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Greasy Gunk Around the Stove

Hey mamas, I'm in deep cleaning mode again. This time I want to get all the grease off the granite countertop and ceramic tile backsplash around my stove. I do alot of stir fry and like to get the pan nice and hot so when I throw the vegies in, the oil tends to splatter all around. So here's my confession: I've lived in this house for 8 years and only wiped these surfaces with soapy water which doesn't remove the caked-on grease. It has become sticky and thick. Does anyone know how to get the gunk off so my counter and backplash are shiny again?

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and the winner is: the baking soda and water paste. I sprinkled baking soda on the grease and rubbed it in with a damp sponge. The baking soda seemed to bond with the grease dollops which then wiped right off. The tile and granite are sparkling shiny clean now!

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Mr Clean magic eraser. Works miracles!!! I used it to get the greasy gunk off the underside of my microwave which is above the stove top.

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OK This is mine! I have the answer so forget everything else! Murphys oil soap! It takes off the grease so easily you wont ever use anything else! Try it ladies! I swear on this! Its the best for greasy grimey stoves! The walls, floors and it smells great too! Get the gunk off !!!!!! Your welcome.=(^.^)=

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Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. Enough said.

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I used Spic and Span mixed with water in a spray bottle.
Spray it on and let it soak in
Scrub clean with steel wool (well Dollar Store equivalent - the one without the soap in it).

I to am a victim of soapy water and really had to scrub and work at this. But, not that it is clean and pretty again, I maintain with a spray of Spic and Span and a swipe with a sponge after every use.

Ah, but I will try Sheri S.'s Murphey Oil Soap next time I let it go to long.


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Mr Clean magic eraser. Works miracles!!! I used it to get the greasy gunk off the underside of my microwave which is above the stove top.

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Several completely non-toxic methods will work (I have to be careful because of chemical sensitivities), and in combination may work even better. I use a promotional "credit card" to scrape off what's loose. Then cover with a past of baking soda/water – hot water often helps, and let it sit for a couple of hours. Another scraping, and a scouring sponge, with or without Bon Ami powder, usually takes off all remaining residue.

You can also try rubbing alcohol for thin deposits, or a wonderful, non-toxic solvent called Citri-Solv. Wear rubber gloves to keep your skin from drying out.

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On accident I came across Pine-sol in a spray bottle and thought it was something else. It works great and it even got my hood cleaner then I have ever seen it. It may take a couple of times because it cleans a lot of grease and baked on stuff off and it tends to get yucky really fast. I get the purple kind and it smells great. I use a sponge that has the scraper on one side and the sponge on the other.

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Using a blow dryer to heat the gunk up will soften it and make it easier to remove... using below described cleaning methods.

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When my niece moved into her present house, the WHOLE kitchen was like that! Counters, floors, cabinet doors, everything! We tried a couple of different things, then finally resorted to the best de-greaser ever-Dawn. Hot soapy water and a scrub brush and rinsed/wiped with plain water afterwards.

Good luck!

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