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Handling 'Disrespectful' Nephew and Niece When They're at My House

Hello hello! I am not a mother, however, I have moved in with my boyfriend in a neighborhood where his ENTIRE family lives. It isn't a problem - I love his family. But when his niece and nephew come over (with their parents there) they have no respect for our house. They wear their shoes on the new couches (our house is a no-shoe house to begin with), make a mess everywhere, put their greasy hands on everything and their parents don't say anything - am I allowed to 'parent' them while they are at my house?? Again, since I don't have kids I try to be very understanding, but I feel like I shouldn't let them ruin my brand new furniture & antique furniture because I'm afraid to say soemthing. Thanks for any advice!

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Thank you so much for the advice! I'm going to talk to my boyfriend - You ladies are right, we should discuss our 'house rules' and he should be the one to say something since it is his family. He knows them better then me and will hopefully know exactly what to say :) And yes, kids will be kids (as it should be)! Thanks again!

Another Update: Remember how I said his WHOLE family lives in the neighborhood? My BF asked his mom to bring in a package so it wouldn't get rained on/stolen while we were out of town for the weekend. Very nice of her to do but not only did she do that, she decided to put a nail in our front door to hang something and hung a picture up in our bedroom. AH!... Oh what did I do to myself :)

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HI, I have 2 kids myself 2 and 4, when going over to my sisters or a friends house I always appreciate them getting after my kids when they are not behaving. When my sister or friends do get after them, they always listen. As a mom, I do not think they are stepping on my toes at all, simply just helping since I do not know their specific likes and dislikes while we are in their home.

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I would just politely state the rules. "In our house, we don't put shoes on the couch" or "we don't allow food in the living room" should be sufficient. You're stating that these are the house rules, not trying to discipline the kids. And it's OK to ask their help cleaning up. (My SIL asks all the time that my kids help clean up the bedrooms after they've been playing. Now it's just a habit. And I realize it's only polite.)

I agree that you and your boyfriend need to talk and be on the same page as far as the house rules. It may be better for him to bring it up with his family first, but after the subject has been broached, I don't think there's anything wrong with you being the one to state the rules - people sometimes just need gently reminders.

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That is a tough situation. You should definitely be able to have boundaries in you own home, and it's frustrating when people don't consider our feelings and our things when they're in our home. I would definitely talk to the parents about it first, to see if they are willing to cooperate and set the boundaries with their children- always preferrable when the parents are present- And actually, since it's his family, it would be even better if HE did this! If the parents don't seem to care or act 'helpless' (which drives me crazy!!) then I think it's ok to start to talk to the children about you expectations and rules, perhaps also with your boyfriend being part of this. I don't know how much disciplining you can truly do with parents sitting there if they are unwilling. If firmly telling the children to stop certain beahiors doesn't work, you may have to resort to meeting them somewhere outside your home in order to protect your things. Hopefully simple communication can resolve most of this. I hope that helps!

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Why not buy them their own 'shoe' basket to put their shoes in when coming to visit...also, kids love playing with those hand wipes...keep some by their baskets and 'let' them get one to clean their hands...(then put the rest up in the closet to avoid them becoming a toy!) I used to do home day care and found when you give the child something as a gift, it changes the way they look at things....Hope it helps anyway...you might also want to buy an afghan and use it as a cover on your couches while they visit....

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HI, I have 2 kids myself 2 and 4, when going over to my sisters or a friends house I always appreciate them getting after my kids when they are not behaving. When my sister or friends do get after them, they always listen. As a mom, I do not think they are stepping on my toes at all, simply just helping since I do not know their specific likes and dislikes while we are in their home.

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Oh man, I hate it when other kids come over with goop on their fingers and proceed to wipe them on the walls or carpets. Since you're not a parent, I'm sure its an even worse feeling :-)

The best defense is usually a good offense. Meaning, as the family begins to walk into the house, thank them for taking off their shoes. Maybe leave a towel out on the floor with a pair of shoes on it where they know they can leave theirs. Firmly insist.

When the kids eat, politely remind them that the table is where they eat. Buy some wipes and make sure they wipe down their hands when they're done. Or buy a stool so they can reach the kitchen sink to wash up.

When they make for something that you don't want touched, re-direct them to something that is OK. "The shelves have lots of interesting things I know, but there are some pretty neat things in this cabinet I've set aside just for you." (And having a few toys, crayons and things in a credenza for them would be a nice touch)

Its not OK to discipline other kids, ever. It is very acceptable to establish rules of conduct in your own home. You might be a little cleaner than most parents, but that's your privilege. However, beware that the parents won't like that you've stood up and announced that your house is your home and that you want it treated with respect. And to keep the peace, some things might be better noted and cleaned up after the kids have left...they are kids after all :-) GL!!!

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If the parents of those children are there, I wouldn't try to parent them. I recommend explaining the rules to the inlaws and asking them to enforce them with their kids while in your house. It is a respect issue and if they can't respect your house and your things, they are not respecting you.

I also recommend talking this over with your husband and getting his view on the topic and find out how to approach it with his family. Good luck!

Have a GREAT day!


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If it really bothers you, ask if you can hold family gatherings at thier home. Here is the thing. My brother has been married for three years to a very nice girl. For a brief time before they were married she was a nanny (we are only talking months here) and she is the oldest of five kids. They do not have kids yet, but she feels that her "experience" gives her the right to parent my kids with me standing right there. I was a parent before she reached puberty. It makes me crazy and I do have to say that she has gotten better at how she talks to my kids. Now if my kids were doing something dangerous and she saw it I would have no problem with her stopping them...but we are frequently at my home. When I am at my parents home and my parents ask my kids to stop doing something that I wouldnt necessarily think is a problem, I expect them to stop because they are expected to follow the rules in someone else's home. I dont think it would be a bad thing to remind the kids of the rules and expect them to follow them (such as no shoes on the couch) but leave the actual parenting to the parents. If problems persist, you can certainly have your boyfriend talk to them. I have a bran new set of couches that my kids know they are not allowed to touch...at all. They are not even allowed to sit on them because their butts are frequently dirty. Remind them of the rules in your house, put up what you dont want broken, and meet at thier home more.

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We have the same problem. My brother recently got on my case about talking to their kids in front of them. He asked me to come to him first. I said, "Alright, I'll back off, but you're going to have to step it up a knotch". He agreed that he would discipline his kids more. It has worked, to an extent. But this way you're not stepping on toes and your house just might be saved. You may want to let him know what behavior you expect at your house. They may not be aware. But be understanding too. Kids are kids, after all.

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