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H1n1 Vaccine at School: Yes or No

I KNOW THIS HAS BEEN TALKED TO OBLIVION but, are you willing to give your child the live flumist or even the inactive flu shot through the school vaccination program or even through your doctors office? I am very conerned with the flu season this year but i do feel the media is hyping the situation to some degree...just want to know what other mother's are thinking and feeling because I am very confused as to how to proceed if the vaccinaion becomes available, it comes down to who can you trust and believe!

My pediatrician recommends the inactive shot. 1 child is too young (under 6 months), another can NOT get the live version because she has had wheezing and been on breathing treatments and currently oral steroids, and because of that he is not recommending my son get a live version.

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I just spoke with my pediatrician yesterday as to his recommendation. He is very much against the vaccine. There has been very little pre-testing of the vaccine so they don't fully understand the long term ramifications. There is too much of a push for people to receive this untested vaccine and he didn't order any. He isn't going to administer it to any of his patients.

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I know it's easy to get scared about 'new' medicine - but it's not. It's precisely the same shot as the seasonal flu shot, they just put in a different strain of flu, which they change regularly anyways. I am DESPERATE for the h1n1 shot. Some people are arguing that this flu is more mild, but when you consider that the flu season has just started and more kids have died than through the entirety of last year's flu season, I don't think that's a true assessment. It is mild in a lot of people, but it's also more quickly lethal. Also, please remember the value of herd immunity. The more people that are vaccinated, the less spread of a virus to people who can't be immunized, like cancer patients and infants.

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We are all getting the h1n1 vaccine, we already got the regular flu shot last month. I am taking no chances here.

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I just spoke with my pediatrician yesterday as to his recommendation. He is very much against the vaccine. There has been very little pre-testing of the vaccine so they don't fully understand the long term ramifications. There is too much of a push for people to receive this untested vaccine and he didn't order any. He isn't going to administer it to any of his patients.

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I have two concerns regarding administering this vaccine:

1. Although the FDA claims the process for making this vaccine is the same one used in the past, I am doubtful that other pharmaceutical companies outside of the USA contracted out to make more of the vaccine are held to the same standards. And if they are, in this economy, can we keep up the quality control considering that jobs are being cut each day?

The media creates hysteria in this country. So when people are flocking to clinics to receive their free flu shot and supply is down, how fast can companies replenish the supply WITH quality assurance?

2. Furthermore, although the process is the same, the ingredients (those associated with the actual virus) are not. (Thermisol is a given; it's a preserving agent. Thermisol-free vaccines have shorter shelf lives so they are not produced in mass quantities. Basically, they're not profitable.) Aside from the preservative, what other agents are added to this vaccine that may pose a danger to some with already weakened immune systems? And what are the long term effects?

I emailed my friend who lives in Milano (northern city in Italy that's very similar to NYC), and she said there is little buzz about H1N1. I often use her as my barometer.

I do get the regular flu vaccine but that only started with my first pregnancy in 2003. My two young kids receive the regular flu vaccine as well and have had no side effects. So I'm not anti-vaccine. I am only questioning how quickly we're pushing this vaccine when testing is still being done.

For the most part, we've already been exposed to H1N1, and it's my belief that it attacks your most vulnerable spot. When I speak to friends who have been infected (results of being swabbed), most have suffered from upper respiratory infections. Others have had head colds and sinusitis. Yes, there are the unfortunate few who have been hospitalized. My friend's daughter went from a raging fever to pneumonia within a few days. So I'm not saying that there are no negative effects. But I think we need to be cautious when new vaccines and drugs are being pushed by the pharmaceuticals.

Wash your hands. Do nasal washes if that's your thing (Personally, I love my neti pot!) and gargle. Keep antibacterial wipes or hand sanitizer in the car.

an ounce of prevention . . .

Stay well!

