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Hand in Diaper -- Is This Normal?

Hello moms! I have a 19-month old daughter who just recently started putting her hand down in her diaper. She doesn't seem to be scratching because I check whenever we need to change her and it's not red nor does she have a rash. Is this something I need to be concerned about? Is this just a phase? I take her hand out whenever I see her like this and say 'no' but she just runs away. I'm just afraid this may turn into a habit and it's not ladylike. Need your advice please.

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Thank you moms for all the wonderful insight :) My daughter still does it but since we started not making a big deal out of it, she hasn't been doing it as much. Her doctor suggested getting her a potty and see if she'd like to try it. Thanks again!

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It's just a phase. She is just exploring her body. Instead of saying no just explain that she can do it in private places at private times.

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100% normal. Do not say "no" or tell her it is bad. You do not want her to think any part of her body is bad. Only our own hang-ups make us make us uncomfortable with this absolutely normal behavior. She is learning about her body. She is exploring it. That is a very healthy thing. I have four kids, the oldest of whom is 26 now, and all of them did the exploration thing.

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Normal. Ditto what Deanna Leigh said.
Also, think down the road.... as a girl, if your daughter is comfortable with her body, and "knows" how things work, what cleanliness is, etc... then that way, you can help her "learn" about hygiene too, and how to "wipe" when she is toilet training etc. Or help her to know if something is "wrong" down there....

In the long run, it is healthy and a learning experience for them, and natural.

Just don't give her any hang-ups about it. It's okay.

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Honestly, I don't think that you have anything to worry about. When kids are so young, everything in their world, even what's hiding in their diapers, is new, unusual and meant to be investigated. I do think that there's a possibility that her human body exploration moment has morphed into an act of attention grabbing once she saw your reaction to what she was doing. She probably thinks it's funny to see you react everytime she puts her hand down her diaper and has now made a game of it. Try completely ignoring her when she's doing this from here on out and I'm sure that you will see this whole thing become ancient history pretty soon.

If she continues, then you can lay down a rule that she can only touch her privates when she is in the privacy of her own room. But, chances are that her self-exploration won't continue for too long.

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It's just a phase. She is just exploring her body. Instead of saying no just explain that she can do it in private places at private times.

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My daughter, now 3, did it is well, for quite a while. I just continued to tell her to take it out of her pants and she did- I wouldn't worry - I think its normal

It's normal. Just wash her hands often, other than that - don't draw too much attention to it. The bigger deal you make out of it, the more she'll do it.


Try onesies, then she can't do it.

Yes it's normal, all my kids did it. Just watch for when she has a dirty diaper, they tend to make a mess!

Hi there! My daughter started doing the same thing when we potty trained her at 2 years old. I even went as far as taking her to the Pediatrician, who tried not to laugh as he told me it's perfectly normal. It's just a phase, and as long as you have ruled out any infection, it will stop in time.

My 16 month old girl had started doing it as well....My day care lady said that it may be a sign to start potty training...so maybe that is what you're experiencing too...sure enough, she now puts her hand in there as a way to pull off her diaper all together! So we are starting training.

Yes, this is completely normal. I think you should just ignore it because if you're bringing attention to it by telling her no, she's just going to keep doing it. Plus you do not want her to feel there is something wrong with her because she is just learning about her body and should not be ashamed of it. You can teach her that it's not polite to do this in public. At home, I would just ignore it. You can always talk to your Pediatrician, they will confirm it's very normal. :)

Not to scare you or anything, but I would keep an eye on the people who are spending time with her. She may have felt something down there before and she is trying to get that feeling back with her own hand. If it is not possible, then I would definately check with her doc.

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