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Graniite Composite or Stainless Steel Sink/?

we are updating our kitchen and who knew choosing a kitchen sink could be so confusing? I'd love opinions on living with stainless steel vs. a granite composite sink. I have never loved stainless - worry about spotting, scratching and just having it look yucky, so am considering a black granite composite sink. Anyone have thoughts? The other dilemma is the configuration of sink.... 50/50 split, 40/60, or one big undivided "tub". Anyone lived with a 40/60 or full tub and have pros/cons to share? These are things I've never really thought about, so to make a choice is tough. Spending this kind of money, I want to be sure I am happy with what we decide.

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Thanks to everyone who responded and gave me more to think about. I've done some additional research and we have decided to go with the Blanco Silgranit II, in the 60/40 configuration. Was able to see one at a local hardware store and talk to someone with a lot of knowledge. I am convinced I am going to LOVE my new granite composite sink.

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A lot of people here have warned you about the black sink, but from what I can tell, they don't necessarily have a black sink to compare it to. Yes, a black toilet or black pedestal sink will be spotty, but those are glossy black! The black granite composite sinks have a dull finish and do not show every little thing.

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I'm seconding the comments on every little thing showing up on the black. I visited people once that had a black bathtub, sink, toilet and they showed EVERYTHING (soap scum even). So, be careful in the color....

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My mother recently put in a black sink and hates is. It is always water spotted and if you have a lot of calcium in the water it will show even worse in a dark sink. I have always had white sinks but since moving here we have an existing stainless sink and when I redo my kitchen I will put in stainless again. I have always liked 40/60 or 50/50, I hate one big sink. 40/60 is my favorite because you can fit bigger pans on the 60 side.

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We have the black composite granite and we love it. The finish is not glossy so water spots don't show. It's easy to care for and looks great all the time. I don't even think about it much. I wish the chrome faucet would stay looking as nice - it has water spots and need constant cleanup. We have two teens who don't treat it with kid gloves but it has never chipped and looks as good as the day we put it in. We've had it for about three years. Good luck with your choice.

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I grew up with an undivided tub, and I have always missed it since living on my own. We used a dish pan in the sink to wash, and then rinsed in the remaining area of the sink. It was great for washing poultry, specifically turkey, rinsing and draining spinach, and fantastic for polishing silver because the polish didn't get all over the place.

So, when I have a chance, I'll get an undivided sink in my own home.

Have you considered enamel on steel? This kind of sink performs great for decades, without looking ugly.

Good luck.

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A lot of people here have warned you about the black sink, but from what I can tell, they don't necessarily have a black sink to compare it to. Yes, a black toilet or black pedestal sink will be spotty, but those are glossy black! The black granite composite sinks have a dull finish and do not show every little thing.

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I went with a single full tub and LOVE it. I wouldn't for one minute change it to a divided sink.

I had a stainless in my first home, and decided I wanted a white ceramic in our new home. While we rented during the building process, the rental unit had a white ceramic. Boy am I glad! I HATED it. It showed every gross little thing that was not washed away immediately! And my spouse is not the best about rinsing things before leaving them sitting in the sink... Ewwwwwwwww.

I opted for a stainless in our new construction, and am SO glad I did. I thought I didn't like it when it was all I'd ever had, but now I know better.
Be sure to go with undermounting, whatever you decide on for the material.
If you have ever have ever had to scrub the turkey roaster after Thanksgiving or Xmas meals... you will be SOOOOO glad you have a full single tub!
My mom went with a 50/50 because she figured that she could keep one side clean for "use" (washing veggies, etc)... and the other side for dirty (for my dad to set his dirty dishes, etc)... but it just aggravates her.. because she expects one side to be clean and HE has no compunction about rinsing goop off into the "clean" side or setting his dishes in whichever side has the fewest items in it. lol
I can wash all kinds of things in my sink and never worry about banging them against the sides (tall glass flower vases? no problem. Long handled frying pans? not a problem in the least. Need to set a casserole flat to soak for awhile? Plenty of space and no need to turn it halfway through so the "other side" can soak..).

I just use comet or vinegar or bleach, or whatever to clean it.

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I'm seconding the comments on every little thing showing up on the black. I visited people once that had a black bathtub, sink, toilet and they showed EVERYTHING (soap scum even). So, be careful in the color....

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Keep in mind that with a black sink every little food particle, speck, water spot, whatever will show up.

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An ajax like product called Bar Keeper is an excellant stainless steel cleaner. I like mine.

"brushed" stainless... is good.
easy to maintain. Don't have to worry about scratches.