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honestly i really cant see giving a child a swine flu
vaccine,i mean there must be dozens of different flu
strains, swine flu is just one of them, one of dozens that
never causes symptoms any more difficult to deal with then a really bad cold. i mean lets face it, doctors make alot of money by terrifying mothers with hyped up stories of the next supposedly deadly flu. if you really want to keep from getting sick with the flu, wash your hands frequently, sanitize anything that a sick person so much as breathed on.if a friend is sick with something, give them as much space as you can. i know that there has been a few deaths from this strain of flu but how people had
this flu TOTAL, what is the death rate, versus infection rate.. and how many people with this flu had weakened
immunity to begin with ??look at the math, not the hype
K. h.

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I am obviously a minority here but my husband and I have discussed this and we are NOT going to allow our children to receive any form of the shot. They do not get the regular flu shot either. By the time the shot becomes available my kids will have been exposed a 100 times over. There are already over 4 cases in their school and several cases that are possible. My daughter had a 103.4 fever and was diagnosed with a cold. So I am not stressing over this. I had to attend a conference on H1N1 and we were told more people die from the seasonal flu than the H1N1. The statistic from the CDC they showed us proved this fact. If my children are fine during flu season normally why should I panic now. If my kids are sick they stay home from school and when sick they get everything they need. I know if anything should happen they will be taken care of so again I am not stressing over this at all. I believe it is more media hype than anything especially since H1N1 has been here before. This is not the first time the US has had it. If you were born prior to '76, you have already been exposed to the H1N1. This is just my opinion as it is everyone else's opinion. Anyway, good luck with your decision.

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No. Please do the research and find out what's in the vaccine...thermasol(mercury) and squalene (releated to the gulf-war syndrome) My young cousin just had the H1N1 and symptoms were no worse than having the regular flu. She has bad asthma, which was aggravated, but the doctors treated her more for the asthma than the flu. They told her to rest, and take fever-reducing medicine.

I believe it's all hype for profit. The vaccine makers aren't liable if you get sick or perish from the vaccine. It was rushed through too, with little or no real studies being done. BTW, children younger than 24 months aren't supposed to take the vaccine, as it states in the material information that comes with the vaccine.

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absolutely not.
i think the reports of swine flu are grossly over-estimated, and there is some evidence that getting the regular flu shot increases the chances of getting swine flu! viruses mutate rapidly and the chance that your child is even getting a vaccine for a current strain is negligible.
i believe in vaccinations for some things, but not this one. i research and carefully select which illnesses (such as polio) are worth taking the risk for. with the risk of flu being over-estimated and the risks associated with vaccines hugely minimalized we go with creating vibrant good health and treating symptoms on the rare occasions they occur.
i know too many kids who have had terrible reactions to vaccines. sorry if that makes vaccinators resent us, but i hope i always maintain my right to avoid blind faith in a medical community that deserves respect but not obedience.


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I agree with the poster who recommended that you go to www.mercola.com for H1N1 information.
The flu mist is a live virus that "sheds" for two weeks after receiving it. So, persons who have received this can pass along the virus to healthy people.
The inactive vaccine contains mercury which is a neurotoxin.

My son had H1N1 this past week. He had a HIGH fever, body aches, sore throat and headache. We treated the symptoms, per our doctor's suggestions, and he was over it in three days with no complications.

The media does leave out things. Here in Minnesota they reported infants dying, what they didn't report until days later was that they had other severe ailments BEFORE contracting the flu.

Whatever decision you make will be the right one for your family! There is questions that can't be answered with either scenario. Do your research, then go with your gut feeling.

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I know it's easy to get scared about 'new' medicine - but it's not. It's precisely the same shot as the seasonal flu shot, they just put in a different strain of flu, which they change regularly anyways. I am DESPERATE for the h1n1 shot. Some people are arguing that this flu is more mild, but when you consider that the flu season has just started and more kids have died than through the entirety of last year's flu season, I don't think that's a true assessment. It is mild in a lot of people, but it's also more quickly lethal. Also, please remember the value of herd immunity. The more people that are vaccinated, the less spread of a virus to people who can't be immunized, like cancer patients and infants.

