something of dubious quality...

I prefer "natural" health care myself and generally choose health care options for my family that are the easiest and least invasive while still being effective.

In general, a healthy body is always the best defense against illness. Try building a little extra exercise time into your day. Right now my kids and I are heading to the local high school's track for some walking /running in the mornings (they take outdoor toys and play while I run the track), but even a little cardio type exercise or yoga here and there as you find the time can be helpful. Yoga can help keep your muscles limber, builds strength and endurance, and the stretching can help release buildup of toxins stored in the muscle tissue that can put a strain on our immune and other body systems.

Also - diet. Diets that are high in sugar can encourage onset or flare up of certain diseases or imbalances in the body - including auto-immune disorders. Maybe try gradually scaling down the amount of juice/ pop/ meat you may be ingesting while slowly increasing the amount of fresh veggies and salad. While I'm not a vegetarian myself - I am working on shifting the balance of my diet since more and more studies are showing that a "raw food" or vegetarian diet can do wonders for our bodies' ability to stay healthy, and I'd love to be healthy enough to really enjoy living life to the fullest, even after my kids are grown. Even just the shift I have managed in my diet has helped me feel much healthier!

On a last note, I will share something that we use in our house to ward off, or speed healing when we are getting sick. It's free, and I'd be willing to wager you have some nearby. Queen Anne's Lace tea (feel free to google it for pictures). Queen Anne's Lace is a wild carrot (it's where we started when we began selectively enhancing carrot strains to arrive at our current store-type variety. The whole plant is edible (although the "carrot" turns bitter in the plant's second year) and rich in vitamins A and C. We use the leaves to make a tea that has a good deal of medicinal benefit, and tastes good too. The natural compounds contained in the leaves contain chemicals that are antiviral and antibacterial, some that act as antihistimines, and some that relieve stress. We VERY rarely end up heading to the doctor. We just brew a cup of Queen Anne's Lace tea at the first sign of illness and more often than not - problem solved - if not immediately, then shortly.

I know you may find this "hoaky" but remember - I'm not trying to sell you anything - I'm just honestly sharing with you something that works wonders for keeping my family of 8 healthy, and it's free - probably growing in your backyard to boot.

I have personally used it to treat food poisoning (the same compound in the leaf that helps you to relieve stress also relieves stomach spasms -aka nausea) and it soon quieted my nausea while the anti-bacterial properties went to work on the offending food in my tummy. We use it for allergy/sinus problems, colds, and even just this week it seemed to just whisk away a daughter's urinary tract infection that had gotten so bad (she didn't tell me) that she was literally screaming in pain when she went potty one afternoon. One cup before she went to bed, and next morning she was like brand new and said she had no pain. Even my husband swears by it. I continue to be amazed at just how much this plant has made a difference in our ability to overcome illness. It tastes so good too - I sometimes drink a cup after a stressful day, as a warm light-flavored way to relax and unwind.

My only side notes if you do decide to try it next time you feel sick: 1) Make sure you know what it looks like (google lots of images) since you will have to pick your own - actual queen annes lace prefers sunny, well drained soil and often grows along the edges of fields - not in marshes like a slightly similar plant. 2) If you're pregnant, don't consume large amounts. Queen Anne's Lace can help bring on your period, -I've used it for this too - and there is a chance that drinking the tea while prego could encourage labor or miscarriage. (in fact they used to use the seeds of Queen Anne's Lace as the olden version of the - morning after pill) so steer clear or limit yourself to a weakly brewed cup 3)Since you can't buy it anywhere, you may want to consider drying some so you have some on hand during the winter months. To use it, take 1 tsp of the dried herb or about a palm-sized amount of fresh leaves and steep in hot (but not boiling) water for 10-15 minutes.

These are the things that have worked well for us - diet, exercise, and if someone starts to get sick anyway - a good herbal tea :)

Whatever you choose to do to aliveate the problem, I hope it works well for you! It's such a drag being sick anyway - but far more so when you have kids AND work!

Best of Luck!

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It sounds like you just need to stay on the path you are on, since you are not open to other hoaky remedies that would most likely help you. (naturopath, homeopath, acupuncture, vitamins, etc.)

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I find your request quite funny since you seem to disregard a whole world of healthcare that truly gets to the root issues of our illnesses, unlike most conventional medicine which will patch it with one more antibiotic or some other 'medicine' which all the medical system gravitates to these days. I have not had accupuncture done but I do consider my doctor a holistic doctor/chiropractor and have never been healthier. My pediatrician referred me to him as she and her own family go to him; not an MD. I understand your frustration. You go in to the doctor and they say, "oh it is another infection." I would think, 'well, what am I missing? why do I keep getting sick?' and the doctors have no answers. Go with your gut, which is how I am reading your post, that your gut is telling you to seek other ways to find the root cause of your condition. I did go with my pedi's recommendation and have been so blessed to have found this office. Not only has Matt Chalmers helped me when the medical system wanted to give me a lame diagnosis of IBS, when an OB could not detect my hormone issues that I know I was having, and my daughters respiratory issues-----he has allowed me to trust my instincts and know that when I feel a doctor is not getting to the root cause, that they probably aren't. I am pleased to announce me and both my daughters have zero prescriptions, something I could not say a year ago. We do not catch every illness any longer. I truly feel healthy. This definitely may not be for you, but I did want to at least share what I have been through. These 'weird' things may cost more up front since insurance won't cover most of them, but in the end I am saving tons, not only monetarily, but saving our bodies from excessive chemicals and antibiotics. Keep an open mind and realize that your instincts are telling you something is not right with the pattern you have taken thus far.....find someone who can get to the bottom of the issues. You will be so grateful you did!

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I feel for ya :( I have Lupus and catch every little thing that comes my way and my oldest daughter (now 22 yrs old) has a blood disorder that has damaged her immune system so she is the same way. I can't take vitamins due to kidney issues (my kidneys don't process the vitamins so they build up in my system to toxic levels) so that isn't an option for me.

One of the easiest things that I have found is hand washing and cleaning things. It made the biggest difference for me of anything I have tried. When I worked in an office, I kept of container of sanitizing wipes on my desk and twice a day wiped my keyboard, phone, ect. - even if no one else used it. I washed (and still do) my hands every one to two hours. I am careful to stay away from people who have cold/flu symptoms. I wash my pillowcase frequently and change my toothbrush alot. Anything that comes in frequent contact with my face and/or hands I am careful with.

Good luck!

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Best thing I have done is take a whole food multi-vitamin and exercise.

Outside of that plenty of rest, consistent exercise, eat well - plenty of fruits and vegetables and drinking the right amount of water. Stay away from too much sugar. I know that personally my immune system dips shortly before I start my period. So I also try to make sure I am eating well and getting plenty of vitamin C during that time. I have lots of allergies and keeping those in check helps as well.

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Anytime I feel an illness coming on I take Vitamins C and Zinc together twice a day and I also up my fresh garlic and curry intake by cooking with it more. Drinking more water goes on the list and getting extra sleep too. All of these things really boost and support my immune system and I'm rarely sick any more. HTH

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