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Goodie Bag Ideas for 10 Year Old Boys

We are having my son's 10th birthday party this weekend at a local amusement center and he is inviting 10 friends. There will be laser tag, games, pizza, etc. I would like to give an inexpensive goodie bag to each of the boys to take home with them. Usually the ones my sons bring home are filled with candy and small toys. However, since it is so close to Halloween, I don't want to give candy and since the boys are older, the small plastic toys usually given don't seem appropriate. I would be grateful for any ideas. Thanks!

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Thank you all so much for the great ideas! I ended up going today and buying $5 gift cards to Blockbuster and will attach them to popcorn packets, as someone suggested, with a thankyou card written from my son. I figure if a child doesn't show, we can always use the gift cards ourselves or use them as gifts in the future. Thanks again!

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I saw some keychain nerf guns at Meijers today. Also, get some Flarp (spelling?) at the dollar store - when they press on it, it makes a farting noise boys find hilarious.

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pop guns, yo yos, mcdonalds certificates?

Once for a sleepover for my son I got small flashlights from Big Lots. Didn't even have to put them in bags. Just gave them out. I've also seen Halloween-themed ones with skulls and pumpins but I don't remember where.

Hi C.-
Here is my gift for older kids:

Buy a couple of boxes of microwave popcorn packets (as many as you need to cover the # of kids--most contain 3 packets per box). Buy $5 gift cards at Blockbuster for each kid. Attach the gift card to the microwave popcorn individual package and tie a ribbon around it. Kids love it--boys REALLY love it because they can rent a game or a movie! Good luck

there are model planes and cars to make and paint at Michaels for $1

Hi C., how about $5 dollar gift cards to Mc Donald's or something. Who doesn't like french fries!

The best goodie bag gift my youngest son EVER got, was a Great Illustrated Classics book. I was having a TERRIBLE time getting him to read, and all of my of my other kids were readers. I think it was Frankenstein. He loved it so much that I ended up buying him every GIC available. He read Oliver Twist, The Count of Monte Cristo, even Ann of Green Gables!

let's see.....when my son was 10 I think we did temporary tattoo's, noise makers or blow outs (no one ever grows out of those) hackey sack balls, I found a pack of boy sunglasses, balsa wood airplanes (or the cheap foam ones), and we might've still threw little cars in there...

The dollar store has glow sticks/swords that would be good for them to have while walking around trick or treating - they also have cool pumpkin and skull straws (not sure if those are cool to a 10 year old or not). Silly string - though I wouldn't give that till they're leaving your house. Michaels also had a dollar section that had magic tricks and things like that.

I saw some keychain nerf guns at Meijers today. Also, get some Flarp (spelling?) at the dollar store - when they press on it, it makes a farting noise boys find hilarious.

Gift Certif. to store, pens, itunes g.c., comic books... What is your theme for the party? Add little things related to that.

How about markers, colored pencils, stickers, and those little coupon books from McDonald's? I'm sure the kids would love those!! :)

It's been a while since I've given out goodie bags (my son is 14!), so I don't know if you can still purchase these. But instead of goodie bags, I used to buy those little, tiny boxes of Legos or a Playmobile figure. They were usually about $3 each back. Instead of a goodie bag, each child would get that as a thank-you party favor.

Hi C.,
How about things like; fancy (boy designs) pencils (kids always need pencils), glue sticks ( I think they eat these) , small shaped erasers or pencil toppers, small flashlights. mini playing cards. and small rubber balls. put and a few of these things and you will have a great goodie bag. These are some of the things as a parent of a ten year old boy I welcome in to my home after a party. Have fun --M.

How about a $5 gift certificate for Borders? I have done this for 2 of my sons parties........huge hit.

How about a yoyo for each child. Ten is a perfect age to start learning some of the tricks they can do with it. You could even show them a trick or two so they can go home and try it out on their friends and family. Enjoy!

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