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Has Anyone Ever Put Clothes/shoes into a STORAGE Facility ?

Hi Mama's.

My family & I are relocating to the UK in less than 4 weeks. I am still waiting to hear from the relocation advisor. My husband tells me we should this week, but in the interim I am worrying about our clothes, personal belongings going into storage. We will be renting while in the UK. Our furniture, clothes, shoes, personal belongings (not jewelry etc) will be going into storage. We will be having packers/movers, but my question is. Do the packers, pack the clothes & shoes in any special storage containers ? My concern is if our clothes go straight into boxes and then into storage, will they spoil, get damp, mothballs etc ? I'm told storage facilities have temperature control but I still don't like the thought of our clothes being sat in boxes for 6-12 months. We are taking clothes/shoes in suitcases while we are in rented but we still have lots of clothes/shoes etc that we can't fit (hence the storage). Should I pack the clothes myself and if so do I need special storage solutions to prevent the clothes from spoiling ? I've heard storage bags (without air holes) can cause clothes to smell ? HELP !!??!?

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Hi L.,
I would first pack them in plastic before I put them in cardboard boxes. You can't go wrong with that and they will be protected.
good luck and blessings

Best thing that I know of would be to use as many of those vacuum seal bags for the cloths. Shoes can go into those big plastic storage box's, sheets, blankets etc. again the seal bags. The bags are not cheep, but either are the clothes.

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I would do it yourself. Go ahead and put them in containers that you would be more comfortable with but ensure that they get inventoried as well.

Hello L.,

Since you are leaving for 6-12 mos, have you thought about having a garage sale. Getting rid of the items that you know may change in 6-12 mos. If you are concern about the storage why not get rid of some of the items. there are many type of storages and their are some indoor storages, that are more expensive yet your items will be ok. You may also want to use the zip lock storage bags and seal them tight with the air vacuum. That may help with keeping the clothes secure and safe from any type of mildew if that is your concern.
I believe you should look into which storage you chose. The storage bags are great, they hold up to so many items of clothing and you can seal the air out.

Stay calm, and have a safe trip.

I am retired military and have been through a lot of different moves (also overseas, UK and Germany). The movers will put everything into cardboard boxes. There is no special consideration about clothes. Are you moving through the military? Because if you are, the movers usually don't like you to pack things yourself. They have to see and inventory everything for insurance purposes.
How long and why are your things going into storage? Are you not taking all of your things with you?

Best thing that I know of would be to use as many of those vacuum seal bags for the cloths. Shoes can go into those big plastic storage box's, sheets, blankets etc. again the seal bags. The bags are not cheep, but either are the clothes.

I've had my belongings in storage several times over the past couple of years. The best advice I can give you is to put them in those Rubbermaid plastic tubs! Your main concern should be spiders, not smells!! These plastic tubs are spider/smell/water proof!!

Good Luck,

I had my first sons clothes packed away in storage for btwn 2 and 3 yrs before I got them out for his little brother. We had put them in plastic storage containers from Walmart or target with locking lids and after making sure they were clean and dry. We didn't put them in a climate controlled unit and they were fine. I knwo some people but dryer sheets in with them to keep them smelling fresh and keep the bugs away too. One thing we did learn was to make sure you remove the batteries from everything or they will corrode and whatever they are in will be useless. We had to buy a new baby swing and a crib mobile b/c we forgot to remove the batteries
hope that helps

We've got clothes in storage right now in plastic bins. We pay extra to get a room that's climate controlled. Well worth it. Because of another glitch, we didn't get to move, so now we are taking winter clothes back out of storage after 6 months, and they seem to be just fine.

Plastic tubs, plastic tubs, plastic tubs!!! I cannot stress that enough! I used the REALLY large roller type plastic tubs b/c they hold more & can stack pretty easily; they usually have a hinged top that opens & closes easily. We've had to store stuff for yrs due to small living qtrs & boxes are NOT good to store clothes in, believe me! Boxes ruin over time, even a short time. They fall apart, bugs LOVE boxes, etc. I put cedar balls & cedar planks in my clothes rather than the traditional moth balls, they do just as well & they smell good. You won't regret spending the money on them. Also, rolling up your clothes if possible helps to create space so if you can at all roll most or all of your clothes up in 'logs' as I call them rather than 'lay' flat or fold, then you may not hafta buy as many tubs. Good luck!!

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