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I'd say no - I wrestled with this because I usually think better safe than sorry, but not in this case...just look at the ingredients in the shot - and the media is blowing this way out of proportion. Every year there is a new strand of virus that goes around and the regular flu can cause people to die also, etc. I think health, vitamins, and nutrition usually curb all kinds of germ s- and preventative measures such as washing hands, etc. I am pregnant now so I try to consider what is best for the baby - but I hardly ever get sick and I am very conscientious about what I put into my body - so it creeps me out to actually put something bad in there just to prevent something worse. Also - I am scared to get the kids vaccinated because of the link to autism, etc. I think the media makes everything out to be bad because it's more news-worthy that way...but I will not fall prey to believing things the government or media say. I am fine in my little bubble.

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I would go ahead and get the shot version for your older son and for you and any other people living in your house (I'm not sure the baby can get either vacine so its your job to protect him by not getting it yourself). If only the mist was available I would not get it for your son only because of your childrens risk factors. The flu shot is one of the safest vacines, and they were able to use the same base for the H1N1. I was concerned about how fast they turned it out, but after some research I am confident that they were able to do that because the research and testing had already been done for the seasonal version.

Do I think your children will die if they do not get the shot? NO, although your particular children are actually the most at risk to have major problems due to age and pre-existing lung conditions. However, judging from what I have seen in the schools here the big thing is not that this flu is more severe its that you are much much more likely to get it and for the entire family to get it.

Since your family is in the high risk category I would actually recommend you being proactive and trying to get the shot as soon as it available.

Go to the CDC website. There you'll find plenty of information WITH REFERENCES that should help you to make this decision. Part of the problem I've seen with some of the "sources" sited is that references and actual proof are lacking, making me suspicious of the "information" put out.

As for me and my children, we will be getting the inactive shot. For us, the benefits outweighed the risks, and we made the decision that it was best for us and those we come in contact with.

Sounds like the inactive shot it right for you since one child is too young and the other has breathing issues. My 2 yr old got the flumist (live vaccine). She did get sick for a day or so. It doesn't have mercury in it though, so that's one plus in my opinion.

I'm still on the fence about the H1N1 but it is recommended by our doctors. Will probably do it. We have H1N1 cases in our area.

We went to the Dr yesterday and the kids got their H1N1 shots; ironically the regular seasonal flu shots were all out! I'm not taking a chance here.

I understand there may be other strains of swine flu but at least we got the H1N1 taken care of and would narrow down things should the kids still come down with something.

The media isn't helping things either! Go to www.cdc.gov to get non-hyped-up information.

H., returning SAHM of a 5 year old and a 3 1/2 year old.

One of my children had the H1N1 this past week. My other two were treated as if they had the H1N1 (we currently don't have insurance and our doctor is working with us). We treated the flu with Tamiflu. It was a miracle. My daughter who started Tamiflu the same day that she had a fever was better within 24 hours. The two that started with the H1N1 flu had the flu mist vaccine (for the seasonal flu). His pediatrician told me that all three kids should definitely get the H1N1 vaccine as there are other strains developing. So, whether through school, at the doctor's office or at a flu clinic, my kids will definitely get the vaccine! The complications are so scary that a vaccine that will help reduce the symptoms is something that I would get for my kids!

Yes. I will not put my child at risk of anything if I can prevent it. Though death from swine flu is probably unlikely I am not willing to take that 1% chance that he will die. Polio has but totally been wiped out and pretty much measles too all because of vaccines. I've been trying to read up a lot about the H1N1 vaccine and it seems that if your child has no allergies to eggs, latex then the vaccine should be fine. I would probably listen to your Dr's advice about the live compared to the inactive shot if your child(ren) ahve breathing problems. Good luck with your decision but I am totally for vaccinating my son and myself. Also, how would you feel if your child got the virus and something happened to him or they passed it on to another child and something bad happened to the other child? Similar to the measles outbreak a few years ago where the one girl wouldn't get the vaccine and traveled overseas and brought it back to friends and family in the US. I don't believe she ever believed that she would actually get what she got. I feel vaccines work and I totally am not a person to believe something just because someone tells me to. Good luck with your decision.

without question. kids got seasonal flumist today, and will get H1N1--in whatever form--as soon as it's available from school or their doctor (neither has it yet). I always get flu vaccinations via work (they don't have H1N1 yet either).

