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Grandparent "Nicknames"

I am looking for alternate names for grandchildren to call their grandparents instead of just grandma and grandpa. Thanks!

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Wow! So many responses, Thanks! I have narrowed it down to a couple that I think fit my parents and I am going to let them pick from there. And, if he starts calling them something different on his own when he is old enough, so be it! Thanks again, everyone.

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Here's one I didn't see mentioned, (then again, maybe I missed it.
Pappy, PapPap or just Pap
This is what my husband will be called when we get there...

What about Grammy or Granna or Meme? I never thought about the dog on Peter Pan, when my mom started be called Nana.. I liked Grammy & Granna, but my mom didn't want to be called either of them, but Grana is a mix of Grandma & Nana. The funnt thing is that my dad wanted to be Grampa, but my little girl said it her way, G-daddy! It sounds soo cute, 4 yrs later that's his name & he calls her his G-daughter.. Good luck!

I am married to a man who has a sailboat and the kids call him "captain" since they already have a grampy and a poppy.
he loves it and call the grandchildren his bonus grandchildren. My kids call him their "bonus dad" instead of step dad....He likes that.

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My family is Hispanic and we have our kids call our parents Mother and Father. We (the parents) are mommy and daddy. We feel this instills a level of respect for the grandparents from the start.

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Personality of the grandparents is important in choosing a name. I am 38 and my Mother is a young 58 year old. She likes to be called Mi-Mi and Dad is called Pop-pe. For my in-laws we use thier first name twice. For example Carol is Care-Care. If your Mother is one that has a perfect house and is always telling the kids dont touch or no. My friends Mother is referred to as No-No.

Good luck.

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Here's one I didn't see mentioned, (then again, maybe I missed it.
Pappy, PapPap or just Pap
This is what my husband will be called when we get there...

Nan and Pop-Pop are what my folks go by. my Mom didn't want to be called Nana, because of the Peter Pan dog. :)

I have heard Gams for grandmother.

My kids call them Nana and Paw Paw! Or you could use Mimi and Pappy! Just a thought!

Hi J.,
It is an age old tradition in our family to call granparents Mawmaw and Pawpaw (this is how you pronounce, we spell it mama & papa) But I have heard the Meemaw, Nanna, Grams, Gramps and all the other great ones the others listed.
Good Luck!

When my son was young, he used to call them "Ma" and "Pa" for short. Now he calls them "Grammy" and "Grampy". On the other side of the family, the parents are from France so he calls them grandma and grandpa in French, which is "Grandmere" and "Grandpere". Hope that helps give you some ideas.

My mother is called grams because she refused to be called grandma. My father was poppy.

Gamma, Mame, Gampa, pappy

My in-laws are Nana & Papa to all their grandchildren. And I really like the sound of it, it's something different.

When my first grandchild was born, I wanted a name to differentiate me from his other grandmother, and great grandmothers. I "wanted" to be Grammy, but when he started talking, he called me Emmy. I guess he couldn't say the R in grammy well enough. I absolutely love being called Emmy! Children really will come up with their own names though. My oldest child called her grandmother "Little Granny." I think it might be because my grandmother was living at the time and we called her Granny ---. She was a large woman and my mother was not, so I guess she emphasized the Big for the great grandmother and Little for the grandmother. Some of the other grandchildren called my mother little granny sometimes, but my daughter continues to do so and so do her children and husband.

We let our 1st born son decide, he just started to call them Nanny and Papa.... the other 4 just followed along...
Good luck! Some parents like to be called specfic names, so check with them too!

Sm iles,

My oldest always called Grandpa "pa-pa" she couldn't say Grandpa. Now its kind of caught on and the the kids call him pa-pa. Their other Grandfathers and still Grandpa. Now my youngest has speech delay and staring to call Grandma "nan-ah" we find it cute since she can't say grandma.

