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Hairspray on Bathroom Floor

I have a problem with the hair spray on my bathroom floor. I can't get it off!! It seems like no matter what I use or how well I rinse the floor it's sticky after it dries (like when you take a shower and your feet are damp - you stick to my floor). I've tried several cleaners and none really worked. Now I have one of those steem mops that I really love for the other bathrooms and my kitchen but it won't get all the hairspray off my bathroom floor either. Does anyone know of a product or method to get that hairspray off the floor?

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Have you tried ammonia and water? What about 409?
I was also thinking about trying fingernail polish
remover or Paint thinner. But let me know if any of
these things work?
My best to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am a house cleaner by profession and I would use a magic sponge. The name says it all!!!! there is even mop form of it although its hard to find.

I don't know if this will work but try goo gone. I know it gets out stains and will get gum out of carpet. You can find it at the dollar tree.

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I don't know if this will work but try goo gone. I know it gets out stains and will get gum out of carpet. You can find it at the dollar tree.

Try shampoo. In college I had that problem and the cleaning lady for the dorm, told me to use shampoo. Just mix it up like you would dish soap.

NO chemicals like most are recommending!!! I'm with the gals on Melaleuca, go for that, get Sol-u-mel and get hair spray from them that is natural with no chemicals too! You can visit www.livetotalwellness.com/cindygeoff or www.2abetterlife.com Email me with any questions :)

Goof Off or Goo Gone :) It will take sharpie off of wood so I'm sure it will take hairspray off of a floor.

I am a house cleaner by profession and I would use a magic sponge. The name says it all!!!! there is even mop form of it although its hard to find.

Try Vinegar. I put straight vinegar in a spray bottle and it takes care of everything from killing ants, to getting rid of mold and mildew in the shower. I think it might work for hairspay too.

I see that another mom replied with this answer already, but since I found that it was the only thing to work I thought I'd back her up....Scrubbing Bubbles. One of my friends told me this trick, after I too tried all the other cleaners and this was the only product that worked. I actually spray it on, clean the toilet/sink then spray again and it usually comes up pretty easily with just a wet washcloth. It might depend too on what kind of floor you have in your bathroom, mines just vinyl. Good Luck!

I read somewhere that it occurred to someone that shampoo takes hairspray out of your hair - so it ought to remove it from surfaces - in the article it appeared that was a satisfactory solution!

Try using rubbing alcohol on it.

I always use normal hair shampoo to get hairspray off the floor or walls. It gets it out of your hair, and it works just as well on the other areas :) good luck

Try using windex, or ammonia with a little dish soap. It works great! If you use ammonia, DON'T mix anything other than dish soap with it, especially anything with bleach. This can be very dangerous.

Sometimes I spray Mr. Bubbles on my floor to work on the hairspray. I do have a hard time getting that soap off, when the floor is finally clean. However, after using Mr. Bubbles to take off your hairspray, you could use the steam mop to get the soap residue off. Just a thought.

Have you tried ammonia and water? What about 409?
I was also thinking about trying fingernail polish
remover or Paint thinner. But let me know if any of
these things work?
My best to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've had great luck using Scrubbing Bubbles on my hairspray floor. I spray it, let it soak for a little bit then I use the Mr. Clean mop - works like a charm (my husband uses a pound of hairspray every morning so the build-up can be quite gross).

Good luck!

Every morning when I'm finished fixing my hair I wipe the floor down with a damp washcloth, and then when our cleaning lady comes once a week she uses vinegar on it and says it works like a charm. I hope this helps!

Try Sol-u-Mel by Melaleuca. Go to Melaleuca.com to order. I'm sure you could say something on MamaSource and you'd find a mama that is into Melaleuca, and would sell you a bottle. It gets fingernail polish out of carpets! It takes magic markers off any surface. It's a great product, and non-toxic.

It's possible that the problem is not hairspray that is still on the floor, but rather, the hairspray has damaged the chemical make-up of the finish on the floor.
Chemicals are wierd things. Even the seemingly "safe" ones can react badly with other chemicals. Unfortunately, we sometimes don't know this until it is too late.
I hope this is not the case for you, but I fear it is. Hair spray just shouldn't be that hard to remove. It comes out of your hair easily with a simple shampoo.

HI S.,
Dang teens! Mine has managed to get it on the walls, pictures, and wood doors! I was so intent one day to get it clean that I sprayed a cleaner on it I think it was Lysol bathroom, and used a scrub brush with stiff bristles! It worked with a lot of elbow grease. (it is back on there again though!). I just about give up keeping up with it. Let the cleaner soak while you scrub another area.

I found the best thing it is called KRUD KUTTER and it reall works. I have found that you spray it on and let stand for about 5 minutes, rinse several times with warm water and it is clean and not sticky.l I use alof ot hairspray and I love it. Ask for it at the hardware stores. Have a good cleaning

Dilute some shampoo in water and it should come off the floor! Hope it works :)

Try bleach. That is what I use and it works fine.

Mr. Clean sponge... works great. I had the same problem w/ hairspray on the floor.

I know this will sound crazy, but use WD-40. It removes glues and sticky labels and even peanut butter from your hair. Spray it on and let it sit for a few minutes and then it should loosen it. I hope this helps.

I'm assuming it's a vinyl floor? Goo Gone will probably work, but if it's tile with grout, Goo Gone is oily and will soak into the grout discoloring it.

