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Hair Color at a Beauty School??

Hi, there. Has anyone had their hair colored or highlighted at a beauty school (like Toni & Guy's school, etc.)? If so, how did it turn out? I want to get my hair highlighted, but as a SAHM now I can't afford to go to the pricey salons. Thanks for your info!

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Thanks so much for your input, guys! I ended up going to J.C. Penny to get a cut--26 bucks and I like it. You all definitely gave me some great info, and I think I'm going to try the Toni & Guy for color (when i figure out when I have 4 hours to spare!). Thanks!

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I haven't had color done at a school, but when I had cuts done at the school near ASU, they would take about twice as long as at other places, what with consultations and I don't even remember what. That may be something to keep in mind when you're scheduling.

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I would suggest going in and getting a shampoo style. The reason: you are getting a feel for the way the student works and her level of confidence. More than likely if she is confident in her work it will show. I wouldn't suggest asking for the best or who is going to graduate soon. It sounds like a good idea, but when I was in beauty school, The receptionist would put the client with the first available. If the student is going to graduate soon doesn't mean that they are the best. Plan on spending a few hours at the school and get one service done at a time. Otherwise, it will take you a full day at the school. Maybe cut one day and color the next.
You can also check with T. & Guy and other salons to be a hair model.
If you are a hair model, sometimes the haircut can be free and/or a very low charge for cut/color. They can be done by a professional at a specific time. Just know that it would have to be a color or cut that the professional stylist is looking for. Call and ask the receptionist if anyone is looking for a hair model. And don't worry, you don't have to model. Places like T. & Guy have to keep up with the latest and require on going training. That's another reason they specilize. Good luck

I used to go to EVIT academy on Main Street in Mesa. The girls there were awesome. I would get a full weave of foils with three colors (blond, red, and brunette) for only $40. The only reason I stopped going was because I chopped off all my hair for Locks of Love and went back to my natural color.

Hi K., My daughter had her hair cut and dyed at Toni and Guy's and they did a wonderful job. Matter fact, she has been excepted at the school. Will start this fall. The teachers are there at all times. Go to the one on 50th st. N. of Chandler Blvd.


I have gone to the Toni & Guy academy across from Fashion square. I really think that it is a great bargin. Yes it does take more time but I have always had a good cut and color. I have also been to another school off of 32nd street and bell. Forgot the name but they were good too. I think Toni & Guy seemed a bit more trendy. However the one on 32st street offered manicures and pedicures too.

I haven't had color done at a school, but when I had cuts done at the school near ASU, they would take about twice as long as at other places, what with consultations and I don't even remember what. That may be something to keep in mind when you're scheduling.

I haven't in quite a while, but when I was in college I used the beauty schools for all my styling. Most places you can request a certain student, or ask for someone that is about to graduate. You can also ask to have the top in the class for color, cut, or whatever it is you are having done. Most of the receptionists know who the best students are. When I would go, I would call ahead so I knew when the best students were going to be there. I mean, chances are if you go to Fantastic Sams or the like, you'll be getting someone fresh out of school anyway, so the experience factor is about the same. And, most of the time the students are getting graded on the work they do, so they pay a little more attention than someone that has 4 more clients to finish before they can break for lunch. I never had a problem and it was the only way I could afford the looks. Give it a shot.

I've had mine done at the one by the scottdale mall and they did a really good job. I had a cut and highlights. The only downside was that it took HOURS!! Really took forever, but my guy was slow with the haircut and kept having to show the instructor and wait on her to approve to move on.

But, if you want a bargain, I'd say it's worth it!

Not sure about beauty schools, but I do know Ulta is having 30% off color. I think it ends soon so call them today if you can.

I am a student at a local beauty school...If you decide to go to a school to get your hair done the biggest thing is knowing what you want & being clear about it to the person doing your hair. I am actually taking the course to be an esthetician so I don't do hair but if you haven't already gone elsewhere, feel free to email me privately & I'd be happy to give you the names of a couple girls at my school that do good color & also the name of the instructor to ask for to do your color consult. Good luck!!

A couple of years ago I went to a beauty school in Phoenix and it turned out really well. The girl did a cut and color, I was there for awhile but it was worth it because it was quite inexpensive and they are overseen by an instructor and have to check everything to make sure they are doing it correctly. The girl I had was very sweet and kept me entertained while my color was setting. Two of my best friends in went to cosmetology school in high school and I had gone in to have my hair done several times then. I have actually had the best cut and colors done by students because they are not rushed and they are overseen by seasoned professionals the entire time. They are also getting graded on the work they do, so they pay attention to detail. I just found out that supercuts does color and once a month they will have a training they do for their stylists where you can get your color done for free. My Mom has gone in CA for both cut and color and had it done for free at supercuts. So you may want to call whatever salon you are interested in and see if they do free colors or cuts ever for training purposes.

I've been going to Toni & Guy's Hair Academy in Ahwatukee (off of Chandler Blvd) for about 3 years. I look for the 20% off coupons in the blue envelope junk coupon mail and my cut and color is usually only $45 with the coupon. It does take over 4 hours usually, but I don't care. I've been very happy every time. At the location I go to you can only ask for a specific person if you know a name, if not you get any level student. To me, it doesn't matter which level because they have to consult with the instructors throughout the appointment.

My daughter & I both have gone to a beauty school to get our hair done with no problems. It did take a little longer, but the results & $ saved were worth it.

I haven't had it done at a school, but I have a friend that is attending a beauty school. She says that you want to make sure that the person doing your hair has been on the floor for awhile & maybe ask to see some of their work. That way you know you're getting it done by someone that has a little more experience.

I went to Toni and Guy many times and have been happy everytime. (my daughter has since graduated from there)I would be picky about the school you go to. Make sure you ask for a student that has been there longest...least risk. The instructors are there to assist and help if necessary and I have never had a problem. It takes longer, but you'll save a lot of money.
J. F

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