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Handmade Mom's Day Gift Ideas for Grandma?

I'd like my daughter to make something for her grandma's for Mother's Day...any ideas? Thanks!

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Thanks for all the great suggestions. I first tried the salt dough idea with DD's handprints, but they didn't turn out so great. So I ended up getting the plate from BBB and having her decorate that. Much easier and the grandma's loved it:)

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how about a salt or sugar scrub? i use it when i want to soak my feet after a long day and it feels wonderful! VERY easy to make too. all you need is coarse salt (kosher works perfectly) baby oil, vitamin e oil (if you want. this is optional) and a scented oil (if you want that as well) baby oil leaves a light fresh scent so fragrance isnt necessary. fill a jar with the salt then add the oils. get a craft stick or tongue depressor and mix it then put a tight sealing lid on it. (mason jars work well for this) hope this helps and happy mother's day!

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A few years back I had my daughters make these for my husband for fathers day, but they would work for anybody really.

I took a picture of just their faces, no hair (except bangs), no neck or ears. Super close up, lol. Then I had them (with my help) glue together 4 of the big (thick like tongue depressers) popsicle sticks. They decorated them with markers and stickers and stuff, then we took pipe cleaners and glued them to the sticks to make it look like their hairstyles. My youngest at the time sported pigtails a lot, so hers were green pigtails that were curled up and I made purple bows and glued them on. Then we glued the picture onto the back of the frame. They were super cute. I wish I could post pictures here, I'd show you.

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One of the moms in my play group who babysits several children invited me and my son over to her house last week. She made up a batch of salt dough (like play doh). We gave each child a ball of it that was rolled out with a rolling pin. Then, we pressed their hands into the flat dough to make a hand print. She also pushed a large paper clip into the top of the dough to make a hanger! You can allow it to air dry or bake it in a very low oven (200 degrees, I believe) for about half an hour or so. I bought markers and let my son draw all over the hand prints, and I used a permanent marker to write his name, the date, and "Happy Mother's Day!" on the back. We gave one to my mother already, and she loved it! We made a second one for my mother-in-law, who we will be seeing this weekend. Below is a link to a site with a good salt dough recipe (probably what my friend used):

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Most of my relatives live in Louisville - and there are a few pottery-type places there (Louisville Stoneware and Hadley Pottery) where they took my nephews and had a platter made for my parents anniversary once. My nephews put their handprints on the platter, and one of them wrote "To Mimi and Papaw" and they fired it on there.

I liked the idea of a stone to put in the garden with a handprint and/or date on it is a good idea too.

Someone else I know's grandkids got her a pillow where there was a "recordable chip" in it - when you squeezed the pillow, you heard the grandkids say, "We love you Grandma!" Something like that might be available at Joann Fabrics or Michael's or something.

Good luck!

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I KNOW it's late, but maybe you can use the ideas for next year. How about a garden stone? My niece did one for my mom and she STILL has it after about 15 years.

Personally painted flower pot. She can use the flower pot over & over regardless of what happens to the flower/plant.

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Hi A.,

I think Walmart or Micheals has a stepping stone for like 10.00 and you bring it home and you decorate it anyway you would like, hand prints, etc. I'm a grandma so that would be a great present.
If you want to do something from what you have at home, take your daughter with paper, and draw around her hands, and let her make "flowers" out of them, you can then make a stem and put them on paper for a nice bunch of flowers.

You can also get a bath tile, and put pretty things on it for a coaster.

She can make a homemade card, by using paper, and any type of things that can be glued on.........there are many things that can be done.

I hope this helps. Good luck and Happy Mothers Day to you as well.

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THe do-it yourself pottery places cost an arm/leg and 2 is quite young. BedBath and Beyond had a plate kit for 4.99 with different colored markers to decorate your own plate. You could even paint her hands and place on plate and let her doodle on the rest...I think G-ma would lovethat!!

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I have a gift my daughter gave me for mothers day several years ago that I cherish. She took an empty plastic water bottle, wrapped it in tissue paper to make a vase. Then made a little tulip using a pipe cleaner for the stem and the bottom of an egg carton for the blossom, which she painted. She made it when she was 4, and it was so wonderful. I still have it sitting on my desk at work. Very simple for her to make as well.

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Do you have a do-it-yourself pottery place by you? You can have your daughter put her handprints on a plate or mug or something, and help you sponge paint the background. It's pretty inexpensive and they actually look really nice.

Also check-out snapfish.com to create a gift using pictures of your daughter. You can even scan & upload your daughters 'artwork' to Snapfish, and create something with it.

Hope this helps!

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