Let's see, I've used baking soda and water, and that gets off just about anything that I've tried. Wet the floor, sprinkle the soda, and scrub it off. I've also heard that equal parts water and vinegar (white or apple cider) will clean just about anything too.

Rubbing alcohol and a hand towel. I use it to not only get the hairspray off the floor but also the mirror and toliet. (I have a small bathroom.) Use the 91% ~ it works better.

I use Shampoo. I have a linoleum floor and it has never hurt it.

I've never tried this, but I wonder if "Goo-Gone" would work. I love it for anything else sticky. It gets the sticky stuff that price tags leave behind and it's great for removing gum and crayon marks. I'm sure it wouldn't hurt to try.

Good luck!

How about trying vinegar (diluted w/ water). It might take a couple of moppings to do so but I think that will cut through that tough build-up.

Hi, S.. Have you tried Goo Gone? It takes stickers and sticky stuff off of things- it might work. Good Luck!

I work for a health and wellness company and the products that my company sells work very well. i have gotten many things up that no other cleaner would get up. i have gotten gum out of carpet, jelly stain that had been there for two years and these products removed it. I can say that you might try vinger or some other citrus type of cleaner that could. other than that if you would like more information on my company you can email me or ask for more information.

Spray with warm water and let it sit for a few minutes. Then scrub with a gentle scouring pad. It should come right up. I have been a hairdresser for 22 years and now do hair out of my home so I understand what you are going through. The warm water softens the spray to make it easy to get off. Just don't let the warm water dry or you will have to start all over. Good Luck!

This problem may be a blessing to give you a head's-up (no pun intended). Before I would try anything else, I would try the shampoo you wash your hair with. If that doesn't take it off, I sure wouldn't use that hairspray on my hair anymore. It may be causing you more problems than it causes your floors. If you are breathing any of that stuff in when you use it, what is that doing to your lungs?

My stylist gave me a new hairstyle about 6 months ago and told me to start using mousse every day. Within a week, I started getting terrible headaches and felt real foggy-headed. I didn't put two and two together until I didn't mousse one day and the headache I had had for weeks left. I did not sleep in my own bed that night and did not mousse the next day. I was still headache free that day. But, that second night I was back in my bed and I woke at 2:00 am with the headache because residue from the mousse was on my pillow case. That's when I realized it was the mousse. I now use a simple hairgel made by a natural/organic cosmetics company.

I began to wonder how many of us suffer health issues because of caustic products we put on our skin and hair and instead of finding the culprit we end up seeking medical help.

I used to have the same problem, then I saw this show. All they used was hot water and dish soap. I tried it and it works great. Thats all I use in both bathrooms and the kitchen now.

liquid fabric softener!!

Hi S.,
I use "Goo Gone". It removes grease, gum, price stickers on new items like plastic glasses/plates, and crayon marks. When I get permanent glue on my fingers from crafts it also takes that away. It comes in a spray bottle and wasn't expensive. I haven't had to remove gum so I have no experience with that. If you have children - you need this! Good Luck, S.

Hey S.! I use Melaleuca products which are all natural no chemicals. I started using Melaleuca when I made a decision to go "green" with my kids. The Solu-Mel cleaner I found takes up any oil based products. They also have a Heavy Duty Cleaner that is non-toxic that you just mix with water that also helps!

Hope that helps you.

Magic Eraser!!! I don't know if you have tried them but they work for almost everything. Make sure it is damp, and if your girls are little, keep it away from them. I have seen some horrible pictures of little kids who scrubbed their body with it. Good luck!

I agree about using Scrubbing Bubbles spray. Spray it on and let it sit for awhile, then go back with your wet mop. It may take a couple of runs over it with the wet mop to get all of the residue from the hair spray and scrubbing bubbles up, but it really does work great and is easy enough to pick up at a local store. No special ordering necessary!

Regular alcohol works great and it doesn't cost much. Pour some of it on your floor, let it sit for a few minutes and then mop it up. If it's on there thick you might need to do a little hand and knee scrubing. Works great for me. But I would suggest doing it when your girls are sleeping, so their not smelling that strong smell.


Try a product called Basic H, it is a Shaklee product, so you need to go to their website and order it, (the only way to get it), this product is all natural, and it works wonders, amazing stuff! It is concentrated, so a little goes along way, and is good everywhere in the house, you will be able to get rid of all your other cleaners, and just use this product! Safe around kids, and for the environment! C. Freeman/____@____.com

Can you use Soft Scrub on your floor (on tile, linoleum, etc)? I would highly recommend that.

the lysol kitchen cleaner has worked for me. spray it and let it set a few minutes then clean it up. You can also try wd-40. Tylex with bleach. If you have hardwood floors or laminate floors you won't want to use these cleaners but can use non-acetone nail polish remover and you may want to try that as well on any floor.

I am sure the alcohol will work, that's what I use to clean it off my curling and flat irons.

Another product that I was amazed at what it would cut through is Clorox Anywhere hard suface spray. It is the only thing I have found that would cut through the gunk on my windows from my dog pressing her nose on them.

Have you tried 2 to 1 water and white vinegar?? It's the greatest! I scrub all my floors with it....actually I get on my hands and knees and use a sponge (mops just move the dirt around).
hope this helps!

Try WD-40. I just received an email yesterday for all the uses of WD-40. You'd be surprised what you can use it on. I know it takes the residue from stickers and tape off, so it may work on hairspay as well. Good luck!!

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