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Harmful Plastics - Greenfield,IN

I have been hearing a lot about how harmful the plastics are in baby bottles. I use Avent bottles for my girls and I was told the plastic could be toxic. Does anyone else have any opinions or knowledge about this?

What can I do next?

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I was very worried about plastic also, so I did some reading. Just keep in mind that there is an element of this concern that is media driven. The scare factor makes for good viewing. Learn about things but don't panic.

Have a good weekend-

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I was raised with plastic bottles - no known problems

I think maybe what the problem is using the plastic in the microwave. I have read many things that plastic in the microwaves are harmful.

As long as you clean them well and don't use them in the microwave, they should be fine.

Hi Elizabeth,
I had the Avent bottles too. I didn't use them much because I breastfed both my children most of the time. However I did read that they were one of the bottles that had the harmful kind of plastic. Also, they just did a story on the Today show about that and said that plastics with a number 7 in the triangle were the most dangerous. I read 3 and 6 too. 1,2,4, and 5 in the triangle are suppose to be safe. They also said the danger comes when heating the plastics because that is when the chemical leaches out.
These are just things I have heard and read. What's a mother to do?? Hope you get some more answers....

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I was very worried about plastic also, so I did some reading. Just keep in mind that there is an element of this concern that is media driven. The scare factor makes for good viewing. Learn about things but don't panic.

Have a good weekend-

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I'll tell you what I think about it...

Bottles today, pacifiers tomorrow, certain fabrics the next day, certain foods the next.......

There will always be SOMETHING that will be brought up saying "OH! Don't use_______! It's possibly toxic!!!" Plastic bottles have been used for years and years and years and all of our parents and siblings are just fine....

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I was worried about the same thing! I had no idea about this plastic 'issue' until I was about 8 months pregnant and channel 10 did a story about it. I did some research and I found that the Playtex drop in liners do not have bisphenol A and neither do Medela bottles. Not too sure about any others, because once I found those two...I quit looking around. And you could also use glass, but I did not feel that was a good choice for me. I have also heard that Avent has a liner system if you wanted to stick with the brand you already use, but I am not sure what that is made from...but it should be easy to find out. Just google bpa free bottles and tons of stuff should come up on the topic. :)

This reminds me that I should check and see about the sippy cups!

Hope that helps! M.

Hello Elizabeth. I saw a news report that said when the bottles are heated they release a toxic poison. I do not know how hot they have to be, but I would think that since the formula is warm or if you use really hot water to wash them (like in a dishwasher) it would release this poison. I don't know for sure. There are also teethers and other toys that have this poison in them. I had a lot of toys that were mentioned and the toys release toxic poisons by just being in the baby's mouth. It is very scary. I used bottles with liners after that, then went to sippy cups. Who knows, maybe they are all bad. Then again maybe they aren't. I don't mean to scare you. I just wanted to let you know. Hope this is helpful. Shelley

www.iatp.org has a bunch of great articles on plastics (and meat/produce) with government and epa backing. check out that website.
also, www.zrecs.blogspot.com has tons of great info on specific companies regarding plastics (and other alternatives).

i've used born free bottles and sippy cups for my son (babies r us finally sells them in the store). the sippy cups aren't really leak proof. we use aluminum sippy cups and water bottles. they're heavier, but fabulous (and are usually great at keeping things insulated).

good luck...

Here's a link about plastics.


The main take-away is to avoid plastic bottles marked with a "3," 6," or "7" in the plastic recycling triangle stamped on the container. Never microwave plastic bottles.

Be sure to check your Tupperware, Rubbermaid, and other storage containers!

Before I had my son I read, saw, and researched a lot about this, when he was really small, I used Avent with the disposable liners, because the liners are not hard they lack the unwanted chemical in them, now I use the plastic Dr. Browns bottles they do not have the chemical either and help with no ear infections. FYI never wash bottles in the dishwasher, or heat them in the microwave. Heating bottles in the microwave kills all the good things in the formula that are to simulate breast formula. When you wash it in the dishwasher it can transfer the residue of the other food and the soap onto the bottles.

Hi! My husband is a chemist and he says that the worst plastics are soft ones (such as reynolds wrap, bottle nipples, etc.). Basically these should never be microwaved because it causes the chemicals to leech into the liquid or food. Generally, we just avoid microwaving plastic. Some people have suggested Nuby or Nuk and I second that! Try not to panic, however, because our bodies get so many chemicals from so many things that it is nearly impossible to avoid. If you can prevent it with baby bottles that's a step in the right direction.

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