I am too young to be a grandmother but I am through my step children. I just go by M. but that winds up being rye-a. They refer to my husband as pops. When I was younger I called my grandmother Nan. My kids call my mom Gamma or Grama.

My daughter calls my mom and dad Mema (pronounced Meema) and Opa (German for Grandfather). FYI - Oma is German for Grandmother. She calls my FIL PopPop.

My mom is "Gram" to my kids and my step dad is "Poppy"

Hi J.
When my 1st grandchild was born I felt so much older than
44. Now I have 3 grandchildren and 1 on the way. They all call me "Nana". It doesnt make me feel so old!

Regardless of the nick names you select, your little one will call them what he wants and the grand parents will love it. My Granddaughter just started calling me nammaw no matter what we encouraged her to call me. My Grandson called me jammaw. Once I got use to the nicknames they selected they started calling me the name we encouraged them to call me.

My husband 's Mom is from England and likes to be called Nanny.

My Mom is called MEMA.

Great question, we have several nicknames b/c my husband and I have split families, which means my kids have several grand and great grandparents. Let's see, there's Gram and Grampy, there's Mimi, Mema, Granny, grand daddy, gramps, Papaw, Nana and I think that's all for our family. Congrats on your little one!

My kids call their grandparents different things.

My oldest calls: My mom -grandma, My husband's mother- grandma wickware and her husband is grandpa wickware, My husband's father- papa and his wife- honey. Then he calls his bio dad's mom- mamaw and his dad papaw and his wife mamaw Rosie.

My daughter calls the above the same things.
My youngest son who is not from the same dad as the above 2 calls my mother: Gammy Num Num or Gammy for short and the others the same as above.

I said when I become a grandma my name is going to be: Suga Mama, not Sugar but Shooga.

I think it's funny and fits me.
Congrats on the new one.

Mimi, Nana, Nonnie, Mamaw, Ganny

Poppy, Papaw, Pappy

Here are the ones I've heard used:

Grandmother: Grandma, Nana, Mimi, Gram, Grandma Peg (just insert name).

Grandfather: Grandpa, Pop, Popsy, Pappy, Grandpa Bill (same as above).

My kids call their grandparents "Nana" and "Papa"

I have a Nana and a Papa. I also had a Nonee which is an Irish form of grandma. There is also mee-ma or mima, my mom is a Nana, my dad and stepmom are grandmama and grandpapa LOL

When my husband and I started our Church the first Child born was a little girl and she called us mapmap and pappap we loved it so we have kept it... God Bless and Good Luck finding that unique name..

My mom is Gran. She got that idea from my brother's wife, whose mother was Gran to her granddaughter. My mom doesn't want to be Grandma...heck, she's only 51, as she points out, and she became one almost 8 years earlier when my son was born. All the other grandparents are still (proudly) Grandma and Grandpa to our son.

MomMom and PopPop are the names my children use. Depending on your heritage you look up your culture and usually you can different variations.

We use Gigi and Papa for my parents and for my husband's parents grandma and Grandpa. I grew up calling my grandma Grammy and my Grandfather Papa...I suppose the best thing is to see what the kids come up with on their own (may be scary as my daughter might call my mother "Pooh")

Some of the ones I've heard are:


You might also consider your child's heritage:

Greek - Ya Ya and Papou
Hebrew - Safta and Sabba
French - Grandpere et Grandmere

Hope this helps!


When my son was born we tried to get him to call my husbands mom nanna and my mom nanny but when he became verbal he made up his own. We tried to make him change but he is now 2 1/2 years old and still won't budge. He is also not the only grandchild for either grandma but still won't change. I've learned to go with them, follow their lead and if it is unappopriate then use a variation. My mom's name is Mimi and my husbands mom's name is boobick. When he first started he called her booby and we kind of slowly moved it to booick. We have no idea where they came from or where he heard either name but we won't change them for the world. Let him lead.

we have Grammy and Grampy, Mom-mom, Meema, and Opop, Oma and Poppy, Granny and a Nana. They are all pretty fun names. :-) Good luck finding one you like.

