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Has Anyone Delivered at Trident Hospital in North Charleston?

I was wondering if I could get some reviews of the labor and delivery experiences at trident hospital. When we went to the emergency room there it seemed clean although I had heard bad things about it in the past. The next labor and delivery tour isn't until after my due date so without getting in there to see it first hand for myself I need to let everyone else guide me in my decision. So, if you delivered there, or know someone who delivered there, what are your thoughts???

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I did deliver at Trident Hosital last year. I had a wonderful experience. The hospital was clean and the staff was excellent. My baby was treated wonderful by everyone there. For the most part they were quick to respond to what I needed. I hope this helps.

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I delivered at Trident in March of 2006. The labor/delivery room was clean and the staff was great! My only issues were that there were not any post-partum rooms available after delivery so I had to spend my first night in the labor/delivery room. I guess they couldn't really help there were so many people there that had given birth. Also, the hospital was under construction and there was construction work going on right outside of my window so, I had to keep my blinds closed. Hopefully, the construction part won't be an issue for you since that was over a year ago.
Even though they don't have a structured tour available until after your due date you should still be able to call the labor and delivery department and tell them you would like to visit their floor before your due date. Good luck!


I delivered my son there in January of 05. I had a great experience there. I had been admitted a few times before his birth for kidney infection and car accident and each time the L & D was excellent.. Good luck with the birth. The rooms were clean and large enough to fit a lot of family. The first nurse I had was excellent. I was pretty out of it during the birth but everyone was great. My son had breathing problems at birth and they were very good about keeping me informed of his condition.

I did deliver at Trident Hosital last year. I had a wonderful experience. The hospital was clean and the staff was excellent. My baby was treated wonderful by everyone there. For the most part they were quick to respond to what I needed. I hope this helps.

Yes, I have delivered at Trident Hopital just last october 06, contrary to what you may have heard about it in the past, I went in with no expectations, I've never been to hospitals here in the south, but it was a great experience. I went in for a c-section, it wasn't my first Child I had already had a c-section but my previous child was born in New York in Stony Brook University Hospital, Trident was very clean, everyone nurses and staff were really wonderful and I enjoyed the stay. My Stay was about 5 days. The nurses were very attentive, comforting and helpful as were the Doctors. The lactation specialist was also very helpful (I don't think you may need help with that, since you have so many babies already), she's there if and when you need her. So don't worry if they took great care of me and my son, of course they will do the same for you. Good Luck with your new arrival.

I delivered at Trident in September 2004, and I absolutely loved it. We were Navy at the time, and everything went very smoothly. I was induced, and the first nurse I had wasn't bad or anything, but she wasn't awesome either. Shortly after I went in labor, the nurse shift change happened, and I got an AWESOME nurse. She was great, it was my first birth, a very interesting delivery, and I hadn't taken any birthing classes or anything, she was very patient and walked me through the breathing, everything. I had some complications after the delivery (I hemmoraghed), and my doctor was pushing for me to have a blood transfusion. The nurses helped talk me through ALL of my options, and they helped keep my daughter there at the Nursing Station some instead of being completely in the Nursury, since I was barely able to hold her because I was so weak. All in all, I loved the staff and would highly recommend it. The rooms were nice and clean, and it was just great. If I had another baby while still in this area, I'd deliver there again!
Congratulations on your little one coming soon!

well my oldest went there after i had her i had her at summerville and they had to bring her there i loved the NIC unit they were great dont know much about the other but it was pleasant.

Hi, I delivered my last son in March 2006 at Trident in Charleston and overall it was OK. The reason why I am saying just OK... is they seemed really busy that weekend. The labor and delivery nurses are great but once you move to Postpartum I feel like they forget about you sometimes. I have had all 3 of my sons at Trident. My first son was born by Casearan due to him being breech but my last two I have had VBAC's with. I begged to be induced this last time and they told me to call on Mon. morning March 13th to see if they had any beds well my waterbroke on the 10th and I ended up going on that Friday. I had to wait on a bed in Postpartum and couldn't get a private room due to the high volume..I literally stayed 24 hrs. and came home so I could have some privacy and my own bathroom! ha ha! I have nothing bad to say about the L&D nurses they are super nice! I hope that everything goes well and Good Luck!

I delivered my daughter in April of 2005 and had a wonderful experience at Trident. The rooms are nice and clean. The Labor and Delivery nurses are very nice and sweet. Afterward, when you move into your own room, the care isn't as much, but even then, it wasn't bad at all. My friend delivered at Summerville a few months later, and I was shocked at the difference in care. I would definitely rather deliver at Trident again than at Summerville, but that is just my opinion. Overall, I would give Trident 9 out of 10.

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