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Grandma Visiting and Skipping School

Hi! So, my mom is planning a visit in October for 4 days. It's a miracle she is even coming because she has a terribe HORRIBLE fear of flying. It has taken me a long time to talk her into to coming out here. She is already having anxiety about it but she really misses my kids and wants to see them and we can not afford to fly out to see her. She is in Arizona and we are in VA (otherwise she would just drive if we were closer). So, my son who is in preschool, I will just call and say that grandma is visiting and he won't be there. No big deal. My daughter is going into 1st grade. I want her to have as much time as possibly with my mom since she will only be here for a short time and we want to show her around and do some fun stuff. I do not want to lie and call her in sick when she really isn't. Will the school let her stay home if I explain our situation and maybe even get her work and take it home? This is really a huge deal for my mom to come because of her major fear and we are super excited for it! Do you think it would be ok if I just told the school "sorry, grandma is here and she will miss a few days to see her", or should I just call her in sick (even though I hate to lie)?
School hasn't even started here yet, so I can't let the teacher know for another couple weeks.

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Ok I feel much better now. I will just tell them the truth and talk to her teacher as soon as I can. She is coming on a Saturday night and leaving on a Wed. night so she will be missing 3 days. Also she already bought her tickets so she can't change it to November for Thanksgiving break. She would have come before, but she has to drive my sister back to CA to go to college down there, then my dad is going out of town and they have a farm so one of them has to be there to take care of all their pets. Also the weather is the best in October (so I've heard at least, I've only been here for 8 months). So, thank you for all the advice!

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Yes, let her skip school. It's a special occasion, and it's only first grade. Ask the teacher if she needs to take some work home.

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Well, just do what you would if YOU were the ones going on vacation. You let the teacher know that Sally won't be in school on XYZ, can we have any work she'll miss and need to make up?

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I would take her out, but also have one day when gma can go to school with her. gma can read to the kids, have lunch with dd, etc.

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If you know the dates, check with the teacher and make sure testing for placements or whatever are not going on. These are things that would cause the school to have to make arrangements for your daughter to make up.. That means pulling her out of class and a staff member give it to her alone.

I am going to guess they are going to say it is fine, but it will be listed as unexcused so make sure to keep up with how many days she misses for the entire school year.

Have a great visit with your mom.. Make a big deal over how honored you all are that she was willing to fly even with her fears.

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Preschool and first grade? I would take them out in a heartbeat. You don't have to lie. She's your kid and you can do whatever you want with her! Just tell the school, and teacher, a couple weeks in advance you will be missing the days for a family event. (Our school has a policy where you have to submit your absence in writing two weeks in advance for things like this.)

Your daughter can get her work for first grade ahead of time if you give them enough notice. She can probably complete her four-day's work in an afternoon with you. And the pre-school is basically just play right? Take them out! Grandma's visit is more important.

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Show up in person and tell them the facts. They will find out anyway. Grandma visiting and it is unusual and rare; get paperwork or ask to help your daughter work ahead. It is first grade, but they do so much in school even then. Maybe have Daughter not miss all 4 days but maybe only 2, every other day. Maybe she can do a special report on what your visitor enjoyed doing during her visit. Did you see special landmarks, museums, exhibits, zoo, or other tourist activities? If you lie about illness, it comes back to bite you, most lies do, so tell the truth and make it very special for your mom and your children.-Enjoy

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I would think you could just say you're taking her out for a few days and you need her make up work, just like you would if you were taking a vacation. I remember having to do that when I was in svhool, we never took vacas when we were on school break and we just had to do our make up work. Also since it's not an unexscused absence it shouldn't be too negative, and it's not for a long period of time. You should be fine. I would think you could get away with minimal expliantion. It's not really their business, especially since it's not illness related. Have fun with Gma! We just moved away from family (two weeks ago) and both gmas are already asking when they can come visit!

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Yes, let her skip school. It's a special occasion, and it's only first grade. Ask the teacher if she needs to take some work home.

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Just send a note stating she will be visiting with Grandma on these dates and you understand the absences will not be excused. They won't come to your home and drag her to school :) Check the district policy on unexcused absences. My kids are allowed 10 unexcused absences/tardies in a 6 month period before the school takes legal action. Also, our school doesn't give out work ahead of time, but the make-up work is definitely waiting for them when they return! Enjoy the visit!

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Honesty is always the best policy. Be honest & open & upfront with the details....& the odds are the teacher will send work home beforehand with your daughter. The teacher may even be open to a visit from Gma if there's a day when your daughter could actually go to school.....

Our school district is very strict when it comes to attendance policies. Even calling her in sick would not work....you have to have a drs written note for it to be excused....or it counts against her attendance record - requiring makeup time or nonadvancement. Be very careful how you use her allowed time off. One round of illness + those 4 days could really hurt her! AND with our district, if you go over the allowed ratio - the child has to attend afterschool detention to make up that time. Check the handbook before you make your choices!

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Yes, the school will let you take her out. You don't have to lie. Ask for work to do at home.

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