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Has Anyone Had the Essure Procedure?

Hi Moms
I have two boys and have known since I had my second one that two is enough for me. My husband agrees and said he would have a vasectomy done, which he has not yet built up the courage for (I completely understand his fears so please no judgements on the hubby). I have recently heard of a permanent procedure for me called essure and have researched it a little but was wondering whether any of you mamas have any firsthand experience with this procedure. I want to know if it worked first time (I know it takes time), was it painful and how much did it cost? Would really appreciate any input you have on this. Thanks in advance
Edit: Respectfully, I know what a vasectomy entails so I do not need advice on vasectomies, I really just need advice from anyone with experience with the essure procedure so we can make a fully informed decision. Thank you :)

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I had essure on April 24th, when I went back for my follow up after 3 months it was a complete success and I was blocked the way I should be. My girlfriend had it over a year ago, and one of her tubes did not block and she had to go back and have it done again (clearly that did not scare me, and it does happen but NOT very often). I had absolutely NO pain, infact if it was not for the antesia I probably would have went running that night instead I went the next morning (so clearly the recovery time is much faster, requires NO icing, and no special treatment-anyone who tells you otherwise probably has not had the procedure and is thinking of the old school female procedures that nobody really does anymore). My doctor happens to do it in the hospital instead of his office, he is more comfortable incase something happens after all it is surgery and there is anestia involved. As far as costs, we have HAP and it was covered 100%. I know some doctors will tell you it probably is not covered, but they also probably have nobody who does the procedure-because mine told me 99.5% of insurances cover it because the cost is way less than a child. So if you have insurance, I would check with them directly. By the way, totally get the hubyy thing I have a great one too-but doctors and him not so much.

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I was going to have it done but the cost ranges from $1300-$3500 for me cause my insurance didn't cover it. My hubby ended up getting a vasectomy cause it only cost about $600 for us. He too was worried but afterwards said it wasn't anywhere near as bad as he made himself think it was.

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I attempted to have this procedure several times, but due to other issues (a lot of scarring from previous surgeries, etc). This was a pretty rotten experience for me, lots of pain and inflammation. I ended up having to go in for a laparascopic tubal ligation after the doctor decided I was the 1% who could not have this type of procedure. I also had other female issues that were causing pain and inflammation. So, my opinion is not against the procedure in any way. If you have had pretty good reproductive health and are not prone to complications, I would go this route as it is much less invasive. I do think the gal with the super fast recovery is probably a small percentage, too. Do a search on Essure on Mamasource. There were a whole bunch of stories about it a while back with many different experiences. Good luck to you!

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I don't know about the essure procedure, but after I had my daughter, I went on Mirena; an IUC instead of IUD ... it has a small amount of hormone and is plastic instead of copper, but other than that, it's the same thing as an IUD. It's good for 5 years and if you change your mind and want another baby, you just have it removed. I haven't had a full period since May of 2007, just occasional spotting which I think is wonderful because now I save 10 bucks a month. lol ... Good luck!

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My husband had a vasectomy and I went with him! It was absolutely nothing! He was a little "freaked out also, and it took him a while to go in and do it.
Took about 15 minutes, went to the store to get a bag of frozen ppeas and he relaxed on the couch for the day. He mowed the lawn the next day! Came in and relaxed for the rest of the day. He was fine! He had it done on a Friday, and went back to work on Monday. Said it was really nothing. No side effects what so ever!

the vasectomy takes a day or two to recover from and is without many complications, whereas, the female procedures take a longer recovery with more risks...

I recently considered having the essure procedure myself, however I did not have it done for two reason: 1. I have nickel allergy and the micro insert contains nickel 2. my doc highly suggested that I do not get it because it is not reversible. I am 31 years old and have two kids and I really believe that I do not want anymore, but my doc said you never know. She steered me towards an IUD called paraguard which is hormone free and the procedure is done in the office. I had it done in August and have no problems at all.

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