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My son is 4 months old and has lost him hair everywhere but the front and sides and there it is really long. If you ask me if looks kind of funny. Not my son just the hair. I know they say not to give a baby there first hair cut until they are 1 or it is bad luck. I was thinking of just cutting it all off and starting new.. What do you girls think????

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I am a hairdresser from New york I think you should cut it the faster he gets use to getting it cut the better trust me my son is 3 and his first cut he was only 1 month old and now he tell's me when he needs a cut just cut it!

My son is also 4 months old and had a similar "problem". I cut the back part and around his ears. He looks so much better, and I think he likes it too. I know that sounds weird, but it doesn't irritate his ears or neck anymore. Do what you think is best!

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I'm a single mom of two boys who are 4yo and 11yo. Both of my boys had this problem when they were younger before their first haircuts. My youngest boys baldness was really bad on the back of his head though. He always had pleanty of hair in the front, top and sides but, the back was so thin or almost to were there was not hair. He did have a lot of hair so as it got longer I tended to keep it braided up so, that the braids would kind of cover the back of his head. I also didn't want to cut my child's hair before he get one and his father actually didn't want to cut his hair at all. As he got older, and I kept his hair braided, the back of his hair started to fill in slowly(very slowly) and I was able to catch the hairs up in his braids, to help his hair grow. I just recently cut his hair off in Jan of this year and I miss it very much. His father was kind of upset that I cut it but, on family vaction with his cousins, someone cut one of his braids out of his hair. So when my son came back home he asked for his hair to be cut off and we did! But just to let you know I did cut my oldest son's hair off before he turned one b/c it wasn't growing.He was about 10 or 11 months old when I did though. And I cried when they both got their first haircuts. Hope this helps. I really don't know if your able to braid his hair up if you don't want to cut it. My grandmother and daycare provider also suggests to keep the kids off the back of their heads too. Like when they are in the crib, or in their carseats, or putting too small hats on the child's head.

My son was born with a full head of thick,jet black hair. By the time he was 3 months old we HAD to cut it. He looked adorable! Now at almost 16 he still needs his hair cut once a month because it grows so fast. I say snip it.Old-Wives tales are just that,tales.

My son is also 4 months old and had a similar "problem". I cut the back part and around his ears. He looks so much better, and I think he likes it too. I know that sounds weird, but it doesn't irritate his ears or neck anymore. Do what you think is best!

Go ahead and cut it. Don't worry about the bad luck. It's just another old wives tale like the one that cats suck the life out of a baby when they are asleep.

I am a hairdresser from New york I think you should cut it the faster he gets use to getting it cut the better trust me my son is 3 and his first cut he was only 1 month old and now he tell's me when he needs a cut just cut it!

I say - Don't believe in superstitions and do what you want to do for you child! Good Luck!

My little boy had "old man hair" meaning he had it in the back & on the sides, but the top looked like a comb-over. Some pieces were VERY long & even stuck out over his ears, but we just left it. We plan on going back to my home for Christmas and I plan on having my beautician sister-in-law trim his hair. It will be 1 month shy of his first birthday, but I want her to do his first haircut (home is 12 hours from where I live now).

If you want to let it go, the rest of his hair may grow in and blend with the rest, as was the case with my little man. You can't even tell where his bald spot was in the back of his head.

In the end, it's purely your decision and what you want for your little man. Good luck!

My son is just now one year old and has had 6 haircuts. A mom has to do what a mom has to do. If it bugs you that much just cut it.

i know people who cut it,,but my son had funny looking hair, but i never could cut the curels,,he is now 2 and his hair came in fine, we still haven't cut it..but it is whatever you want...i think all babys look funny sometime or another..lol my son has bright redish orange hair and it is long and curelly now i can't cut it it is so cute now..
my name is S. i live in weaverville

HI! The exact same thing happened to my son. I promise it will start to grow back in a couple of weeks. We have a picture of my son and he is smelling a flower...it is very cute but he looks like an old man because he lost most of his hair. I think you should wait it out.

well in the some countries they shave the babies head including girls when they are around 4-6 months, believing that it helps the hair to grow in thicker and more beautiful so cutting his hair this young is not going to hurt him. Just make sure you take him to a hairstylist who has experience cutting children's hair. You don't want him to get cut which is why they normally say wait til they are older. But I have a friend who cut her son's hair for the first time when he was about 3 weeks old, because he lost all but the back of what he was born with and looked like he had a rat tail, and she took him and they wacked it off, and it was not a problem. Just make sure to get a picture and a lock of his hair, since this will be his first hair cut, and then it should all start to grow back in evenly.

When my son was about the same age, he lost a lot of hair on the top of his head due to cradle cap. His hair just came out in small clumps. He was left with very long strands of hair here and there and it looked like an old man's comb-over! Horrible! We trimmed it up and tried to make it look as decent as we could. Since then, all of his hair has come back and looks great. I say "snip snip"!

If you don't want to trim it, I might try to keep the johnson's baby gel in his hair to control it. (We always did with my kids to help with cradle cap.) Another thing is to keep a cap on him! Cold weather is coming up! And I had a friend who put her little boys hair in pigtails all over his head and sometimes I think braids. He had bushy, bushy, hair. Personally, if it bothers you that badly, trim it a bit. There is no harm. And it is only an old wives tale!!!

Take care and good luck!

LOL! We have five children, four boys and one girl. They all waited until they were one. Alright it is an old wives tale but why not stick with a little tradition and pass it on to him for his children!! All my children had tons of hair but it was worth the wait for this special tradition we use in our family! Good Luck with your decision!! :)

True.. old wives tales are just that. But where would we be in life without a few of them. They keep life interesting. Personally I made the decision not to cut my son's hair until about a week before his first birthday. He went through the whole bald thing, hell at one point the only place he had hair was around the neckline in the back. My husband called him Friar Tuck...lol. The tradition in my family is for the maternal grandmother (if able and willing) to give the first haircut. I have some of the cutest pictures of my mother chasing my son around her back yard cutting his hair while he played. He wasn't even aware she was doing it. I happen to have one of those extremely confident mother's who has been cutting my father and brother's hair forever. Not one nick with the scissors and some really fabulous pictures. Whatever you choose for your little one is up to you for sure. Good luck in whatever you choose.

Shoot Tuesday you are lucky that they are just telling you to wait until age one. My mom would not let me cut my son's hair until he was two. What a bushel of hair that was. Then he fought the lady it was a mess. You do what you feel you need to. I think that you need to let it grow until he is a least one for the fact that it can grow somewhat evenly. Hair cuts are always a fun decision I don't know why but they are. Have fun. Hope we all helped a little bit. Good luck.

My grandmother is the reason I walked around with a bushy and I mean bushy headed child until he was a year old. We cut his hair on the day of his first birthday. My grandmother would have shot me if I had cut that babies hair before. However, If I hadn't had her I would have cut it. So if you want to cut it do so. Just make sure you take a before and after pic and some while it's being cut.

It is an old wives tales about cutting thir hair before the age on 1. My son was born with a full head of hair that looked long enough to braid. I just ending up trimming it at a few months old. It is common for them to lose it in the back due to them laying on their backs and rubbing it. But I wouldn't cut it all off. Just take some sissors when he is sleeping and trim it down. Remember it's only hair and it grows back. Good luck :-)

My first son's hair was wild. he had his first haircut at 8 months. I know we all think differently, but I couldn't stand to see my little boy with hair over his ears and wild.

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