Granite... or stone composites... can chip/scratch.
Black as the other poster said, shows water marks real easy and any particles. More hassle with keeping it clean

Commercial kitchens, use stainless... because of its durability and longevity... and handling of hot or cold temps.

good luck,

We purchased a Silgranite (granite composite) single bowl sink as well as a bar sink for our kitchen renovation in our last house. I LOVED it and miss it terribly. It was so easy to take care of and was great as far as the size. My daughter bathed in it until she was over a year old. I could leave a large pan or casserole dish in the sink to soak and still have room to wash other dishes. You won't regret getting it. We now have a stainless 60/40 that I do not like. It is too small and was scratched when we moved in (new construction) with no way of repairing it. I never had any issues with the Silgranite sink getting scratched or nicked. There is a company in NY that sells them online

I love my stainless steel sink. I got a split. I guess it is 40/60. I didn't want the second 1/2 to be too small because I like to soak things in the sink while I am doing dishes in the big 1/2. I like the garbage disposal on the side with the big half.

My dream sink is the one big tub (also called a farmhouse sink), so if it was me that is what I would put in! We currently have a 40/60 stainless sink that works pretty well. I prefer stainless because it is durable & easy to clean (also removes the smell of onion from your fingers if you rub them on the stainless while washing your hands!). If I had to have a split sink, I would not do the 50/50 because I think it's nice to have one bigger side. Also, like the other posters said black is going to show WAY more water spots than stainless does, so if that is your concern I'd stick with stainless.

We have had both stainless steel and the black composite sinks. We have also had a 50/50 and a 40/60. I can tell you I absolutely hated the black composite sink over the stainless steel. It was so much harder to keep clean. It looked great right after it was cleaned but as soon as you run water in it then it looks spotted and dirty.
As far as the 50/50 vs. 40/60, obviously not a huge difference, but I prefer the 50/50. It takes a little getting used to switching from a 50/50 to a 40/60 but really not that big of a deal. I would definitely not go with one undivided sink.

I've had several stainless steel sinks -- always 50/50. I don't think they're hard to take care of. What I would check is the location of the drain & the slope of the bottom. When I got my kitchen redone, this sink's drains are nearer the center back and there is more of a slope toward it so that I have to be very careful about sitting a glass toward the back to run water in -- it tumps over if I'm not careful. I think I would prefer the drain more centered . . . just another thing to consider!

I am wanting the same. Granite as I had before but I had a shiny black three way sink and had to wipe it down all the time. I also had a black pedistal sink in a powder bath and the same. I have a friend that just got copper one huge tub and loves it. I also read a review where the gal was not happy as she wanted her copper to change to patina which I do not like so not sure about granite sinks. I did love granite counter tops. I am sure it was cheaper to do the squares which is what I had but my island and bar had the solid one piece granite. G. W

Go stainless, it's easy maintenance, doesn't chip, it really doesn't scratch in the way they all used to and you can't tell when it hasn't been scrubbed lately LOL. Black is horrible for spotting, soap scum etc. I think I'd go one big tub, I live with a 50/50 and it's very unfriendly when you want to wash even a baking sheet. A 40/60 might be better than a 50/50 as far as that goes if you really want divided and I know most Elkay sinks generally go a little bigger on one side (as in further back). Also, go with extra deep, standard is typically around 8" and if you can get a 10" in there that extra 2" makes a huge difference.

I have a stainless single tub and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. It is soooo convenient for washing your pots and pans easily. The heavier gauge, the better, but they can get pretty pricey! Stainless can scratch but the granite ones always look dirty to me (my sister's black one stained by the way). This is our second house where we have put in a single tub sink--my request. Now, we wash pretty much everything in the dishwasher--filling it up can take a while. So it probably depends on how much stuff you hand wash.

We went from a 50/50 sink to a 60/40 and love it! We have brushed stainless. I've never had an undivided tub so I can't comment on that but I definitely wouldn't go back to a 50/50. Our countertop is black granite and it shows EVERYTHING. There is no hiding anything on the dark color......which is not so great when I'm the one cleaning it:)
Good luck!

Well this probably won't help, but we have one of each and love them both!

I have a 60/40 split brushed stainless in the kitchen. When we updated 7-8 years ago I remember looking at the one big sink and just not getting it. There are many times that for whatever reason I like having the clean side and dirty side.

Then 3-4 years ago when we remodeled our basement we put in a 60/40 split granite composite and love it down there. I don't remember having that option when we updated the kitchen, but love it in the basement because it is the teen hang out. And my husband does a lot of grilling and smoking and he can clean the racks in the composite and not worry about scratching/staining etc.

I would say you can't go wrong with either one.

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