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Hand-Foot-& Mouth Disease- Rash

Hi. My 14-month old son has an unusual rash on his genitals, just above the "pee-pee". It seems textbook to hand-foot-and mouth rashes (lacy, red, open, etc.), but he has no other symptoms. He hasn't had a fever and has no noticable sores on his hands, feet, or in his mouth. HFM has been going around day-care, and my day care provider suggested it today as a possibilty. The rash started Monday. Since it is in his diaper area, it is hard to keep aired out (since he is at daycare).

I am a bit crazy at work and trying to decide about taking a day off to take him to the doc or wait and get others opinions. Obviously, if he was aggrivated, fussy, or looks worse, I will take him to the doc.


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I think it is a yeast infection. Thanks for the helpful suggestions. We are treating it.

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If he doesn't have any on his hands or feet, it's most likely a yeast infect; yes little boys can get them, my son got them all the time.

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One of my twins had HFM last month -- he only had the rash in his diaper area, nothing on his hands, feet, or in his mouth. My ped said the fever occurs before the rash develops so he may have had a very mild one that I didn't even notice. In any event, it didn't bother him at all and since it's viral it just had to run its course. I did keep him away from other children for a few days, though -- except for his twin, who never got it. My understanding is that the virus is most contagious when other children can come in contact with exposed sores or saliva from a child who has mouth sores -- might want to check with your ped.

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If he doesn't have any on his hands or feet, it's most likely a yeast infect; yes little boys can get them, my son got them all the time.

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If you can not take off of work - both Troy Beaumont and Royal Oak Beaumont have afterhour and weekend pediatric clinics. Call there main number to get times.

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HFM is VERY contagious...bring him in. You don't want to deal with it over the weekend at the med station if it gets worse.

I doubt if it is Hand-Foot-Mouth Disease if you don't see the blister like bumps in these areas. You need to take him to the doctor IMMEDIATELY! If you can't take him, see if someone else can. Perhaps dad, a grandparent, aunt or uncle can. Urgent care is open all night. There are also 24 hour clinics, look in the yellow pages for one in your area.

lacey rash is also in roseola...

14 months is about the right age for roseola too..

I would also have to say, take him to the doctor. With all the crazy stuff going around right now it's better not to take any chances, especially with the weekend coming up. If it turns out to be nothing at least you have piece of mind! BTW my son had HF&M about a year and a half ago, no rash in his diaper area but his case was very mild, a few sores on his lips and hands. My first thought was a yeast infected diaper rash, like someone else suggested. Good Luck, having a sick little one is no fun.

Take him to the Doctor or at least call the nurse! HFM is extremely contagious and I am shocked that your daycare allowed him to go all week if they suspected he had that!

Sounds like a yeast rash. He probably would have a fever if it was HF&M disease.

HFM blisters are usually in the hands, feet and mouth (hence the name, ha, ha). My child's always had a high fever as the first symptom - then, most every other symptom you could think of followed. In the absense of anything else, sounds like diaper or yeast.

Since it is highly contagious it would be courteous to your day care to remove him until the sores disappear. If you take him to the doctor they can't prescribe anything, so that would be up to you. But removing him will help it stop spreading around the day care.

each time he has a diaper change, rinse him in luke warm sudsy water

My 10 month old had hand foot and mouth and he only had spiked a fever for 24 (103.5 and around there) and the only other symptom was not eating well. I went to the doctor and he had sores in his mouth that I couldn't see. Even though there is nothing you can do for hfm it is very contagious so you want to know so he doesnt keep passing back and forth. Try a walk in clinic if you cannot go during normal office hours. Good luck!

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