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Has Anyone Ever Used Medifast?

I am considering trying Medifast as a diet regimen. I am not considering any other weight loss plan, so please do not bombarde me with these emails. I have done a lot of research and tried at least 6 different programs to no avail. I have used a personal trainer for six months, three times a week and STILL did not lose weight. I have had every blood test under the sun, so I do not have a medical problem. I just want to try something that will jumpstart my weight loss, get me feeling better about myself and begin to motivate me. Any advice on this good, bad or indifferent?

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Try Weight Watchers. I lost 25 lbs and my husband lost 35. It works, it's a healthy way to lose weight, and it's a lifestyle, not a diet that's temporary.

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I am currently on Medifast and have been on and off the program for 2 years. It is a great program and i wish people would see the program for what it is. It was developed by Doctors from Johns Hopkins especially for diabetic patients. If that's not a safe program, I don't know what is. I have had success with this program currently and in the past. Yes, you can gain your weight back, but you must commit to eating healthier and not the same old way you were before. After all that is how you got this way right? I believe with any diet you will have to learn how to eat. Why not use Medifast and give yourself some time to enjoy the weight loss that will come easily that is so hard on other diets. I swear by this diet. The website you can join after you order the food has tremendous information and place where you can connect with others on the plan for support, questions or anything else. It is a wonderful community of people. I cannot say enough good things about Medifast. My hubby and I are doing it together and actually saving money since we are no longer eating out all of the time. I wish you the best on our weight loss.

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I have not personally used Medifast, but both my parents did years ago when Oprah did it (back then called Optifast). They both had huge success -- lost tons of weight and looked great, but the problem was when they stopped doing it, the weight came back on quickly. All of it and then some. In order for this to really work you would have to plan on drinking shakes for the rest of your life and you cannot possibly survive on shakes for the rest of your life. It's not realistic and it's not practical. My parents were miserable while they did it...dreamed about food, talked about food and were just downright cranky. I would not recommend something like this only because it is a short term, quick results option that certainly will work, but that unfortunately will not last. If you do research to see statistically how many people keep the weight off after doing the program and find that it's a high number, then go for it! I can almost guarantee that very few people (if any) have. There are other better alternatives out there to realistically and permanently losing weight. I have the lapband and love it. Since you are not wanting any other ideas, all I will say - in my humble opinion - that Medifast is not a good option and you should keep looking. Good luck with your journey and best wishes on finding something that works for you.

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I have actually tried the ready to drink chocolate medifast shakes and there were not bad. However, could not continue with that program becuase that drink was very high soy, and I can not have soy due to Hypothyroidism.

A friend of mine did and people at work were ready to do her in by the end of it. It changed her personality and everyone was glad when she quit. She became the Wicked Witch of the West. As far as recommendations...I'm not recommending anything internal as requested, I'm recommending something external. I too have had a difficult time lately and as a favor, went to a party to be "supportive". It is a detox wrap that I tried...I used two on my stomach and I lost 4 pounds and 3 1/2 inches, which have stayed off these past two months. Apparently, it is a fat detox which helps to let the toxins that our fat holds on to and eliminate it from our bodies. It's organic, safe, and easy to do. If you are interested, let me know! I'd be more than happy to wrap you and if you have five friends that would like to wrap as well...yours would be free.

I hope you find this helpful or find what works for you...take care!


I am currently on the Medifast plan... I have been consistant with it for 9 weeks and have lost 25 of the 50lbs that I want to loose. For each person this adventure is diffrent, I too have tried everything under the sun from a personal trainer to well you know the rest. When I entered into this year I was determind that I would not go on any longer the way I was. This has not altered my personality it has only made me happier... I have not made it yet to the stabalization phase but as I have spoken with each person that works in the office I visit they work with you for a year after you reach your goal. If you are open and honest with them they can help you with your bad eating habits and help you to understand what works for you and what doesn't. We all make choices as what to eat once we have lost the weight it how determind we are to keep what we work so hard to achieve in focus an not go back to our poor eating habits every day. I am very happy with my choice to use the Medifast plan and have lost more weight then I ever have in all of my endevors. Good luck in this decision and if you would like support or to even ask more question please feel free my email is ____@____.com.

