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Group B Strep - Beach Haven,NJ

Hi, I am 36 weeks pregnant and was just informed that Group B Strep was detected in my last urine sample. They said I will have to have IV administered antibiotics during labor to prevent infecting the baby. I understand this greatly reduces the risk, so although I am normally hesitant to take antibiotics, I will do this. I am just wondering if any of you have gone through this and what your experience was, or if there were any negative side affects. Or if any of you chose not to have the antibiotics?

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I was also told that I had group B strep at 36 weeks when i was pregnant with my daughter. I was given the antibiotics without any problems. When i was in labor they hooked up the iv and you should have any problems. It is not a high dose either. You will be fine.

HI there! I went thru it to, it was really not a big deal at all. They gave me the antibiotics, and nothing about it ever came up, no side effcts, etc. Baby and I are totally healthy, nothing about Group B ever mentioned again. Good Luck.

although i didn't go thru this, several of my friends have, as this is very common. and there is nothing you've done wrong to contract it. the risk are many, varied and scary (blindness, death to the infant, to name just a few of the cheerier possibilities)if you opt not to have the IV antibiotics. don't even think about this one. just do it. good luck and good health.

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Just so you know what the actual risks are:

15-20% of women have group B strep. Of those, about 1/2 of the babies will be colonized at birth. Not all of these babies will become ill. Only about 2% will become infected which is serious because infection has a 10% fatality. But that is 2 out of every thousand babies who get infected. Since there is no way of knowing which 2 will get infected, every group B mother is treated with antibiotics. Knowing what the actual risks are may help you make a decision. You can slightly decrease the risk of infection to your baby by declining cervical checks during labor, especially important if your membranes have broken.

Good luck

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My friend and I both had group B strep during our last pregnancies. It was my 4th baby and her 3rd. Our babies came so fast they didn't have time to administer the antibiotics. Both of our babies were in the NICU for 2 weeks with a fever. (Mine was also 5 weeks early, her baby was 7 days late). The doctors said the fevers were from the strep. If it was not for the fever her baby would have only been in the hospital for the normal 2 days. So if you have the chance to take the antibiotics I would.

If you research this you will find the reason that the CDC says that only 0.5% of babies contract this from their mothers is because they now administer the antibiotics to the mothers to prevent the baby from contracting it. If everyone started refusing the antibiotics that number would go up. I have talked to many nurses in the public health department. They gave me some great information about it.

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I went through natural, unmedicated labor. EXCEPT for my antibiotic IV for strep. I researched it everywhere, because I was so disappointed when I came back positive. But it's just not worth the risk for the baby. And they can give you a walking IV, so it's just taped to you when you're not getting the antibiotics. You're not stuck in bed or anything. You get the drugs a minimum of 4 hours before delivery, and then a couple more times after that.

And neither my son nor I had any adverse effects!

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Hi E.,
Both of my girls were born early, so they gave me the antibiotics "just in case". I had no problems with it. The needle, of course, wasn't pleasant. But, both of my babies and I were just fine. I would never choose to NOT have the antibiotics. The risk, in my opinion, and probably in your doctor's opinion too, is too great. It's just not worth taking a chance with your baby's health. As with most issues, you should just discuss it with your doctor. No worries. I'm sure everything will be great! Good luck! And congratulations!

I worked with someone whose wife was pregnant and the Strep was not detected until after the birth of the baby. Their son almost died and was in the hospital for weeks. Dont' take the chance. Take the antibiotics or you could risk losing your baby.

Yes, the same thing happened to me. After discussing everything with my doctor I decided to have the IV antibiotics during labor. There were no side effects. I would do it again. You can never be too cautious when it comes to your children!

I had it with both kids, and took antibiotics both times (both were c-sections too). No allergies in either of them. My daughter is four and my son is one and a half. Just watch out for thrush since it's more common if you've been on antibiotics. My daughter and I had it when she was about a week old.

I had Strep and it was no big deal. I got the antibiotics through an IV at midnight the night before my c-section. There were no adverse affects on me or my daughter. I wouldn't take a chance on not getting the antibiotics and passing a virus on to your baby.

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