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Graduating to Solids - 6 Months Old - Oatmeal vs Rice Cereal?

My daughter is ready to start eating solids and my ped suggested rice cereal to start. For some odd reason, I am anti-Gerber (don't ask why b/c I don't have a good reason). Although I am glad my ped and I agreed that babe is ready to eat, I'm thinking of starting her on oatmeal because its whole grain, more fiber, more nutritious. And I'd like to find an organic one. Just wanted to get other mom's thoughts on that as well.....

Also, ped mentioned that we can introduce new foods to her every four days to give her enough time to respond to the food and see if she does well with it. I want to make her food and not buy any from the store. If you made your babe's food, did you get a new blender? I feel some kind of way about making babe's food in the same blender I've used for a thousand other adult meals. Weird question, just thought I'd ask.....

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oatmeal is better for you so if you are going to give cereal I would start with that. Rice cereal is really nothing but empty calories.

As far as the baby food goes, I have a Cuisinart Blender that has a food processor attachment and just used that. It worked beautifully. If you have a Food Processor that should do.

My son had both the oatmeal and the rice cereal. I used Gerber (they make an organic version of each), but I also used Earth's Best.

I also made all my son's baby food (besides the oatmeal). My SIL lent me a book for baby food making and I can't recall the name, but I also used a book from Amazon called Blender Baby Food (but be careful because in this book there are some foods listed that babies aren't allowed to have yet). I'll see if I can get the name of the other book from my SIL for you.

I didn't use a blender to make the meals because it ended up being too bulky and honestly difficult to clean all the time. I used a hand held blender and it worked Awesome! You can get them anywhere and I used the Cuisinart version which I still use for other things now that my son is older. Be aware that if you buy a white one it WILL get stained. I bought the stainless one so I didn't have to deal with that. When I made his food I bought ice cube trays (don't bother with the baby food trays they sell they don't hold enough food) and then labeled plastic baggies to put it in after they were frozen. If you have any questions just send me a message. It's great making baby food, I had a lot of fun with it.

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You don't need to start with cereal at all if you don't want to. We skipped cereal because the kids thought it was like wallpaper paste. we also didn't wait 4 days between new things and both kids turned out okay. I think you can use the same blender without a problem.

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I never gave my kids cereal, I thought it was more important to develop a taste for veggies and fruits. Earth's Best organic makes baby food including cereal if you don't want to use gerber. Heb and babies r us has a good selection. Making your baby food is really easy too although I admit I rarely did it.

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I wouldn't buy a new blender. If you are washing it well or putting it in the dishwasher it is clean, there is no reason you can't use it for baby food.
As far a oatmeal vs. rice cereal, I didn't start my son with either. He had bananas first, followed by sweet potatoes, squash, avocado, applesauce, etc. We did eventually give him oatmeal, which he was fine with, but I prefer to start with fruits and veggies. I would skip rice cereal too.
I made almost all my son's baby food, except the occasional jar I would buy if we were traveling. My advice is not to over think the baby food thing too much. You don't need special equipment or training. Just cook whatever until it is tender, and puree with some water until the consistency seems right.
Good luck!

Rice is the most digestable-and you can get it in organic-many Gerber foods are organic now. Get a "Beeba" (?) I believe that is the spelling. Begin with the mass produced food-for quality and purity, no sugar, no salt,etc. Much of the introduction procedure has to do with tolerance-what she is able to digest and not show an adverse reaction-and avoiding developing allergies. More fiber to an infant, with intestines like that of a tiny lamb-is not what you're going for here. Now is not the time to experiment. If you want to experiment-pick on someone your own size!

Grind your own oatmeal in the blender. We always just gave ours the food we were eating...avocado is a great first food, veggies, fruits, etc. Check out the book Super Baby Food.


Rice cereal tends to be easier on their digestive systoms and is a much better started food for infants. Although whole grain is good, don't worry about that just yet. Most infants still get what they need from formula or breast milk. Cereal just supplements it at this point. Trust your doctor. Start with rice for a week or two and if you daughter has not problems, start oatmeal. Some babies prefer you slowly introduce the oatmeal because of the texture difference.

I would suggest not feeding rice cereal. It has pretty much no nutritional value. Oatmeal is very healthy and good for their tummies. Honestly, I never gave my son rice cereal, or oatmeal. I used a food processor for the baby food. I recommend checking out wholesomebabyfood.com. It's a great resource for all things baby food!

Making baby food, I used a Kitchenaid food chopper. It was very easy and quick to clean, chops food as small as you want (with steamed or soft foods it will end up creating a puree if you need) and is about 15 dollars. It is still useful in the kitchen now that my kids are toddlers. I use my blender a lot now for smoothies, but when they were small and only ate tiny servings I didn't use it. The amount of food they require isn't enough to reach the blender blades.

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