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Good TV Shows for 5-7 Year Old Boys?

I'm looking for some recommendations for good, wholesome (but not too juvenile) shows for boys in the 5-7-ish age range.

My son is 5 1/2, and he has clearly outgrown most preschool-type programming. A lot of his friends are now watching a lot of Disney stuff like Jonas and Hannah Montana - while I think they're relatively wholesome, I think he's too young for a lot of the values (like having boyfriend/girlfriend in high school, etc.).

The only show we're agreeing on lately is Arthur. Looking for other stuff like that - ideas?

P.S. I can't stand Sponge Bob.

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Thank you to everyone for the helpful suggestions. I'm so glad that there are so many like-minded moms out there who are cautious about what they let their kids watch.

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Scooby Doo
Total drama Island-cartoon reality show
Electric company

I do not let my kids watch much of any thing on Nikelodeon-too many sassy mouths.

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My 4 & 7 yr old boys watch:
Super Why
Word World

I like these shows because they are educational. Recently my 7 yr old started watching Bakugan. At first I didn't approve, but it teaches some good lessons like team work, friendship and having confidence. He also loves watching Discovery Channel shows like Planet Earth, Dirty Jobs and How Things are Made.

PBS all the way!

All these new programs just seem so wierd to me!

Just my 2 cents :)

My son now watches baseball AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE.. ahhhh, a tenage boy :)

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We mostly do videos/DVD's to avoid commercials and screen out the junk out there. My 7 year old son and 5 and 1/2 year old girl like old Shirley Temple movies, Davey Crokett and Daniel Boone (also watched on youtube for free!), the movie The Sound of Music, Veggie Tales (son likes more than daughter)- we have nearly all of them (bought at consign sales or cheap on Ebay), Liberty Kids (GREAT cartoon series on the American Revolution), Bible stories (got 8- 30 minute DVD dramas for $10 at www.cbd.com), and the Hermie series by Max Lucado (WONDERFUL stories, with lots of laughs and great moral lessons!).

On the rare tv night, the kids like Bear Gryllis, The Crocodile Hunter, Bindi, How It's Made (more my son), and WordGirl. They also love the Christian shows on Saturday on all the Christian channels. That is a big treat they get on Saturday since we watch very little during the week (normally one 30 minute DVD while I am cooking dinner- maybe 2 if I am taking too long).

I am with many of you on the no Sponge Bob or Hanna. But, I will speculate that I am in the total minority when I say we don't do Scooby Doo b/c it introduces ghosts and scary creatures. When at a friend's my daughter saw it once and was marked by it. Just not redeeming in my book, for my kids' anyway, and the same with the beloved Arthur. When I watched one with my kids recently, they were doing a slumber party and talking about ghosts and kissing. I was shocked, as I thought this was aimed at young kids. Call me old-fashioned or uptight, but at the end of the day, I want them to only put things in their minds that have redeeming moral or educational value. Don't hate. :)

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On Saturdays, my son's favorite channel is TBN up until about
2:00pm. This channel is dedicated to Christians and helps to edify their lives. It is 90% animation that is beautifully done. My nearly 5 yr.old boy dearly loves the Bible-Man segment. I highly recommend this channel to reinforce Christian values in our children.

Mom in Carson.

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Thanks for your original question (I didn't see it until today), and for mentioning SpongeBob - yuck! My kids (ages 5 and 2 1/2) are the only ones I know who aren't allowed to watch it, but I can't stand it!

It was great to read all of these suggestions. My 5 year old recently discovered The Magic Schoolbus (mentioned by a few others), and he also loves How'd That Get on My Plate, which is on the Food Network, I believe. He watches a new episode every Wed (the day it airs) while I cook dinner. It shows how a certain food (apples, wheat, cocoa, etc.) goes from the field/tree to various types of products. We also do a bit of the classic Scooby Doo, and WordWorld on PBS.

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I scanned through the responses looking for more ideas for my boys, ages 5 and 7 also. We only have PBS, very basic channels, no disney, noggin, etc. The love Super Why, Sid the Science Guy, and Word World. I didn't see anyone mention "Popular Mechanics for Kids." If you have a chance to check out videos from the local library, try the "Popular Mechanics for Kids". My boys loved them and they were spewing facts from them months after watching them. Good luck!

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I've got a 7-year-old boy and two girls (almost 5 and 2), and we have had some battles recently about which tv shows they're allowed to watch. Like you, I really don't like Sponge Bob, and I'm pretty careful about what we allow them to watch. (I let my kids watch Nick, Jr. early in the morning when Dora and Diego are on, and then it usually gets switched to Noggin, if anything.) But one Disney show that everyone in our family loves (my husband and me included!) is Phineas and Ferb. It's quite clever and complex for a kids' show--and my husband and I love the literary references!

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I would be interested in the answer to that. My son is almost 5 and has older brothers and sisters that watch Disney, TLC or whatever. They are too old for him. Nick Jr gets boring for him and some movies have "scary parts". He no longer naps but needs some down time so (gulp) I use the tv to help him chill.

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You've gotten so many recommendations! One show I haven't seen mentioned yet, and is very good for both you children is Full House (I believe it is on ABC Family). It was something I watched growing up and my children LOVE it. It laways has a lesson to teach and you don't ever have to worry about fashion and language being an issue). I won't let my daughter (7) watch Hanna Montana anymore because she (my daughter) started focusing too much on fashion and how she looked in clothing :(. She is far too young to focus on that at this age, in my opinion. Full House is a feel good, wholesome show.

Good luck!

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I did not hear mention of Penquins of madagascar, yes it is Nick but my kids love it and it is clean. They are boys 8 and 5 and still love word girl, superwhy,scooby doo, between the lions, iron man maybe. I also find some shows on computer that I favorite for them and that is where they can go. I have huge pickyness on movies they see. No spiderman, No Pirates, No Harry potter, Too much scary creatures, way too much darkness. I try to stick to no PG but some good shows are actually rated that. Good Luck!! Great question to ask!!

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