Yes. My son's getting his shot at school on Monday. My husband and I will get our shots at local flu clinics. My great grandmother died in the Spanish flu of 1918 and left 6 kids to go to orphanages and be adopted out all across New York and Pennsylvania. You can still get the flu whether you get a shot or not. If my husband or son died of it, and I didn't do everything in my power to prevent it, I'd have a very hard time living with the grief and the guilt the rest of my life.
Additional Comments:
Apparently it's too late for this mother to wonder if a shot could have helped or not. A healthy 6 yr old first grader just died after a 2 week old struggle in a hospital with H1N1.
No one ever thinks it could happen to them, and then it's such a shock when it does.

I plan to have my 8-yo daughter receive the vaccine when/if it becomes available and in whichever form it first becomes available. I would get it for myself, but because I'm not in one of the targeted risk groups (pregnant women, children, young adults, healthcare workers with direct patient contact) I don't expect to have access to it.

I will have my daughter immunized not only for her own sake, but also for the sake of those with whom she comes in contact.

If we do get the vaccine, it will be at a clinic offered by our doctor with a parent present, not at the school. We are leaning toward no h1n1 shots for our family.

We may have even had it earlier in the year when they weren't testing for it. I asked.

My five year old has had the flu mist, and I am waiting impatiently for the shot for my 20 month old.

This is not a new shot, just a new virus. The risk of my child becoming sick or sick and developing grave complications is far higher than even minor side effects from the shot. This illness has greatly effected my community. The kids have had crazy high fevers and bad coughs. Obviouslsy, most recover, but they are quite sick in the meantime. I personally know of 2 children with asthma who were hospitalized for breathing difficulty, one who had pheumonia, but recovered. I also know of one child who developed kidney complications from dehydration. I heard recently 11 people have died in MD, but don't know about the other states.

I believe in vaccinations. When the original anti-vaccine movement began, my oldest was an infant. I questioned the doctors, and I delayed and broke up vaccines. I continued to ask questions and the science has matured as she got older. I also as an adult have been part of an adult outbreaks of whooping cough and know of measles and mumps outbreaks because as 30-somethigns our immunity from the childhood vaccines have worn off. I believe vaccines are safe and effective. An dmy experiences make me more wary of disease potential. Whn my second daughter was first born I was very nervous that whe could be exposed to these diseases from unvaccinated kids or adults who have lost immunity. What an awful thing to expose your kids to, and I honestly resent that other kids put my kids at risk.

I recommend the vaccine and hope you get it.

PS - The doctor thinks that my toddler had H1N1 over the summer when she was about 17 motnhs old, but she was not swabbed because she was not high risk. She had a fer, was lethargic, had diareha, and didn't eat for a week. ther eis nothing like a sick baby who can't tell you haow they feel. It is her only illness, and I hope it was the flu because it means she is immune. But I would much rather sh had the shot then gone through that.

My 6 year old son has already received his 1st H1N1 flu shot at our county health department on Friday, 16 October. Other than a sore arm, which I got with my regular flu shot, he had no side effects and no trouble of any kind. The question is will you vaccinate your children with the regular flu shot? If so, then get the H1N1; same delivery method, just different killed virus strain. My son received the live flu mist for regular flu, so couldn't get the same for the H1N1 because you have to wait 4 weeks, so I went for the shot. He had no trouble with any of them. Good luck!

We are all getting the h1n1 vaccine, we already got the regular flu shot last month. I am taking no chances here.

It may be to late. I got my kids the flumist at the first clinic offered, 8 days ago. While in line, my daughter started coughing. As she didn't have a fever, I still got her the flumist. It was to late. She has been home from school all week. My son woke up with a fever today. (it takes about 2 weeks for the vaccine to kick in.)

If your child hasn't been sick by the time it's offered, then I would say, get the vaccine. Hopefully it won't be to late.

