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Hair Dye Recommendation

I can't afford to go to the salon to color my hair. Has anyone tried a home hair coloring kit that they really liked? Or, give me any warnings about hair home coloring kits that were a disaster. I've heard some good comments about Garnier Nutrisse and Nice and Easy. Thanks for any advice you can offer.

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There are some great non-toxic products at Whole Foods that I have been using for years. Also, there is a salon on Pasadena called Keely's Salon that has gone green and offers organic products if you are interested in that.

I am a stylist so I have no knowledge of what works best from the store. However a few helpful tips are , if you have pretty dark hair do not try to go lighter at home. This is how you end up with orange or yellow hair. Fixing it will cost more than just getting it done. If you have gray hair temporary color will not cover it. You also need to take several other things into consideration depending on what you are starting with. Good luck. H.

Although they last longer, the dark permanent dyes are not proven to be 100% safe. Better to use the semi-permanent ones to be on the safe side. Dark dyes, after years of use can cause Lymphoma, although the hair companies will not admit to it. Choose wisely.

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C. use the Garnier it is a penatrating hair color. Nice and Easy is a coating hair color, what that means is it coats the hair and is does not breathe. Not good for your hair! It smothers your hair and can cause you to loose hair. I am a hairdresser who has let my license go and learned this early on. I love Garnier haircolor and choose it over other products that I can buy at the beauty supply. Buy good conditioners and treatments and you should be OK.
Good Luck! L.

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I like Garnier Nutrisse. It looks more natural than any other kits I've tried.

I dye my hair all the time. ultress and ferra are the best. Hair salon prefers that use ultress, because if you use ferra and then get a perm later on they have to use with a different formula then normally use.

Hope this helps.

I have used both Garnier Nutrisse and Nice and Easy and I recommend both very highly. A word of caution - the color on the box is a little lighter than what actually ends up on your hair, but it will fade after a few weeks! Make sure you wear old clothes and don't drip on the floor. M.

I really like Garnier Nutrisse. Be be very very careful though. I had a major color disaster last year that I'm still getting over. It is very important with the at home jobs that you stick to as close to your natural and current hair color(which sounds odd because they may be different) as possible. If you want any sort of dramatic change I would definitely recommend getting it professionally done. Something just to cover up grays though I'd go with Nutrisse.

Hi C.,
I am a single Mom and have to watch the finances a lot so what I do is only pay to get my hair done occasionally at the salon. In between I love Clairol root touch-up and it only cost $6.00 at Walmart.
M. B

Hi C.,
As a colorist I have to warn you against the Garnier Nutrisse and the Nice and Easy. (Both are very drying and pull weird colors)I recommend any color by L'Oreal. (L'oreal has a professional line which we use at my salon and the over the counter product is a good second.) Just make sure that you get a shade lighter than your natural color. At home color products tend to pull darker. If you are thinking about adding any highlights make sure to use a cap. (The old school kind) The free handed highlighting kits are a disaster waiting to happen. If you are using an all over color, apply to your roots first and leave for 20 minutes. Then "run" the color through your ends for the last 10 minutes. (Leave on for a total of 30 minutes to make sure you have an even application.)I hope this helps. Make sure to use a good conditioner after!!!!!!

dear C.,

i am a former salon owner from ny so i can help you out with this.

the overcounter haircolor that is really nice is Feria. You can get it at walmart and most pharmacies. the trick is though to do only the roots first, and then do the rest of the hair.

i don't know if your hair is short or long, but a good idea would be to go to a beauty school to have your color done. it will then be applied professionally at very little cost. Probably run you about $8.

another suggestion is to purchase the color and call a local beauty salon and ask them if they will apply it for you. have it timed by them, pulled through the ends, shampooed afterwards and they will clean up your skin if necessary. to save money you don't have to have it blowdried either but walk out with a wet head unless they will put you under a hairdryer for free.

in this way your color will be done professionally (so you don't get dark ends but getting the color on it for too long) and it will cost you so much less.

also if you can find a friend that use to be a former hairdresser, bring some towels with you to her house and let her apply it. bring her lunch or do something nice for her. maybe even barter.

feria will leave your hair in better condition and be so shiny. you will just love it. and oh by the way, if you are going to pick a color and not sure to go with the darker one or lighter one, go with the lighter one. it will come out a little less lighter than you expected but won't be darker than you wanted if you were to use the other color. feria runs $9.99.

Now go get beautiful, you deserve it!
hugs, L.

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