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Half Juice... Half Water

My DS is four, ever since he started drinking juice I have cut it half jucie half water.
Now that he is getting older and having play dates I have had a couple of moms tell me that when they tried to give him
juice and they didnt add water he wouldnt drink it. He thinks that the way we give it to him is the only way you are
susposed to have juice. I dont see a problem with it, and I started doing it because a couple of friend who's kids were
older than mine had so many cavities before they hit kindergarden and their dentists had suggested it to them.
So I guess my question would be does anyone else do this or used to do this?.. and if so when did you start giving just juice?

What can I do next?

So What Happened?™

Thanks for al the responses. He does drink just water and he loves milk, so I am probably
just going to have a talk with him to just ask for water when he is over playing at someone elses house.

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I have always done water mixed in with juice. I even do it for myself at times because it's lower in calories! Now there have been times when I give my kids straight juice, but usually I water it down (probably not 50/50 - maybe 70/30). My kids are 3 and 1. My hubby never waters the juice down so they'll drink it my way or his way, they do not seem to mind! I would ask you children's friends parents to water it down or maybe just give him water or milk. Or you could send a cup along with him!

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I've done it with both of my kids. oldest 9 younger 19months. The closest thing that my youngest has had to full juice is the gerber or toddler juice boxes that he gets once in a blue moon. Otherwise we do milk or water. With my older son luckily he really likes milk and doesn't drink juice often but I've also incorporated smoothies every now and then in the morning with milk and fresh fruit. Gives options but still healthy. Almost forgot to add. Neither has had a cavity. Especially my 9 yr old who has yet to have a cavity...... knock on wood.

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I think most peds will tell you that kids don't even need juice at all. It is typically full of sugar, and has basically little to no nutritive value, whatsoever. That said, I did give my son (4 1/2) juice, but always cut it at least 50-50 with water, usually more. He will drink full strength juice if it's given to him, but he has no problem with it diluted with water. Basically, I always felt like I was just flavoring his water... not even making it half juice, more like 1/3 juice, 2/3 water...

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I did it with my kids, too. Just figured they didn't need that much sugar. But sometimes they would get it full strength. They never noticed the difference or at least never said anything. I figure every little bit helps but I never stressed over whether they got it full strength. They never complained either way. If he prefers it with a little water, then teach him to politely ask for a little water in his juice when he is at friends' houses. Or teach him to say "just some water, please."
Pretty soon he will be out of the house more and more (and you will lose more and more control over those healthy choices) so I wouldn't be too concerned.
My kids never had white bread until they started going over to their friends' houses and then they got to the point where that was the only thing they would eat. Grrrrr. The schools aren't that much help, either-they still serve white bread!
Bottom line-you start giving him full strength juice when that is the only way he'll drink it-or when you quit giving him juice, altogether! (With kids ages 18, 15, and 12 at our house-only my son will drink juice and only orange juice at that!). I promise-once the soda monster rears it's ugly head, juice will be the least of your concerns!
Good luck.

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We dilute all our juice 1/2 and 1/2 with water - for my husband and myself too. There are SO many empty calories in it and I've found that it's too sweet straight up now.

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I don't even do half. I make a glass of water and put in a little tiny splash of juice, and that is for me and my daughter. I didn't even give her juice for the first time until she was almost four. Most of the time we don't even drink juice at our house, we just drink water. My pedi and nutritionist said that juice is worthless because you don't get the benefit of the fiber from the fruit. So we just eat fruit instead:) I only buy juice when we are sick, cause it is comforting when our throats are sore.

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my son doesn't drink juice really. milk or water. he gets juice from other people occasionally and thinks it's a big treat. i don't see any problem with your situation. don't be embarrassed or feel like you're doing things wrong - kids don't need juice. at all. if they are eating a balanced diet there's no need for it. could these moms just not give him water? is half juice/ half water the ONLY thing he will drink? if so then perhaps it's something to work on with him. but refusing full strength juice shouldn't be a bad thing. as long as he says "no thank you" :)

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I think of juice as a sweet treat because it's so full of sugar (yeah, I know it's sugar from fruit, but once it's in your body, it's just sugar) and is not nearly as nutritional as the fruit itself and once kids get in the habit of drinking juice, they drink SO MUCH of it. We started cutting their juice from day one and slowly put in less and less juice. Now my kids' favorite drink is water and the only juice I have in the house is orange juice. For the vitamins and nutrients, they just eat the actual fruit. I'm not saying they don't drink any other juice at all - they do at friends' houses or sometimes when we're out at a restaurant for a special occasion. But it's really not a regular occurrence. I think it's great that you've watered down your son's juice - it's better for him in the long run. Don't let him get used to the intense sweetness of full strength juice, instead cut it back even further so your son starts to prefer water on its own. On playdates, just send him with a water bottle filled with his own "juice" so the other parent doesn't have to go to any trouble.

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I did! I still do whenever I can!
My kids are 5 ( almost 6) 3, and 2. My 5 year old is the hardest because he knows the trick - actually I used to do 1/4 juice and 3/4 water.He has been in preschool for 2 years and now kindergarten and they never dilute! My youngest 2, I almost always do 1/2 and 1/2 still. I actually know for a fact that all 3 of my kids will get diarrhea if they have more that 1 cup of undiluted apple or grape juice. Whenever they go to grandma's house, look out! She laughs about it, the kids don't care they get juice boxes aplenty... I am also a tooth brush warden, they brush then I finish even if I have to hold you in a head lock because you don't want my help, off on a tangent sorry. They don't have cavities.
You have to go with your gut, you do what is right with your kids. You can always send sippy cups or water bottles already filled with what you want them to drink. Don't get pressured now to change if you think it's going well. Our kids don't "need" juice. They just like it!

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yup, we do this too :-) I do it for myself as well. I don't think there is a need to change this habit at all. Just tell your son that not everyone does it that way and if he wants to add water to his juice, that he just needs to speak up... I'm sure any parent would happily oblige to his request.

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i've always cut my kids' juice.my DH saw that the neighbors' kids walked around w/ sippy cups of juice from the time they could toddle and didn't like that i was "depriving" them of juice. he changed his tune when the neighbors' kids both had mouths full of cavities before kinder! my son is 7, my dtr is 2. i still cut their juice. my dtr actually prefers water. son only gets orange or apple juice at breakfast.

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