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Halloween Costumes - Houston,TX

I am looking for some original ideas of costumes that I can make for this Halloween. I have basic sewing skills (and a sewing machine) and not afraid to try something ambitious.

My preference is to have something a little unsual or cheeky. Her first Halloween she was a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing. Last year she was a Booger (yes, like snot)--I made her trick-or-treat bag out of an empty tissue box. It said, " Mommy says that I am a little BOOger, but Grandma said it SNOT true!"

I have had the idea to do a Magician's Rabbit in a Hat...but haven't figured out how to execute the hat idea yet.

Since she isn't even three, we may visit (10) houses at the most. Otherwise...it is mostly about the photo opp.

Thanks in advance for your ideas!

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It sounds as if you are very creative!

One of my friends once dressed up as a mint. saran wrap and all! Red and white stripped dress.

What about a snake in the grass or something like that?

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what about her being the rabbit and wear a black skirt, at her waist do a short tu tu (sp?). i look on etsy.com for ideas when i wanted to be a cupcake found great ideas. you might have to search hat costumes and get creative with your search. good luck.

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It sounds as if you are very creative!

One of my friends once dressed up as a mint. saran wrap and all! Red and white stripped dress.

What about a snake in the grass or something like that?

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What a wonderful mom! I am inspired now.. I was just going to log into Old Navy for a costume (hangs head in shame..)

The rabbit in hat is fabulous. YOu are lucky enough to know basic sewing, etc.. have you considered a hula hoop (or go to a craft shop and get a hoop that is smaller to fit your little one's frame better) and then affix some sort of hard edge to the top of the hoop- like cardboard sprayed with something that can make it sort of stiff- maybe even a non toxic glue- and cover that with fabric for the hat 'rim' and the fabric can hang down for the actual 'hat' and just weigh down the ends of that with some magnets placed in the hem perhaps- prevent the 'hat' material from blowing up and flopping around. Then you could leave the 'bottom' of the hat open for your daughter to walk around freely. So it would look like she would be a rabbit walking inside an upside down hat:) Not sure if this makes sense i hope it does. What a creative idea. :)
Maybe even have fun and stick on little sparkles (sequins might be hassle and the worry she might pluck them off and eat them) or glitter on the rim of the hat for fun. And write in glue (and sprinkle over that with glitter) "Abracadabra!" Or something magicians say.
Good luck and she'll love the pictures years from now!!

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How about "A Doggie Bag?"

We have a headband/doggie face that we picked up for our dress up bin.

It would be really easy to fashion a tail, make or find a large bag, then cut holes for the tail, arms and legs. For the finishing touch, you'll gather the top of the bag around her neck, with a dog collar.

For her trick-or-treat bag, perhaps you could find one of the larger Chinese takeout boxes. :-)

Happy Halloween!

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Wow A., what amazing creativity!

The Best Costumes are always witches/warlocks ,vampires ,cats & zombies . All of these costumes only need siccors ,black make-up and imagination.

When I was younger, I wore a green leotard and green tights, and then I had my mom make me a fuschia-colored velvety hood with big stuffed yellow flower petals sewn into it. Some type of hood that hooks or fastens somehow below the chin would stay on better than just setting something on your head.

Good luck!

A friend of mine made clown outfits for my twin girls, She took a different fabric pattern for each of these.. the sleeves....the pockets on the front of the top...the collar...the ruffle around the sleeve & pants bottom. & she made little bags to match for them to put their candy in. They Are adorable!!!! She even cut out a piece & glued it to a piece of cardbord & attached it to a pony tail for their hair :) One pants leg was a different pattern than the other The top matched one leg & the pockets matched the other (BIG pockets) on a long smock like top.

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