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Half Birthday Party - Anyone Had One Before?

My daughter's birthday is shortly before Christmas, and it is very difficult to have a birthday party of her then (everybody is so crazy busy with holiday planning). I was thinking we should just have a small family party on her actual birthday, and a big friend party in the summer for her "half birthday". Has any of you tried this, and please,if so tell me the pros and cons you have discovered. Should we even call it a half-birthday party or just a summer party? I would also say no presents because the idea is to just have fun. Don't want anyone to accuse us of trying to get "extra" gifts.

My daughter will be 5 in December and we are going to Disneyland with family.

Thanks for your input,

~ Elise

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My nephews b-day is ON Christmas day and we did the 'half b-day' for him for a couple of years when he was younger. It was cool and the ONLY way he could have an actual party...not a lot of people out there who want to cut their Christmas short to go to a b-day party!

Now that he is older, almost 14, he no longer wants/needs a half party. Us family just divide the day in half. Christmas morning for christmas presents and family breakfast, etc. And then around 4pm we usually put up the party decorations and bring on the gifts and he always picks Christmas dinner and when its over we have b-day cake! Yum!


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cute and fun idea! There is also a song out of the Alice in Wonderland that i had when I was a kid, "A very merry half birthday to you...to me? A very merry half birthday to you, to you..." You should try to find it! Excellent idea and parties are great for all kids, not just the birthday girl or in this case, "half birthday girl"!

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Maybe have it be an "un-birthday" like Alice In Wonderland. You could do dress up stuff and a tea party or something like that. Most of the little girls I know would like that and it would be a birthday type celebration for her (meaning you have an excuse to have a cake and balloons!) without it seeming like you're greedy for gifts. You could even have every guest bring an under $10 book to exchange or something like that. Then everyone gets a gift but nobody has to spend much.

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We have been invited to half birthday parties and they are totally fine. My son just got an invitation yesterday to his friend's 10 1/2 bday party. He wants a swimming party and his bday is December too so this works out fine. Another thing they have done which I love is they state on the invitation to bring something to trade (no gifts). For example last year it was a comic book so everyone brought one and got to pick one out....very cool idea. Maybe you could try something like that.

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Hi E.,
I think that a "half" birthday party is a fabulous idea. I, too, was an "too near Christmas" baby and was always told how hard it was for a party just after Christmas. Call it "Susie's (insert her name) Summer Fun Fest" or something and tell everyone that it is a belated party in her honor (one that is just for fun but no presents). You can have a cake made or make one yourself that shows the name of the party rather than "Happy Birthday" or just have cupcakes. If you are up to giving party bags to the kids - go to the dollar store - they have lots of bulk party stuff at many of them so it wont cost you too much or Party City has mini bottle of bubbles you can buy by the each or in bulk.

Great idea to celebrate outside the box so to speak - I always wanted a big party at my birthday. You will give her such good memories - and she will feel special that you gave her a party in her honor at a time other than her birthday.

Have fun! L.

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WHAT a grand idea-- please do --- and please make it a ''tradition'' -- that's wonderful--. You know --- this is YOUR life and you can shape things any way you want--- when my ( now 4year old ) grandaughter was 7 months- a friend of her Moms' was married - and asked that Miss Lily ( the baby) be the ''flower baby'''' --- she was carried in by her mother ( the maid of honor) and looked so adorable--- you can do whatever you wish to allow ''' Joy to be the Natural State of Humanity''''' --


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Hi there! I was going to read your responses first before I wrote, but there are so many! So, I'll just tell you about me and my experience! My son is now 19 months, and was born just a couple weeks before Christmas (December 3rd, to be exact). Around the time that his first birthday was coming, I was having a really hard time in life... one thing after another.... 2 car accidents, starting a new job, getting the flu, a sick kid, my car broke down... I just couldn't pull things together enough to plan a party, get the invites out, etc... so, we ended up having a small little party at his daycare, then we went out to dinner with family. Well, I was feeling horrible that for his very first birthday, he never had a big awesome party! So, I decided to do one in June... just had it a month ago. When I invited people, I explained the circumstances... that it was a belated birthday-funn BBQ-friendly get together... all mixed into one... I even told people not to worry about gifts, but some people actually brought some anyways! After the party was over, I was SOOOO happy that I made the decision! It was so fun! We had decorations, and balloons, all outside, a BBQ, lots of friends... it was just so much fun... I did have someone say an off-comment about the fact that it wasn't his birthday, but I just ignored it. Everyone else however had a lot of fun, and was also glad that I did it.... we had about 30 or 40 people total. So, long story short, I think it's a great idea. And, I've decided to do it every summer!

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My b-day is 12/21.......I can tell you it was much better when I had 1/2 birthdays. Friends were never able to come to my party in Dec.~ they were either out of town for the holidays or their parents were too busy or too broke...it was horrible! Then there were the "well meaning" people that would give a "birthday/christmas" gift - and all I could think as a child was that I was getting cheated and only getting 1/2 the presents my brother (who is 5/29) would get over the course of the year.
I say go for it. But if you don't, the one thing I remember was that my mom would always try very hard to make sure not to use any xmas wrapping paper even if it was what was handy - little things - as an adult I've gone back to my actual birthday :)

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I think a 1/2 birthday party is a great idea. I wouldn't specify "no gifts" I would just let chips fall where they may. Just have a great time, treat it like a birthday party and if people bring gifts so what! And if they don't, that's not the point of the party anyway so who cares. Just make up cutsie invites saying I'm having 1/2 a birthday and want you to come celebrate with me. If it's a friend party you can always explain that Dec. isn't a good party month, so you celebrate the 1/2's instead.

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Have a very merry unbirthday party. Its a tea party where people can dress up if they want. Also we usually do silly food like brain salad (jello with fruit in it). My kids have always had lots of fun with them.

Have a good day

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Actaully we had a friend who did this with there son, who was born on christmas day! So they celebrated every June and had a party and on his bday/christmas they still had a cake for him. As he got older he still chose to do this, as christmas is a hectic time for partys especially bdays.

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