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Goodnites Versus UnderJams

My son is 4 and fully potty-trained during the day. He does wet at night though. He has been leaking through the Huggies Overnight Pullups pretty consistently. I want to try either the UnderJams or Goodnites, but am wondering if anyone has had expereince with them and would recommend one over the other. Or maybe something else works? My son is 43 pounds, so he fits in the small sizes of these products. Thanks!

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My son had the same issue. The pull-ups were working just fine and then it seemed like overnight they weren't. We went to the next size up and we haven't had a problem. My son is 4 as well, we have him in the 4t-5t sizes. Good Luck.

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We use Goodnites with our son who is 5. Occasionally we do have them leak but not very often. I have never tried the underjams but have looked at them and wondered how they work.

As for the people who say to limit liquid intake, I just will not do that to my son. I am someone who drinks A LOT of liquid and if I don't I feel sick and dehyrated. My son is the same way and I am not going to tell him he cannot have anything to drink 4 hours before bed. To me, that is really mean and if someone did that to me it would seem like torture.

I just don't worry about it to much with him. I know he will outgrow it. Now with the new baby coming I know that I will be getting up every night with her so I will just start waking him up as well to go potty during the night. If he gets it, great. If not, oh well, I am not going to make him feel bad about it.


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I have not used either brand, but I just wanted to say, after reading some of the other posts, that there is nothing wrong with your son still needing a pull-up at night. He has only just turned 4. Every kid is different. I don't really believe in "night-training". Just more of a hassle for you. When his body is ready he will naturally start waking up dry in the morning.

I use either brand with my son (3 1/2) and my daughter (5 1/2). I usually go with whichever one I have a coupon for or is on sale. If neither option is available I go with Huggies to get the box top to send to school.

We use goodnights and have not had a problem with them. My son is unable to be potty trained and he has been using them day and night for 4 years. Right now the only problem that we have is sometimes they fall apart - he had a surgery the end of July so we can empty (catheterize) his bladder through his belly button, and he doesn't poop on a regular basis so sometimes I forget to have him change his pullup and they last a couple of days and then they start to fall apart (the inside starts to come out and then it is a mess), but before the surgery the only time we had leak overs was when he would go for the first time of the day (I measured it yesterday morning and his bladder held 450cc's - he also has an abnormally large bladder).

Good Luck
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At age 4 there should be no reason that he is having accidents at night. I would first try limiting his liquid intact abt 4 hours before bedtime. Also besure to make it a habit that he goes to the bathroom before he goes to bed. If he is such a sound sleeper that he doesn't realize he has to go I would not put him in pull-ups. But him in regular underwear to that he realize what is going on and that he attempts to make it to the bathroom before he has an accident.


Here's a great long detailed article, including some extensive recommendations on routines that might help if your child is on the verge of being dry.

Bottom line is, though, that it is a developmental delay (with no relationship to any other kinds of delays) and you just have to wait for their bodies to mature.

In my experience (my 5 year old son has never ever ever had a dry night) Underjams do better - Goodnights leaked for us - but it's quite an overwhelming volume that he puts out. If your son's output is medium to small, Goodnights should be just fine.

Good luck, and know that there are many other parents waiting patiently with you for a little bladder to mature - and the day *will* come when they're dry!

Hi K.. I have never used UnderJams, so unfortunately I can't do a comparison for you. I use Goodnites with my now 5 year old daughter(46 pounds)and am very happy with them. Coupons are always available - both online and in the Sunday papers. Hope this helps. B..

My son had the same issue. The pull-ups were working just fine and then it seemed like overnight they weren't. We went to the next size up and we haven't had a problem. My son is 4 as well, we have him in the 4t-5t sizes. Good Luck.

My son was the same way fully trained during the day but wet pretty consistently at night. I don't so much have a recommendation for which pull-up, we did use them b/c he was so young when he trained himself (a little over 2) I made the mistake and did pull-ups @ night thinking he was too young to be able to figure out night training. After 1 yr of pull ups I decided I as done w/ them and was up for the night time battle of changing cloths/sheets etc til he got it. I have found I've had to stop any liquids @730 and he stays dry!! Maybe try limiting his evening intake will help w/ the leaking at night and eventually lead to being dry all together. Here's hoping!! Good luck

We have used both and my 4 year old son told me he liked the Underjams better because they were softer. We have not had any leaks with them and he goes alot in the night. Good luck.

Before switching diapers, you may want to start waking him up during the night to go to the bathroom. If he's such a sound sleeper and not waking up on his own, you may need to wake him up and take him to the bathroom until he gets used to doing it on his own. We take our daughter every single night around 1:30. She only pees in the potty, but she will hold it all night long (sleeps for 11 hours straight) and then be in terrible pain in the morning, so we have her go once during the night.

I would suggest doing cloth pull-ups. He will for sure feel it when he starts to go and wake up. Just make sure you get the water proof kind. Any questions email me at ____@____.com
Good Luck!

I want to strongly disagree with the post below that says by 4 he should no longer have accidents at night. If that mom was lucky enough to have a 4 year old who could do it, good for her, but statistically it doesn't happen for most kids until age 5. In fact doctors won't even treat children for nighttime wetting until age 6. What is happening with your son is NORMAL and you're doing the right thing in helping him until he outgrows the problem. Most kids who wet the bed are either very heavy sleepers, have a smaller than usual bladder, or lack a hormone that tells them to wake up because their bladder is full. It isn't their fault.

As for Underjams vs. Goodnites, I tend to like the Underjams just a little better as I've never had them leak (Goodnights have leaked before, but I think they've just improved them, so it may not be a problem anymore)--but I also tend to buy the one I have a coupon for.

Good luck!

I had the same problem with my newly 4 year old and I now ONLY buy Goodnites! We have had great luck with them! I hope this helps!!


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