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Got Speeding Ticket on Way to ER

Yesterday was definitely a day I would not want to live over.My 17 month old had been throwing up for 2 days and was severely dehydrated. I took her to urgent care in the morning and they adviced me to take her to the ER for an IV. While on the way there I got pulled over for going 65 in a 55. I told the cop my situation, showed him my dr's. note but no sympathy whatsoever I got slapped with a $115 speeding ticket and got sent on my way. I was just wondering if anyone out there has ever fought a ticket and what the outcome was? Does it actually end up costing you more $ if you lose? I have all the paperwork from the ER assuring that that was where I was going. Any advice on this matter would be great. Thank You.

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Thank you so much everyone for your encouraging words. I decided to take it to court. They dropped my points from 4 to 0 and lowered my fine by $30. I'm definitely glad that I decided to fight it since now it won't affect my insurance. I appreciate all of the advice!

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MK you can tell the judge why you was speeding and he may reduce or throw out the ticket. Just be truthful with him and show him the papers from the doctor and the hospital.
Hope that helps you.


I challenged a ticket for an accident I was involved in that was not my fault. I still had to pay, but the judge did reduce the amount by half. It might be worth a shot to fight the ticket.

I would definitely fight the ticket and it shouldn't end up being any additional money. If it doesn't get completely dropped, the points and fine should actually drop down. Good luck and keep us posted!

I married my H.S. sweetheart as well and we're celebrating #12 this weekend :)

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MK you can tell the judge why you was speeding and he may reduce or throw out the ticket. Just be truthful with him and show him the papers from the doctor and the hospital.
Hope that helps you.


Usually when you show up in court that helps decrease the amount anyway. They won't increase it, it's definitely worth it. Act super sorry, and show your paperwork. Depending on the state, sometimes just because you show up in court, they'll give you the option of traffic school with no costs, or less cost, or a warning, etc.

I haven't been caught speeding to the E.R but if I had I would fight it!!!!!!

I just had a similar experience. I just got finished picking up my daughter at her grandmother's house. She apparently threw up 4 times and had diarrhea. I was on an interstate trying to get her home (20 minute drive). She told me that she thought she was going to get sick. I was in the right lane following traffic. I decided to try to pick up the pace by getting into the left lane and passing the cars in the right lane. I gunned it to get around tractor trailer and got back into the right lane. As I was slowing down, I was still speeding at that point, I passed a cop. He pulled me over and I explained to him that my daughter was sick and that I was only speeding up to pass traffic in the right lane. He acknowledged that he witnessed that I was in the process of passing. After taking my information, he took 20 minutes to write me a ticket. Although he cut me a break on the ticket, it is still two points on my license and 135 dollar fine. After he left, I got the car moving again and within 3 miles of driving, my daughter threw up in the car. I am thinking of fighting it just on principle. I'll bring the grandmother and my daughter as witnesses. Can the fine actually be increased? After all, he did actually clock me for going faster. I am just so annoyed that they save their "warnings" for buddies, neighbors, and fellow cops, and war heroes and give a mom passing a tractor trailor with a puking kid in the back seat the ticket. Thanks for letting me vent on your post.

Fight it, Fight it, Fight it. Even though you were not legally justified to speed... you had a valid reason. A lot of times if you fight it, and you show up to court, sometimes the ticketing officer does not show, therefore, your ticket is dropped completely. This happened with a friend of mine about a year ago. It does not cost you any extra monies, unless you have you drive a long ways to the courthouse or something, then just gas money. Anyways, I would fight it. Even if the officer does show up to court, you probably will get your points lowered and the fine of the ticket lowered. Good luck.

Congratulations on your anniversary! I hate cops sometimes. I know they serve a purpose and we need them but sometimes they just...grr. Anyway, I've never had to fight a speeding ticket but from what I've heard from friends who have the judges are pretty understanding when it comes to things like this. As long as you have all the paperwork, and it sounds like you do, you should be fine. I've never heard of tickets costing more if you fight them so I think you're alright there.

Good luck, like I said, I've never had to do this so take my advice with a grain of salt. I think you'll be fine.

Well, that really sucks! You definitely want to take the time to fight it though. It is worth it. I've fought a couple of tickets in my time and they will usually reduce the fine and may not put it on your record. Especially where you have a dr's note. Just be calm when talking to the judge and show that you are sorry for speeding, but you were really worried about your child and just couldn't help it. They are usually fairly decent to you.
I hope this helps. Good luck!

If this happened to me, I would get a notorized note from the Urgent Care that said they referred you to the ER and take that along with the ER paperwork to Court when you appear. Explain to the Judge everything and if he isn't lenient, offer to go to traffic school to get the ticket dropped.
Good luck

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