I am in health care, also in and area that has had active H1N1. The inactive flu shot saves lives. esp in young children and up to college age. There is only a chance that 1/1000 will die, but the question is,, are you willing to have your child be that 1. If they dont get ill with the flu is wonderful, but the fact that your family will not contribute to the spread of this pandemic is paramount to the inconvenience of a needle.
I am in total agreement with the whole world being vaccinated against the H1N1. Why anyone would doubt a pandemic alert that is world wide is beyond me.

JUST SO YOU KNOW, THERE ARE 3 TYPES- H1N1,H3N1, H1N2. I personally don't plan on my familly getting the shot. I go by my feelings, like what I feel in my gut, my heart, that sort of thing. I feel that is God speaking to me, saying not to do it. I know from all the talk that it is on all parents minds. I go to Occupational Therepy and Physical Therepy 3 times a week and that is all we have been talking about. The therepist had the opprotunity to get the non-active H1N1 shot last week, half got it, the others didn't. You have to follow your heart. I'm still undecided but I really feel it best to follow my internal instincts. There is an artical in "Wired" a magazine on vaccinations. I have yet to read it but the title on the cover says " Vaccines don't cause Autism. But some panicked parents are skipping their baby's shots. Why that bad decision endangers us all." I'll read it and see what it says, maybe that will help me make up my mind. I tell myself, we vaccinate our animals, so why not us, after all, we humans are filthy creatures. Especially those that don't wash their hands after using the toilette. Don't even get me started on that. Best of luck on the decission.
Mt. Lake Park, MD

Yes, this has been talked about a lot yet these are our children we are talking about...i mean I totally obsess about this because I feel so out of control. Because of this, I am certainly getting my so son vaccinated and myself. Good luck on getting my husband to the doctor...will never happen
Anyway, I am going with the vaccine, I just feel more comfortable with it. Realize that there is a new flu virus every year and every year a new flu vaccine is made, the same way the h1n1 is made. To me, the benefits outweigh the risk. I have a four year old in daycare and even if he was home with me we are always out and about and around other children. I cannot stress about this all winter!
But, yes, I would go with the vaccine. Also, some are being made without the mercury and you can ask your ped about that.
Good luck and health to all of our kids!

I do not think I'm jumping on this 'bandwagon', the H1N1, that is.My pediatrician said as long as she had the seasonal shot (actually she got the mist), that we should be fine and in her opinion, the media was blowing this thing out of proportion. Hope she's right, cause my daughter has allery induced asthma. I know for a fact that any student going to the clinic at Tech with ANY flu-like symptoms are asked to return 'home' and that they had the swine-flu!!! This is without any tests ... so I wonder, are these 'cases' being reported and this is a reason for sooooo many cases?Just my opinion.

just had all three of mine get the H1N1 flu mist. including 2 year old. believe that I do need to give them some shot at some more immunity to it so that if they do get it.. it hopefully won't be as severe. this appears to be a nasty strain of virus (with or without media hype) - young children (who are perfectly healthy) are dying from it.. so it was my husband and my decision that we give them the best chance currently offered to fight it. School systems are shutting down with this because it seems to be spreading faster and more easily because it seems to target younger people. (as compared to the "regular" flu that seems to target the elderly). One daughter has a classmate in the hospital with the flu and pneumonia. The other daugher had a classmate at the doctor's office with a high fever as we were there getting the flu mist. Its here and its definitely bad.

Everyone has to make this decision for their own families.. but my husband and I were so thrilled to be lucky that I had to be at doctor's for something else (ear re-ck) and that they had just gotten a shipment, when I called earlier that week they had nothing. There will be a shortage of them.

good luck with your decision

i personally am not getting the h1n1 shot for my kids as i feel it is way too new and there is absolutely NO testing for it. same w/ the chicken pox shot. there seems to be varying degrees of the severity of this swine flu as is the same way w/ the regular flu. i am just taking extra precautions w/ my children and keeping as many germs away as possible and hopefully that will help protect them.
this past weekend my daughter had a slight case of the flu and the doctor said that there really is no treatment, just like the regular flu. there are meds to help lessen the severity of the symptoms, but it still has to run its course.

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