I always called my grandparents, Gram & Pop. My mom is called "Mema" and my father is "Pop" to my daughter. I also know of a friend whose mother is called "Oma" (not sure of spelling).

Have fun!

My daughter has a few sets of grandparents. She's got...
Granny & Papa
Gramps & Kiki
Nana & Pops
Hope that helps!

Hello J., not sure if many have responded to you as of yet, so here goes...

Bushka (polish grandma)/Bumpa (polish grandpa)

Those are the ones I could think of off the top of my head!

C. W

my oldest calls her crandma mamaw and her grandad papa, the middle one who is autistic just says gamma and papa she has issues with the r sound and the baby who is 3 call them grandma and papa, my niece however calls my mom mikki and my dad papa.

My ten-year old daughter thinks it is fun to call my parents g-ma and g-pa. I used to call my grandma gramcracker. Of course nana and papa are common too.

My daughter calls my mom Mama for grandma and my dad Baba for grandpa, which is something that got carried on from me to her. So it is like a tradition sort of thing but it is really nice.

When I was pregnant with my oldest son (now 14), my parents wanted to be called "Grampy" and "Granna". My son apparently didn't agree with those names though. When he started talking, he ended up calling them "Baby" and "Dee" respectively. We still have no idea where he came up with those names (my parents are actually Walter & Margaret), but the names have stuck. Now we have 4 kids who call them Baby & Dee, along with multiple cousins and friends children calling the same thing.

My own grandparents we referred to as Gramps & Mimi and Poppa & Nana. Other grandparent names in our family have been Gran, Gram, Granda, Granny, Honey, Granmommy, Grandaddy, Big Dave (my father-in-law's name is David), Grammy Lu (his wife's name is LuAnn).

Whatever names are picked, trust me, the kids will come up with their own version of it, which often times are much more endearing and fun.

H. Ramsey
The Pampered Chef
Independent Consultant

My kids call my husband's parents:

Mom Mom and Pop Pop

I called my grandmother on my dad's side, Nanny.

Well my son will be calling his grandparents (my inlaws) mom mom (grandma) and poppy (grandpa)

My children have 3 sets of grandparents...my husbands mom and dad are called grandma and grandpa, my mom and step dad are nanny, and papa, and my dad and step mom and pawpaw and mawmaw... the kids have never has a problem keeping up with all the different names. In fact my oldest is 3 1/2 and if you call one of them grandma or nanny that arent called that he will correct you it's cute :)

My girls refer to their grandparents as:

Maternal Granparents:
Ita (Short for Abuelita-Spanish/Grandmother)
Pa-pa (Spanish/Grandfather)

Parental Granparents:
Pop-pop + First name
Mom-mom, & Mom-mom + First Name

My daughters have had the pleasure of getting to know their Great Grandparents and they refer to them as:
Abuelo + First Name (Abuelo=Spanish/Grandfather)
Abuela + First Name (Abuela also is Spanish/Grandmother)

Our family is french, so my daughter calls her grandparents Memere (pronounced "Meh - May") and Pepere. Maybe you have a cultural background that has other names also? We also use Nanny for our great grandmother and of course grammy and grampy :-) Best of luck

I have one I don't think I see on here anywhere else. My best friend cals her grandmother MIMI when she had her children her mother wanted something like that so she came up with MINA. So the kids have a MIMI and a MINA I just think it is the cutest thing. As for my children they use Gram and Pop Pop for my parents and Pappy for their grandfather on their dads side

italians call theirs nana (grandma) and nano (grandpa), spanish say abuella or abuello
irish say granny and grandaddy

Hi J., congrats on your new baby boy! As for the grandparents names, I would suggest first to ask the grandparents what they would prefer to be called. Thats what I did with my first child and they said they were too "young" to be called grandma & grandpa so they choose "nana & popa" for their names. We use this and they like it. As for my grandparents, they call them grandma & grandpa, just easier, or you can have them call them "gigi" (great grandma). Another name I used for my own grandparents was "Mamaw & Papaw", we loved to call them this when I was little. Good, luck & I look forward to hearing the names you come up with! :)

My daughter calls my mom MeMa and my husbands parents are Nanny and Pop Pop!

