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Has Any Mom's Been on Zoloft?

Hello Mom's,
I am curious to find out if any of you have ever used Zoloft for depression? If so, have any of you experienced weight gain?

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J., Hi, My name is N.. I have not ever been on Zoloft, but I have considered it. I'm 46 & have 3 children, ages 25,23,& 20. Looking back over the years I now realize that I suffered from feelings of helplessness, etc. I have found that their are healthier things you can do, like exercise, etc. I also take certain food suppliments, these have helped me feel better. I hope this helps a little. If you would like any more info just email me. Best Wishes, N.

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Yes, i'm on Zoloft and have been for 9 years (50mg/day except when I was pregnant, 25mg/day). I did not experience weight gain, I did have dry mouth and low libido but that subsided after about 3 mths. Would be happy to answer any add'l questions you have, ____@____.com. Overall Zoloft (Vit Z) has made me a better, more confident and less anxious person. Good luck!

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I took Zoloft a year ago and lost weight for the first 6 months, then started gaining. From everything I've read that is pretty much a common patter for that medication.

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It really saddens my heart to hear of so many people suffering from things like this. I would not want to advise someone to stop taking medicine but I would advise you to take your situation to The Lord. Psalm 55:22, Matthew 11:28-30, I Peter 5:7 are just a few examples of what scripture tells us about giving our burdens over to Him and trusting Him. I don't know where you stand with The Lord but I would encourage you to spend some time alone in prayer and reading your Bible if you have one. (If you don't I would be happy to send you one!)You will be amazed at how quickly He will act on your behalf. He is the only one that can give you true peace, John 16:33, Philippians 4:6-7. He has never let me down and He will not let you down either. I guarantee it!

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I have been on Zoloft since 1995 and would highly recommend it! I did not experience the weight gain but some of the other side effects. They only lasted about three weeks but was worth it.

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I took it for postpartum depression and it worked very well for me. I did not gain any weight, but my doctor said that some people do. I did have some other side effects, but they went away after a few weeks.

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Not Zoloft but Lexapro which is also basically a mood stabilizer. I did have some weight gain and some issues with not feeling intimate. Exercise was the key for me. It helped keep my weight in check, gave me some time for myself, and helps to release the endorphines that make you feel dare I say "horney"

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I was on Zoloft after my first pregancy and I had no weight gain. But if you are interested in maybe an alternative that is natural, my labor nurse with my second baby told me that FISH OIL is another way to control depression!! I used that instead of any other antidepressant and it seemed to work really well!!

L. S.

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My daughter was on Zoloft and gained 20 + pounds. We didn't realize it was the medication until I read the side effect in "You on a diet" by Dr. Oz. She has since got off of it and feels fine. Good Luck!

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I was on Zoloft for about 6-7 months, about 4 years ago, and yes I did gain weight on it and it's very addictive. I would suggest looking into others. I did well with Lexapro and Effexor-XR. On any medication there's a risk of gaining weight, but with these I didn't, and I didn't feel as crazy or as "wired" as I did with Zoloft. Stay away from Cymbalata, unless you like la-la land. I had a lot of memory problems, and sleep problems with that one and I only took it for 2 weeks, which I still don't remember to much of.

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I did long time a ago and I didn't like it.I didn't feel any change. Have you try work from home? When I was on those pills I responded to work from home opportunity and I started to get busy and much better.


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