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Had My Period 3 Times This Month

I dont know if this is something normal or not. Today is the 3rd time this month I have started my period, this has never happened to me before and I wanted to find out if anyone else has ever experienced this and what it means.

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Well I am going to call the doctor on Monday to go in and get checked. I am not nor have I ever been on birth control. Lots of stress however ya. THe first time was normal, second time was lighter than normal, and this time so far seems a little odd. I will let you know what the doctor says. The only other time i have had 2 periods so close was about 2 years ago and as far as i know there was nothing wrong, however my cycle was obviously off somehow this is when i got pregnant.

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Had the same thing happen to me. I then went to the doctor and was diagnosed with Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome which is related to hormonal imbalance. I would definitely see the doctor. Make an appt. asap.

Good luck

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Hi A.,

Do you take birth control? If so, it could be your birth control. I had the same thing happen to me and so my doctor kept changing my birth control, until we found the right one. I would contact your doctor and see if he/she will switch you. I hope that this helps!

I. K.

i did that years ago one time my period lasted 2 wks. i finally went to the dr. and he did a d and c. but that was back in the 70's . they probrably have better things to test with and do. but do have it checked. my estrogen level was low so they put me on birth control. M.

I have irregular bleeding and I have endometriosis. Talk to your Dr.

Where these full on regular like periods? That doesn't sound normal to me. Was it more like break-through bleeding? That would be more common. Maybe it'spossible you've been having a misscarriage? Maybe you should call your ob/gyn.

Had the same thing happen to me. I then went to the doctor and was diagnosed with Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome which is related to hormonal imbalance. I would definitely see the doctor. Make an appt. asap.

Good luck

It could be a hormone imbalance, ask you doctor to check you for that.

Hi A.!

Are you breastfeeding your baby? Are you taking a birth control pill that's a progestin only pill? If so, that makes your period do crazy things. I have a 14 month old who only nurses once a day any more, but since he's still nursing, I'm still on the progestin only pill. I started my period this month for the first time since having him, and, yes, I've had it THREE times this month, as well. So, if this sounds like you, don't fret! If you're done nursing, you may want to talk to your dr about switching your pill back to something with the estrogen in it as well. If this scenario doesn't sound like you, then, it's probably just your hormones being out of whack, and you'll just want to give your dr a call to know for sure. Hope that helps, and hang in there!! :-)

Birth control or a stonger one can help balance the hormoes. Your hormones can embed in your cerviz that causes a thick lining that is hard to shed. (the whole point of your period along with the egg) You will cointinue to bleed and/or bleed heavier & heavier as this increases. This will also increase hair in unwanted places etc etc. Email if need more help.looks like you got a lot so far.

That isn't your period. You are bleeding for some other reason. You should definitely see a doctor.

Hello A.!

It is possible that you are miscarrying or you have a tubal pregnancy. I would check with our ob/gyn asap. i had a similar experience, yet let it go (didn't think much of it as I had had an IUD put in a few months earlier). Low and behold, I had a ruptured tube. If I hadn't gone to the dr. when I did....anyway, please call and get checked asap. K?

I'd definitely make Dr's appt. That isn't right at all to have period 3 times. Good luck

Please go to the dr. There are about 15 reasons I can think of that would cause this, and not one of them is nice. I don't want to scare you by listing things that may not be the problem, but this is truly one time you need a dr's help.

Good luck!!!

I notice you don't mention your age. I know that I developed this very problem between my 2nd and 3rd child, and then severely so after my 3rd child. The first time, they regulated me by putting my on birth control pills, but it didn't work 100%. It helped my cycle, but destroyed my mental state. In the end, I started having a cycle that lasted roughly 3 weeks out of the month and I became anemic. My husband and doctor begged me to consider a hysterectomy and I agreed, reluctantly, as long as they put me on Hormone Replacement Therapy from day one (I believe lack of hormone is what killed my Mother's heart and eventually her after her hysterectomy). When they did the pathology on my uterus, they found that I had endometriosis and fibroid tumors that were so old they estimate they shared space in my uterus with my youngest child (who was six at the time). The tumors were also pre-squamous (cancerous). So, I'd say go to the doctor and get a thorough check up. Also check with any family members, if possible, to see if they have experienced similar issues. Good luck! Hugs!

I know lots of things can affect your period - including stress - but best to get it checked out by a doctor. Then you won't need to worry about it If you don't have a great one, I'm sure the Mamasource moms can give you a referral to a great gynecologist.
Good luck!

it is probably some kind of hormone imbalance. you need to go to the doctor to figure it out. dont know how old you are but it happens with peri menopause too. or you may need a d & c to scrape out something that is stuck in there and making you bleed. either way its a god idea to get checked because you dont want ot get anemic

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