I had a Nanna (or Nana) and a Mimi and my granddaughter has a Granny and one of my grandmothers was called Gammy by some of the other kids in the family. The only others I know of for Granpa are Papa, Pappy, and Gramps. I called one of my Grandmothers Grandma Marge. I had 3 Grandmas...Nanna, Mimi, and Grandma Marge. lol Hope that helps a little.

Hi J.,

My personal preference is not M.! I compete with Grandmas and poodles, lol!



My parents are Nana and Poppy and my in-laws are Grandmom and Grandpop.
I call my grandmother Granny. I have friends who have let the kids come up with the names as they begin to talk. One family actually calls the grandmother "Mom". They call their mother "Mom" as well. It's kind of cute.

So let's see....

There is Grannie, Gagi (gaw-gi) Nana, Nannie, Grandma, Mamaw, Ninnie


Grandpa, Papaw (pap-aw), Pawpaw, Pop-pop, big Daddy, Poppa...

Gammy Gam and Gammy Pops

these are some I've heard of...meema, gpa, nana, grandad, granny, grammy, pops


Gigi for Grandma, and PopPop for Granddaddy

I haven't read through all the answers and bless you if you do read them all. But are you of any ethnic decent that uses a different term? For example, my friend's mom is Greek, so her grandmother is "Ya-ya" (which I believe is the Greek word for Grandmother).

My cousins call their Grandmother "muumuu" which is the Finnish word for Grandmother (pronounced moo-moo) as we are of Finnish decent.

We use Mammaw and Pappaw and I have used Nana and Pop-Pop for my children's grandparents. Also Grammy or Granny and Gramps. We have heard Memaw but I don't know what the grandfather counterpart to that one is. Also for grandfather is Grand-Dad There are lots of them, and I think many are indicitive to certain areas of the country. I will like to see what some of the others have written. This was a great question.

My son calls my mom and dad Nana and PaPaw, my husbands parents Mimi and PawPaw his great grandmas Grammy and Mawmaw. Our neighbor boy calls his grandparents Opa (grandpa) and Oma (grandma), that is German for grandma and grandpa I guess. A friend of mines son calls his grandma Ma Angel.

Our kids have 3 sets of grandparents (due to divorce & remarriage). We have a "Mimi & Papa" and a "Pappy & Nonni"

Granny, grammy, memaw, nanny, mimi,
my sons call my dad "papa" which is what I called one of my grandfathers....

Well they do seem to come up with their own names for grandma and grandpa.
We took to calling my father-in-law Poppy. Poppy died when my son was 9 months old so that name has stuck. As for my mother-in-law we started by calling her Nana and it turned into Nany - Geema -and now he will call her Geema and Mommy? I'm Mama so I'm not sure what that is about.
We call my mom, she lives in a different state that us, Granny B.
We have some Great-Grandmas that we call Mama Jean and of course Grandma (last name). The Great-Granpas are Papa and of course Grandpa (last name).
My cousins little girl calls her grandma (my aunt) Grano and my uncle Pa.
Happy Grand name hunting!

My mom goes by gammy...no r...it's easy for all the kids to pronounce and it sounds cute out of the little ones.

Hi! My Mom's name as grandma, is NANNY. My MIL's name as grandma is GRANDMOMMY.
Hope this helps!

I am married to a man who has a sailboat and the kids call him "captain" since they already have a grampy and a poppy.
he loves it and call the grandchildren his bonus grandchildren. My kids call him their "bonus dad" instead of step dad....He likes that.

Here are some of my favorites:



Good luck!

