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Grass Stains!

What takes out grass stains? i have tried everything.. my son comes home from school and it looks like he walked on his knees all day. i know school is out but the stains are not! just wondering what other moms use???

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This might sound funny but I go to the dollar store (dollar tree) and buy something called Alsome, i spray it on the stain and throw in it in wash an the stains have always came out for me. I have used it on grease, blood, marker, grass, ect. stains. I hope this can help you.

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I am not sure if it wil work for grass stains, but I have gotton grease, spaghetti sauce, and motor oil spots out of clothes iwth spray n wash and dawn liquid dishsoap. Spray the spot with the spray n wash then add a few drops of the dawn on top. Let it soak in then thow it in the laundry basket until you're ready to wash. 1 hour - 5 days later . . . wal-la stain/spot is out. I have a son who loves to be outside and he is like a caged lion when is rains and he can't be out. So locking your boy up from outside to keep the grass stains away is out of the question. (LOL) Besides that would probably make you crazy. Good luck.

P.S. throw a scoop of Oxiclean into the wash. It helps too.

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Personally, I prefer ERA laundry detergent - I've used it for stains since my kids were babies. I have to say that, for the most part, my babies clothes were never stained the way I saw other kids - from spit-up, etc. The part I really like is that I would put it on the spot once and then let it set until I was ready to wash it - even if that was a week later. Most spot removers tell you to wash within a day or two. The hard thing now is to find Era - so many stores have quit selling it. Good luck!

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There is a carpet and fabric cleaner that I found that works wonders on stains. It's call Incredible!. You can purchase it at Kroger's and Bed, Bath & Beyond. The price ranges between $4-5 per bottle. I haven't found a stain that it hasn't been able remove yet. I have removed red lipstick, food, playdough and other unidentified stains from my carpet with no problems.

Good Luck,


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There is no way to prevent it. Especially with boys, they seem to always have stains on their clothes as soon as they put them on. LOL I use Shout triple action. I spray it on there and let it sit throughout the night and then respray it and then put it in the wash. I takes most stains out but not everything. I haven't found something to take every stain out and I can't wait til I do.

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Shout stain remover. Works like a charm on my boys' jeans! Just let it soak a bit and then put them to wash. Let us know what works for you!

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I have not had to deal with grass stains in a while. But we have red dirt that stains everything and cats that can make stuff smelly.

I pour equal parts of Tide w/ bleach and Cascade liquid detergent in the washer. Let it wash just for a second to get it mixed up good, put clothes in, and let it all soak for a couple hours. I have forgotten things and left them in overnight. Then run through regular wash cycle. My recipe calls for 1 cup of each, but I adjust according to number of items. You would not need to use that much for just 2 pairs of jeans obviously. I also put spray and wash or shout on every stain first, no matter how I wash it.

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I love Oxy-Clean, I use it on any stain!

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I have two boys who play baseball year round....so I have tried a lot of different techniques. Anyway I use the OXY - Spray.

Good luck. A. :)

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