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Hard Water Help!

How do you get hard water off things like a dish drainer? (the bottom part) I always try and clean it, but I have never been able to clean it back to its nice red color without all the white residue...anyone have any ideas that work?

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I agree with Krista about the Tub & Tile. It is a fantastic product that can remove the hard water stains without the harsh chemicals.

Have you tried straight vinegar? If yes, try backing soda and add vinegar. It makes a FUN chemical reaction and does a GREAT job. It's the ONLY combination I have come across to remove hard water deposits AND rings in the bathtub!

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Just pour vinegar on it and let it soak. Minerals will wipe off. Also works for bath stall glass, coffee pots etc

You can also try CLR (Calcium Lime Rust) but it is a pretty harsh chemical.

A lot of people said vinegar, and that may do the trick. But in case it doesn't, sometimes baking soda will get off what vinegar won't. Good luck!
P.S. Actually. Limeaway is another great option for hard water build up, as well.

white vinegar! let it soak for several minutes and all the residue should come off.

Soak it in Vinegar. If you can't soak it, soak a washrag in vinegar and wipe it down. You can also pour vinegar on the crusty parts and let them soak.
Other than that, there isn't much you can do for hard water stains, unless you're looking at investing in a water softening system.
Hope it works....I'll check out the other replies and see if there is something I haven't tried or heard of yet. I've always wondered if there isn't something better out there without going to the smelly harsh chemical removers.

Soak it in a vinegar and water solution for 20 min plus.

you could try vinager (white) and baking soda.
kaboom works really well too.

My husband has done a lot of professional cleaning, and he says all you have to do is get a box cutter and scrape it off - making sure to get the right angle on the blade so it just scrapes over the surface, not cutting the paint. Or you can go to a professional cleaning supply store and buy "Foamy Q&A". - be careful, this stuff will burn your skin if you leave it on your skin too long (wear gloves and you'll be fine). All you have to do is spray it on, scrub it, let it sit for a few minutes, and wash it off. He says the box cutters should work fine. Good luck!

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