My son has 4 sets of Grandparents (2 on my husbands side & 2 on mine) so it can get very confussing...or so I thought our son calls the grandmas: Marme (she's wierd and wanted to be called that) Mimi and G-ma. and he calls the grandpas: Pops and grandpa but I have also heard kids call their grandparents by a ton of other names....check out this article http://www.grandparentsmagazine.net/Articles/grandparentn...

My daughters call my mom "baba" which is a Polish form of grandmother. I have also hear nana or grandma T etc. to help differnentiate them. My eldest daughter picked this up on her own and it has stuck, although my mother in law never liked it. Look to other languages for grandmother and grandfather and see if any sound good. Plus discuss it with the grandparents some want to be called grandmother and nothing else.

We had the dilemma a number of years ago when our first grandchildren were born. My parents were grandma & grandpa, so we didn't want to be called that. Brenden, our first grandson, solved the problem. One day he called us Nani & Papa. (I chose the spelling to become a thoroughly modern Nani) It stuck, and the other 9 have done the same. Sometimes now we're Nan & Pop, which we also enjoy. You might even consider asking the grandparents.

You got lots of respnoses and all are great. We use Grammy and Pop-Pop for my in laws and I insisted that my parents were grandma and grandpa. They are a bit older and everyone needs a true grandma and grandpa. All my grandparents were! I have also heard g-ma and poppy. Good luck!


My daughter calls my parents Memae and Pop-Pop...

Take care,


You could add the grandparents last name to the grandma or grandpa (Grandma Jones)

also: Nana, Granny, Gramms
Sometimes when children are learning to talk they come up with their own name for grandparents that stick. My grandkids call their grandfather "Pa" because my oldest grandson (almost 18) had a hard time saying Grandpa so he called him Pa and it stuck. Good luck finding a special name for grandparents.

Meemaw & Peepaw, Gangi & Pep-Pep.
I have a friend whose son calls his grandparents, Mama & "D". And my neighbors across the street are Meemaw and Papa "L". We call my grandmother Gigi. I've also heard Nanna used for a grandmother.

Whew! My son has a Granny and Papa, a Grandpa, and a Memaw and Pepaw. I have heard of some people having their grandchildren calling them double the first letter of their first name, like "G.G." for Gretchen.

Good luck! Hope this helps!


We call our grandma and grandpa "Mimi" and "Pops" because they refused to go by the OLD implying names of grandma and grandpa. Actually though, the oldest grandson set the names by calling them what he did when he could talk. Hope this helps.

Nana and Bumpa (my kids had a hard time saying Grandpa, so they said Bumpa and it stuck).

What about Grammy or Granna or Meme? I never thought about the dog on Peter Pan, when my mom started be called Nana.. I liked Grammy & Granna, but my mom didn't want to be called either of them, but Grana is a mix of Grandma & Nana. The funnt thing is that my dad wanted to be Grampa, but my little girl said it her way, G-daddy! It sounds soo cute, 4 yrs later that's his name & he calls her his G-daughter.. Good luck!

nouna, nouno, papa, papo, nana, nano, peepaw, granny, grammy. exempt for the first 2, we use these names in our family. hope it helps.

My kids call my mom and stepfather - Mimi and PopPop
and they call my husbands parents (who are Italian) - Nonna and Poppa
We don't see or talk much with my father and his wife but they refer to him as PopPop and put his last name with PopPop and his wife if Mummum.

Good Luck

J. this is a good question. Both of my husbands'Grandparents as well as my Grandma are still living. So my son, has to remember My Mom (his Grandmama), my husband's Dad (GrandDaddy), my husband's G-Dad (Gramps) and G-ma (Grams) and my G-ma (Grandma Dot).

Its a lot for a 2 (will be 3 in march) to remember.

Instead of Grandma Dot, I think I will tell him to start calling her Nana, to keep it simple.

