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Hair Care for African American Toddler

Hello everyone,

My 23 month old has very dry and course hair. Since the day she was born I have been trying to find hair products that would work for her and so far no luck. I have tried most of the african american kids products and even some of the adult lines. I recently purhased products by Carol's Daughter. the only thing I like was the Hair Milk. Everything still leaves her hair dry and brittle. Does anyone have any suggestions on products that they have used and that has worked. She has black hair and I don't know a lot, but I see other children with black hair and theirs have a sheen. I figured hers should also. By it being so dry, it is forever catching lint (even in braids).

I don't want to keep buying a bunch of products it is breaking the bank and I figure it has to be damaging to her hair. Oh, I also tried Aveda, Dove, Suave, and Biolege.

Thanks for your advice

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Hello Tanya,

I was wondering did youtry a leave-in conditioner and tea tree oil I have a niece who had a similar issue with dry hair and I told her mother to use a good leave-in conditioner and tea tree oil when she styles it and it has worked wonders. I myself and my daughter both have locks so our hair can at times get very dry also and that is what we use and it works for us I hope it works for you.

Good Luck

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Hi L.-

Is your daughter mixed? I thought I would ask because it seemed as though you did not have the same type of hair as her, and therfore were unsure of how to manage it.

I like to use a Shampoo called CREAM OF NATURE. They have a formula that is conditioning and detangling all in one bottle. It is sooo moisturizing, that you really don't even need a conditioner afterwards. But I sometimes use one anyways. The conditioner I like to use is called CHOLESTEROL. They have some for dry hair, dry scalp etc. You may want to refrain from washing her hair everyday though. Maybe like once a week only.

You can buy these products at your local beauty supply store. I like to go to SALLY'S BEAUTY SUPPLY. I am not sure exactly what part of MD you live in and if there is one near by. But any beauty supply shop should carry this.

Some other good brands are MOTIONS, DUDLEY'S, and for kids, anything from the JUST FOR ME LINE works well.

My aunt is a hair dresser, and has been for about 20-30yrs now. So I learn alot of my tricks from her. She is in Silver Spring...if you are near, and I can give you her contact info.

Her shop is called INTERNATIONAL HAIR DESIGN, and the phone # is ###-###-####. You may tell her that her neice, K. reffered you.


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Hi L.,
one of my sons is mixed and when he was born his 'father' was not around so I was on my own about how to deal with his hair. Like you, I tried different things... one of the best I have not seen in the store for a bit. Its Baby Magic baby lotion with aloe in it. If you can't find it try full out baby oil... just be sure and massage it in real good... you could also think about putting a relaxer. It will make it much easier to deal with.. if all else fails take her to a salon where they do braids and work on African American type hair and talk to a beautician...

Good Luck and God Bless

The best product I ever found for this kind of hair was Paul Mitchel's Foaming Pomade. You can only get it from a salon and it's about $12-$15. But a couple drops will be enough for her hair so the bottle would last all year. Follow the instructions on the bottle! you have to make it make foam up in your hands befoer you put it on her hair! It seems to work best to put it in wet hair, right after you wash it, keeps the hair drying out and adds lots of shine. Avoid shampoos from Suave, Pantene, Herbal Essance, and Biolage. They are very drying! Thermasilk, Finesse, and Redken make the best shampoos for adults and kids. Conditioner is a must but brand doesn't make too much difference.

P.S. I worked as a hairdresser for 14 years before my son was born and have seen every hair type there is.

Notes from a Dry hair and scalp family.

After much experimentation, we finally found something that works. The organic root stimulator products. We all use the olive oil moisturizer and shampoo. I also use the relaxer. Flaky scalps, especially my husbands are no longer an issue.

AVON offers a few different items that I think may work. They also carry a 100% money back guarantee on all their products so you wouldn't be wasting any money if it didn't work for your daughter. Contact me for more info at ____@____.com

Hi L.,

My niece uses Organic Naturals Shea Butter for Kids. It can be found at any beauty supply store.

Let me know if you try it and how it worked.

L. W

My son has fine,very curly, dry hair, I use about a 1/2 tsp. of olive oil in it after washing. Then I use Luster's Pink oil moisturizer pink lotion for everday use. His hair has sheen and does not tangle as easily. I also stopped washing his hair everyday. I only wash his hair three times a week, so I don't dry out his hair too much. The book "Beautiful, Black Hair" by Shamboosie has a chapter in it dedicated to children's hair care.

I use a Canadian product by Jazma hair. it works great with or without relaxers but their stuff can be kinda pricey. My momm, whos hair sounds about the same as your daughter's got this stuff called the Jane Carter Solution from Wholefoods and it was great but she only used it for twists.Check out Naturallycurly.com, they have tons of advice about what can be used and the forums for 4b hair have alot of great suggestions.

there is an old mix of olive oil and vasaline that works great! I use it on my hair during the winter and my daughter's in the summer. hope this works for you!

L. riggins

hi there miss L. id love to help you with you with your hair care problems. i think i might be able to help you since i have two girls...one who has dreadlocks ( for almost 3.5 yrs now--halfway down her back and shes only 5..lol...the other daughter 7 y/o , i recently permed)..talkin 'bout opposite ends of the spectrum...is there any way you can send me a picture of your baby? (face deleted of course) honestly, thats the only way ill be able to begin to help you is by seeing it other than by running my fingers through it. we are in virginia. if you can send some pics, i look forward to hearing from you....


Please try I believe it's called "Soft N Precious". Walmart sells it and it is in a pink and white small jar and has a picture of an African American child on it. This is the product that I have been using since my daughter was born and still is using it on her hair and she will be 4 next month. I used the hair lotion and hair spray conditioner. Also, when combing her hair, try dipping the brush into warm water while styling it every single day and see if this helps.

Good Luck!

I have the same issue with my 16 month old. I started doing with his hair what I do to my own and it has worked wonders. I mix hair setting mousse and hair oil (no particular brand) and apply it to his hair while it's still wet. I hope this works for you, it's the only thing that has worked on his hair and I had tried everything under the sun. Now it's got soft curls and shine.

You should try using optimum oil therapy. I
use the 3-n-1 cream oil moisturize and the shine booster they work graet.

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