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Good Wii Games for Kids

we got a wii for christmas and we want a good game for my 4 yr. old girl and 6 yr. old boy to play together. we got the wii sports that came with it and the wii play with the extra controler and my girl has a hard time with them and my husbend and i wernt very impressed. we dont want to spend toooo much 'cause funds are kinda short after christmas. any sugestions would help.thanks

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My 4 year old son loves the Disney/Pixar CARS game! He just loves lightning McQueen and the other characters from the movie!

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Give it a little time. My sons who just turned three last Sunday had a hard time when we first got it a few months ago, but now has the high score it almost every game. He actually beat all his cousins (ages 16-20) and uncles over christmas in bowling averaging around 200. He just loves it now, just takes a little practice and time to figure out the controllers. He also loves Mario Kart (that comes with one steering wheel). Almost all the games he can do with no problem as long as they don't require reading and are rated "E". We did get him the nerf sports equipment but he usually likes playing without it now, so they are kinda of a waste. We got a monthly game membership to blockbusters and are renting the games for a few days to see if he can do them before we buy them and found that really helps. Its kinda expensive but I found that it already saved us from spending $50 on a game he doesn't like. Hope this helps. Happy Holidays

Hi K.,

We have a Wii and my 3.5 yr old doesn't play yet but my 6 yr old loves it. He loves the Wii Sports and Carnival Games and Mario Kart, which are more $$ - but if you live near a GameStop, they sell used games at a cheaper price (depending on the game). In fact, our local GameStop has a Buy 2 Get 1 Free now on used games and I know they have very girly ones (like Princess, etc). Kohl's also sells games that my son likes - fishing, Monster Trucks, Ben 10 - that are usually $19.99 but cheaper if you have a coupon. These games are usually a bit easier as well. Happy Shopping!

My 6 yr old and 4 yr old like mario kart with the wheel..so far evry game alittle hard for myy 4yr old but my 6 yr old love guitar hero..

We got my 3-year old son a Diego Wii game for Christmas and he just loves it. It isn't too difficult and he has a lot of fun with it.

As far as your funds are concerned, you could try going to Game Stop. They sometimes have used games at a discounted price.

We also just received a Wii and we are loving it. My children are 3 and 6. My oldest loves all the games and we have finally found a game for the 3 year old. It is a safari game were you have to look for certain things and take pictures. My hushand has had to navigate but my 3 year old loves taking the pictures. I think he got the game at target and it was only $15.

We got WII for Christmas this year and our whole family is loving it!!! My 6 & 5 year olds love the games and can use the controls BUT my 3 year old son is content to watch. My 3 year old tries to play some of the sports games that came with it but it's difficult for him to control and needs help. Your 3 year may just be too young yet as is my 3 year old. Good luck!!!

I have heard from several sources that the Mario Cart game is great for everyone! I have a 4 year old (almost 5) and she is playing all the games like a champ! We just bought Mario Cart last night, so we will be trying it out today!

I suggest mini golf and carnival Games

I didn't see any of the responses, but my kids (8 yo boy and 6 yo girl) love the Wii sports and Wii play. It took my daughter a bit of time to get the hang of bowling, but she gets such a kick out of it, even when her ball rolls into the "crowd". It may take a little practice but they'll get the hang of it and have fun trying to beat each other. We play these games as a family, so we are there to help them, even our 3 yo son "plays". The main idea is to play together and to move, not just sit on the couch. Who cares if they're any good. Have fun.

Wii carnival games is fun. Ski ball and stuff. The mario games my son loves as well.

We have a 4 yr old boy and we rec'd the wii as a gift and were not that impressed with it also...do not know what all the hype was about...was expecting more. My son did ok but went back to playing with his trains/trucks etc....

my children 5/9 love the mario galaxy...my son as been playing it since he was 4....i would go to other web sites and see what people think of the games...ours our pretty basic. Don't get hotwheels..seems like it should be easy--it's not! IF you need something easy we have Alvin & Chipmunks...something like that for your daughter might be good..slow pace at first and musical...not expensive like alot of them, runs around $19. Some library's have one you can rent too..good way to try some games.

Have fun--wii is really good. It does take the little ones a few days to get the hang of the controls..you daughter will pick it up soon and have lots of fun with the games you have.

My kids are 3 and 4. We have Wii Carnival Games. It consists of typical carnival games - throwing darts at balloons, tossing rings on bottles, dunk tank, ski ball, etc. Some of the games are a little difficult but they are easy in the respect that they don't require a lot of strategy or knowledge of rules and they only require you to follow simple directions. My older child is better at it than my younger one, but this is the one they have the most fun with.

Mario Party...especially if you play with them. It allows up to four players on teams, and has a lot of practicing built into the game.

My 4 year old son loves the Disney/Pixar CARS game! He just loves lightning McQueen and the other characters from the movie!

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