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Hands So Cold They Turn Color.

I have a 9 year old that get very cold hands during the winter. I have tried Columbia brand, hand warmers, isolated gloves that are waterproof, doubling up gloves,we have tried everything that we can think of. Yet Nothing helps.When she comes in from the snow and her hands are also purple. Her feet get it as well but not as survere. I have spook to her doc about it. And nothing come from it. I am wondering do any of you wonderful mom know of any bands of gloves/mittins that keep childrens hands warm and preventing them from getting wet from the snow? Anything waysthat we could try so she can still go play! Is this something other moms have delt with?

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I would also think it would be Raynaud's phenomenon. I have this and it sometimes even happens to me in the freezer section of the grocery store. I have heard of other people that have this and move out of Minnesota to escape the cold.


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It sounds like what I had as a kid. As your doctor about Raynaud's phenomenon.

In adults that is called Reynaulds Syndrome- not sure about kids

I don't know how much this will help, but...My mother has the same problem with her hands/feet and when she finally complained to her doctor they ran some blood tests and found a thyroid condition (I can never remember whether it's an over-active or under-active thyroid, but it's one of the two) was causing the issue. She takes generic (i.e. inexpensive!) maintenance meds for the condition and is fine now.

DEFINITELY mittens are better than gloves- the body heat from the entire hand helps to keep the individual fingers warmer. I think Land's End used to make mittens that went all the way up to the elbow so that it was less likely that snow would get into them. It seemed to help my son and his friends.

When you say that nothing comes of it when you bring this up with the pediatrician, what do you mean? If your doctor isn't concerned about something that obviously concerns you, I would maybe thinking about seeing a different doctor? Or at least ask them to explain why they aren't concerned.

Good Luck!!


I am not sure of good gloves. However, what you are describing sounds like Reynauds Syndrome, which often goes hand in hand with thyroid. Mine goes with hyperactive thyroid, but it can go with both.. It is pretty harmless, I have had it all of my life. My hands and feet do get extremely cold, but nothing harmful. Good luck finding gloves.

For the mittens, check either LL bean or Lands End. I think LL bean may have the better stuff for colder temps tho.

I would also think it would be Raynaud's phenomenon. I have this and it sometimes even happens to me in the freezer section of the grocery store. I have heard of other people that have this and move out of Minnesota to escape the cold.


I would think it would be simply a circulation problem. this used to happen to my feet...and they would itch, and this all occurred while I was going through growing spurts...my parents brought me to a chiropractor to help with it, I usually took care of it. (then again I go to a chiropractor for EVERYTHING)

My hands get pretty cold in the winter when I play outside with the kids. I started using the little heat packs that my husband takes hunting with him. They work for quite awhile but they aren't very comfortable. I think they make mittens with little slots for them. She should definitely be wearing mittens - fingers are warmer together than apart like they are in gloves.

I can't help you with the keeping hands warm thing, but a friend of mine always had cold hands and feet, and especially when she spent anytime outside...she couldn't keep her hands warm enough. So, she was diagnosed with a specific blood related syndrome that makes her extremeties cold all the time...something about the blood flow and it being irregular. Perhaps this is something that your daugter has. It's a common thing, and most people go undiagnosed their whole life and think that it's because they have cold hands and feet, but infact, it may be something different. Sorry I don't know the name. And, even then, it's probably not going to help you keep her warm.

Try buying some stretchy gloves(Target has them on sale for 1.50 this week) and having your daughter wear those inside of her regulary mittens. LLBean has great mittens. If you can find the ones that go up to the elbow it will prevent snow from falling inside.

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