I called one set of grandparents Nana and Papa. My parents are looking to be called grampy and grammy and my husband dad will be grandpop. So hope that helps

my son does papa, nana, granny, pappy. my husband did poppop, nanan, my great grandparents were called mawmaw and pawpaw. hope this helps.

We always called my grandparents Nana, Nanny, Papa and Grandpa. My kids are adopted so they have several grandparents. They call my mom, Nana and my dad grandpa. They call my husband's dad, grandpa Roger. They also know their biological grandparents and call their maternal grandmother G-ma and GG-ma for their great grandmother. Their paternal grandmother they call grandma Debbie and grandpa Mike.

Hello J.,

I have 3 kids and the two oldest ones are 7 and 5 and they call their grandparents,

Grandma and Grandpa.

My 3rd child just turned 2 a few days ago and it is easier for him to call them

Nana -- Like -- Banana


Papa -- for --Grandpa

When the little one gets old enough i will have him call them
Grandma and Grandpa as well.

(((You might want to ask the Grandparents and see what they would like to have your children call them. It might make them feel special that you thought of them and considered how they felt.)))

Plus some women do not like to be called GRANDMA, they like other nick names because the word GRANDMA makes them feel OLD.

God Bless and enjoy your little one. When you hear people say that they grow up to fast it is really true they do.

So every chance you get hold him. Give him lots of hugs and kisses and tell him always that you love him, even at a young age. "They understand the love in the tone of your voice".
Every chance you get let him sleep next to you in bed.
Every chance you get pray for him. Every chance you get rub his back and arms and legs and belly. The feel of touch from a mother to a child will help him feel safe and happy and it helps them be healthy. Always show love and talk softly and sweet.

It is a proven fact that if you are kind to the child they will grow up that way.
If you talk nasty and make faces and get loud and hit them they will grow up like that and they will treat others like that.

So as your child gets older and you see how easy it is for them to push your buttons REMEMBER, respond with love.

Children are gifts from GOD and we all need to not forget that.

Have a wonderful and healthy NEW YEARS.

From one mother to another.
God Bless


My mom goes by Ya-Ya and my dad is Pa-Pa, they are two easy names for a baby to say, he is 18 months old and calls their names. It melts their hearts :)

I call my grandma Oma and grandpa Opa.

my son calls his grandmothers Nana & Yia-Yia (yia-yia is Greek)
he calls his grandfathers Grandpa, Grandpa Jack & Pouli or Papouli (which the last ones are greek as well).

i know some other who call them papa & popie. i think more and more people are using Nana!

My son calls my mother "Mama" and my father "Bapa" but he's trying to say Grandma and Grandpa. We're trying to make the nicknames stick. I know another couple that go by Nana and Papa to their grandchildren. In fact, everyone calls them that now...including me. I don't even remember what Papa's real name is anymore. My favorite nickname for a grandmother is Mimi. That's what my best friend's mother had her grandkids call her. She was very young, so it suited her. And my father-in-law goes by Grandad. That's a good one too for a young grandfather.

I have a lot of "grandma's" and "grandpa's" in my family. We went through the same thing...Here are some alternates for Grandma that we thought of...Mimi, Gigi, Grammy, Nana, Nani, Nanny, and we use the Spanish word for Grandma, Abuella, with my mom (cause she wanted something that didn't sound old, what she doesn't realize is she still sounds old to people who know Spanish, or people who watch Dora the Exporer!) We can't think of as many for Grandpa, other than Papa, and Grandaddy, so we just use their 1st names (Papa Lou, Papa Bob, etc) cause Papa is much easier to say than Grandaddy.

My kids call my parents "Grammy" and "G-Daddy". My mom wanted to be called Grammy and my oldest son made up "G-Daddy" on his own. My dad loves the name.


I'm called "nanny," and my grandson's other grandmother is called "nana." My grandparents were "mama", "papa," granny, grandma Mary. My hubby, and his father, are called "Papp." My grandson's other grandfather is called, "pop-pop." Hope this helps :) C. H.

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