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Happy Pregnancy Hormones?

I was a very happy person during my pregnancy and absolutely loved life during those months. A few weeks after giving birth I felt myself return to normal, how I used to feel before being pregnant. And I realized that, although I am not and never was sad or depressed, I felt much happier during my pregnancy than before or after, and that "normal" for me is not simply happy. I am now wishing I could find that happy hormone and have it back forever more (without being pregnant again). Has anyone else had this happen, and what did you do?

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How interesting to hear that others have had similar experiences! I think this is one of those things that could have so many different causes, it'll be hard to really figure out, but I will definitely have a chat with my doc about it. Maybe she's had other patients with the same. Either way, I'm not unhappy now, so I will be just fine, and thank for your responses!

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I was diagnosed with Bipolar II about 5 years ago and went on medication. It worked, but I got off of it to get pregnant. When I was pregnant, my moods were the most stable of my WHOLE life! My husband loved it! And I was happy!!! I had problems at the beginning of my pregnancy b/c my body wouldn't produce enough progesterone. After researching progesterone, I felt that it could be the cause of my BP (as we are always supposed to have some progesterone) and discussed it with my midwife. I started on bio-identical P 2 days after delivering and have barely had any depression (although my psych said that I had an 80% chance of getting it). I've been taking it for 15 mths now. I feel great with it and have been losing weight for the first time in my life (another side effect to not enough P, is that you can't lose weight). The compounding pharmacist said that most women only need it for 1-6 mths, but I have decided to stay on it until our family life situation gets a bit less stressful (it helps with my stress level). I may also have to be on it for a long time due to the fact that my body was just probably always deficient. You can always ask your doctor to do a blood test to see where you are. You can get the bio-identical at a health food store and emerita brand is okay to use while breastfeeding. Congrats on your daughter and hope that you feel better soon.

Yep, the happiest I hvae ever been was when I was pregnant. I loved being pregnant too. Not that I am terribly sad now or anything, but when I was pregnant, I loved it and the bigger I got, the happier I was too. It was so hard for me to accept the fact that our thrid child wsa our last and that my husband was getting a vesectomy. It took a long time for me to come to grips with that too. Gosh, I loved being pregnant. So, I completely know what you mean.

S. Bailey CLD

Oh wow! all of you who have responded are LUCKY!!!!! I was very depressed during my pregnancy, especially the 2 & 3 trimester. I was the unlucky 10-15% of women who get prenatal depression and had to be on Wellbutrin. Good luck with your baby and really just be thankful that you felt so happy and will again. btw I Love to dance too.

It's totally normal. You have two things going on - first, the surge of hormones that made you feel so 'happy' during pregnancy are back to their typical levels. For nine months, your body has been showered with feel-good pregnancy chemicals that are all of a sudden cutoff (for good reason - you're no longer carrying a baby). Physiologically, this can lead to postpartum depression. Second, during the pregnancy all the attention was focused on you and now that the baby is here, I'm going to guess that she is getting all of the attention (or most of it anyhow). I remember after going through a tough pregnancy with weekly doctor visits, almost losing the baby during the pregnancy, a 20 hour labor and 3 hours of pushing, once the baby got here I was pretty much an afterthought. Although I'm not a big attention hound, I'll admit it was a tough transition.

Although you might not feel as if you are depressed, you might actually have some mild PPD. Talk to your obgyn about it. I think what you are experiencing is completely normal.

Hi M.,

My experience was very similar. I NEVER had a mood swing while pregnant and was happy as a clam. Now, 22 months after having my daughter, I find I'm more moody, similar to how I was prior to pregnancy. Also, I was pretty mellow before my periods returned(9 months post partum) I'd love to feel that happy and carefree again...I assume it had something to do with not having the ups and downs for period hormones? Who knows....wish I could feel like that all the time!

I had the same issue - but was diagnosed with a disorder 2 years prior to becoming pregnant with my son. During pregnancy and while I nursed - no mood swings. I suffered from them slightly again - until I was pregnant with my twin girls. Now, I just stopped nursing again - and having a hard time. My moods are all over the place.

I went back to the doctor as I was never on medications the past 3 1/2 years - and he thinks it has to do with sleep depreviation (versus depresseion or something else). And you know waht, for the most part - when i get extra sleep and drink chocolate milk (LOL) - I am usually pretty good.

It's hard esp. with little ones to get adequate sleep. yes, i personally get 8-9 hours a sleep a night - but not deep continious sleep - and that is something new that they are finding out. Sleep depreviation can actually mimic bipolar and other mood disorders.

I also don't want to get pregnant to feel good (as I have 3 under age 3)...but YES! I can understand how you feel.

Just something to think about.....

I had the same thing. I finally went to the doctor and was on a Zoloft. Although it did help "balance" my moods, it kind of washed away any true happiness or sadness. Almost like I was a zombie. I finally got tired of that and was nervous as to any unknown long term side effects of the drug. So I stopped and I started to feel down again. I started exploring alternative treatments and speaking with alternative doctors. I now am taking vitamins and it has changed me. So many vitamins are depleted from your body when you are pregnant and it is hard to eat perfect to keep your vitamin intake at optimal level. I suggest you go to Fruitful Yield and speak with someone there. They are so knowledgeable. I am taking a good multi-vitamin, B-complex and lots of Calcium-Magnesium and I can't believe the difference. It takes a good 2-3 weeks to really start feeling better but be patient. My mood is so improved, I sleep better and I feel healthier. Something so basic and natural is all my body needed. I have recommended the same to two other friends who then went and did that. They can't believe the difference either! Vitamins work. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.

sounds like your forgetting your mommy time. make sure you have time everyday to be you and once a week find a sitter and get out. You don't have spend money to wonder the mall or the park. GET OUT! and be you. This should help.

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