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Grandma's Relationship with Child

I have a 4-year-old, only child daughter who is also the only grandchild. She is very attached to my mother and wants "privacy" when visiting with her. In other words, she doesn't want anyone else around! I am firm with her about letting me visit with my own mom, but my mom has no backbone. I am always being sent to "rescue" my mom who is being "trapped" by her grandchild. She just lets herself be bossed around. I am not always going to be there. What if she is babysitting while my husband and I are on vacation? I feel that she needs to learn to set boundaries. My dad's attitude is, "What is she supposed to do, make her cry?" Am I right that my mom needs to establish her boundaries in her relationship with her grandchild, or is it my responsibility to always step in? I thought that visits with grandparents were supposed to be a BREAK for parents, not added stress!!

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Thanks to everyone for the good suggestions. I think I will take one person's advice in particular and work on a game plan with my mom on how to handle my daughter to make visits more pleasant and to be consistent so that my mom follows through with what I tell my daughter, Beatrix. I should have mentioned that my parents live over 2 hours away, so Beatrix really misses her grandma and gets very excited and over-stimulated when she sees her. My mom gets isolated away from everyone else because Beatrix wants privacy. So therein lies the problem. It's not that Beatrix misbehaves in general. It is just their particular relationship. Thanks again!! R.

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You are the parent, you set the rules and boundaries with anyone, even grandma. Grandparents are a wonderful thing and I'm grateful that my kids have contactwith both sets, however, they all know the rules and they are not to be broken, no matter what. This sits well with my parents, although not always with my husbands. BE FIRM.

We had/have the very same issue with my husbands mother and children. I am the step mom, (we have custody and always have). His mother has let and continues letting the girls do whatever whenever they want. As long as it isn't bad or something we are against we let it happen. It used to be when the girls would stay the night and not be so nice she would call me to tell me to talk to the girls, I used to step in, now (starting about 7 yrs ago when the girls were about 8 and 10) I would tell her they are with you, handle it. I told her she needs/needed to let them know when they were younger that talking that way or acting that way wasn't and isnt acceptable. She let it go and continues to let it go. Not my problem. My children know how to behave and be respectable to my parents and everyone else. Now, they only call her when they need something or want something. She gets really mad, however, I tell her she could have rpevented all of this if she would have had a backbone when the children were little. She likes to be the GOOD GUY, let us know that as well as the girls. Now, she is the one dealing with it all on her own. I don't step in and neither does my husband.
I know this seems harsh, however, I am not going to step in because the gramma wants to be the good guy and let them get whatever they want. She created the monsters at her house, and it stays at her house.

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I thought some of the responses you received were a little judgmental, particularly based on the information you got. Jealous of your kid? I think not. I know what you're going through. And it's not easy to set the rules as the parent with the other adult involved allows them to do it anyway. My grandmother will do whatever my daughter asks, no matter what it is. It's a pain in the butt to have to continuiously have to step in, despite the fact that the ADULT should be able to say I'm sorry honey, not right now. I've gotten to be like another responder and I DON'T step in anymore. My daughter isn't a brat, doesn't need counseling and in general is extremely polite but she KNOWS that my grandmother will just do whatever she wants, and this includes after I've told my daughter no. Sometimes, it's actually not the parents fault. I don't know why so many were quick to jump on you as if you are purposefully creating this situation and it's a part of the reason I don't normally post with requests for myself. It's hard enough to be a parent and try to do the right things when you have strangers on the internet treating you like an idiot. Sorry just my two cents. Hope you find something that works for you, your mom and daughter.

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I think it's up to your mom as to whether or not she sets boundaries. BUT it's also up to her to deal with the consequenses of not setting boundaries if that's what she decides. You shouldn't have to step in when they spend time together.

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Your mom definitely needs to set boundaries. Your dad
needs to help set those boundaries too, it won't hurt your
daughter is she has to cry sometimes. I would definitely
try to get this straightened out now, because the long you
wait the harder it will be.


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It sounds like you are getting a break when you are there -just too much of one. I agree it is up to you to set the boundaries, as Grandparents (can and should set some) they are also done raising children, Grandchildren are supposed to get special treatment from their Grandparents. I don't think that your daughter should get her all to herself (or trap her) as you put it, but I do think that it is very important for them to have time alone together and it is nice they have a special bond. As your daughter grows up she will outgrow this and your mom will likely miss it and cherish the memories.

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It's grandma's responsibility to set boundaries that you and your husband agree with. It's no different than when they were raising you. They wouldn't let you boss them around, when you were a child, so why let the grandchild? Grandma needs to get over the fact that she might make her grandchild cry. Yep, it's gonna happen from time to time. But if your child knows that she can push her around, visits will never be enjoyable and their bond will suffer. Sit down, without your daughter there, and lay it all out for your mom. Come up with a plan that she can put into motion when your daughter becomes bossy or demanding, and tell mom that she has to follow it, no matter what the reaction. After a few times, your daughter will get the idea.

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It is your mom's responsiblity to set the boundaries. It is not your job to rescue your mother. And tell your father "yes" if it makes the child cry deal with it. I am sure they set boundaries for you and made you cry and survived it.

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Set the boundaries now when she is 4. Your Mom & you are the adults. Adults make the decisions. Teaching boundaries is so very important. You do not want your daughter to grow up & only relate with people she can control. She will always lose friends. I am a mental health counselor(13+yrs) & I see the "lack of boundaries" problems at the adult end, adults that have a very hard time relating to others. Remember that empathy is very important for your daughter to learn & develop. It sounds like you have it. Empathy is key to any relationships, especially close ones.

Define to your daughter how visits at grandma's are to be, what you expect from her end. Stick to it even if she gets angry. If she gets angry take her aside 1. ask her what she wants & listen to her, 2. tells her you understand why she is angry & resay part of what she just told you, tell her the guidelines to the visiting again & stick to it ie."if you cannot let Mommy & Grandma talk now then we will have to go home now". Very important--make sure Grandma is on the same page & goes with the plan. It's OK for Grandma to repeat the things you said. This may take a few times but it will work.

Doing this teaching will help her prepare how to behave in school with teachers & other kids.

The answer to your question is that ALL significant adults in your daughter's life are responsible in teaching her healthy & social boundaries. Your Dad could help by just saying to her "I would like you to do what your Mom & Grandma have told you to do." Be on the same plan together every time. Firm & enforced boundaries along with always acknowledging your daughter's feelings.

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I am not sure if grandma feels cornered or if you feel they have a closer relationship then you do with your daughter. It almost sounds that way. My grandson's know they can come and talk to me about anything. I don't feel taken advantage of. On the flip side I miss them when they aren't here for a few minutes everyday. I get asked to drive them allot. It up sets my son too but I tell him I will not always be here. My docs will tell you I should honestly be dead. Last year in Oct I should have died but did not. I think I am still here to help with all 3 of them. They are the only things I have to live for now. If she wants her to back off let her be the one to say so. If she does then yes she needs to get a backbone. The boys know if I say no there is a good reason.

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