Hi JC,

I have studied many dietary theories and plans. I don't care for any program that requires you to eat their "special food" because you will either have to eat their special food for life or figure out what you're going to do when you STOP eating their special food. It is really best to find out what type of food is best for your unique body type and get educated about food that impede your body's ability to function properly (which includes losing weight).

Also, you mentioned you have had blood tests done. I'm assuming you also have had a hormone and thyroid test. If you did this through a standard medical practitioner, they would likely have only told you if you were "in range" or "out of range." This is not an accurate picture of what is truly going on. You really need to look at WHERE in the range you are and shoot for the "target" number.

Hope this helps.

Best of luck to you! :)

Warm Regards,
G. Van Luven, H.C.
Healthy Habits Wellness Center, LLC

My husband has had success with Medifast. He felt a little weak at first and they suggested that he didn't exercise until after at least 2 weeks on the program. You have to eat the snacks that they have provided and only have to prepare a well-balanced dinner. The snacks are filled with all the vitamins you need so you don't feel as hungry. My husband lost 65 pounds . I wasn't able to follow the program with him because I was nursing my son at the time plus it would've been too expensive for the both of us. I did try some of the bars and soups and they weren't bad. I always felt satisfied after eating them. You will lose weight on this program if you stick to it. The meals are planned for you except for dinner so it doesn't require too much planning which we liked. The hard part is transitioning back to eating "normal" and not gaining the weight back. My husband had a terrible time transitioning back and gained his weight back after some time past. I believe they have a website that can give you more detailed info on the program.

Yes I used it for about three months. Yes you will lose weight. I lost over 15 pounds and it is hard for me to lose weight. However, I came off the diet slowly, just like they said to. I gained back the 15 plus five more in three months. I don't think it is good for you, you lose weight too fast well who wouldn't on 800 calories a day! It shocks your body too much and then you just gain it all back. This happened to my sister too. Hope this helps.

Ok, so I'm going to be the weird one. Have you ever been tested for a gluten allergy? It's not a common test but you might consider it. I have a similar history to yours.

Hi J C,

I was in the same situation as you...and feeling extremely frustrated and depressed about it. But, I found something that REALLY, TRULY worked! I know you said you weren't interested in hearing other program besides Medifast. But (in case) you don't hear back from anyone with Medifast info, or want to learn more about what WORKED for me, please email me: ____@____.com


I have been on it for 15 days and have lost 16 pounds, it is easier than dieting even though u are still hungry u don't want to cheat b/c results so amazing!

Medifast works to lose the weight but the problem is learning to change your eating habits to keep it off. I have been overweight my entire life and have used Medifast twice (both times under doctor's supervision) and lost 100+ pounds each time. The hard part is learning to eat again. We live in a society that encourages social eating and drinking, so that was a difficult part of the process. I would bring my shake with me if we went out, but the emotional attachment to eating was harder to get over. I recently lost 60 pounds using the Curves diet and exercise plan and that has been the only thing I've tried that has helped me keep off the weight (and I've tried everything short of surgery!) I have been thinking about doing Medifast again to get more of the weight off (the easy part) but then using some other "diet" system to help keep it off. You can do it!!! Good luck!

There is no "easy" way to lose weight and there are no magic pills that will help you do this in a healthy/responsible manner (it took years to put on the weight so don't expect it to come off in weeks/months). "Diets" are not the answer; changing eating habits and making good choices are.

You've probably have heard this before but it is a simple equation: eat less calories than your body requires on a daily basis and exercise more. You can find calorie calculators on the web that will compute the total number of calories required to keep you at your current weight. Then, track what you eat on a daily basis for a couple of weeks and begin reducing your caloric intake (simple things like reducing/eliminating potato chips, cookies, ice cream, etc. that are empty calories and adding more fruits/vegetables and fiber, drinking 16-24 ounces of cold water before each meal). Remember that muscle mass uses more calories so you need to continue to exercise (including weights) to add muscle mass.

Don't despair; it will take time but you will begin to feel better. Make sure to set aside time each day (15 minutes of walking or yoga, weights, etc.) to do this and think about rewarding yourself with a massage each month you stay on your plan. Set weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly goals and you'll see progress. Good luck.

Try Weight Watchers. I lost 25 lbs and my husband lost 35. It works, it's a healthy way to lose weight, and it's a lifestyle, not a diet that's temporary.

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