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Good Doctor in San Diego, CA

I need to a find a good OB in San Diego, CA as I am newly pregnant. Can anyone help? Thanks!!!
I live near La Jolla and have United Health Care as my insurance.

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Thanks for your replies! Has anyone been to Poway's Women Care? I live coastal SD near La Jolla.

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Hi A....excellent doctor (OB) with Sharp Rees Stealy is Gary O'Hara. He delivered my daughter over 14 years ago...and I have continued to see him over the years. He is awesome.

I love Dr. Elizabeth Silverman at North County OB/GYN. They are located in the XIMED building near Scripps Memorial in La Jolla. She's really wonderful and the office staff is great. (Kelly Harkey, as someone else mentioned, is also in the same office.)

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Not sure exactly where you are located, but I LOVE my OB. Dr. Karen Kohatsu in RB. She associated with Pomerado Hospital and Centre for Health Care. LOVE HER and all of her staff!

Hi there.
I had a great experience with Sandra Petersen she is with Scripps Mercy in Hillcrest.. Her nurse practitioner Rachel is awesome too.

I go to Dr. June Melin in Pacific Beach. She delivered both my children and I love her. She is very energetic and honest. I just had my daughter 7 weeks ago at Scripps Mercy (much better place to have a baby than the "drive through" service at Sharp Mary Birch). 4 of my nurses all go to Dr. Melin, which I thought was a good sign.

I really liked West Coast OBGYN (website link below) - went there for both of my kids. There are 3 doctors and 2 nurse practitioners and you meet all of them so you get a lot of care - that way one is definitely ready for you on your day of delivery! They have a nice, new, clean office and you never have to wait long at appointments.
Good luck!


I agree with Rachelle B. West Coast OBGYN is Awesome. They are on Frost Street off of Genesee exit on the 163. An excellent group of dr.s and nurse practitioners.

I am changing OB/Gyn's at 7 months pregnant because I am unhappy with Dr. Melin's office. They have screwed up simple paperwork and instructions a few times now where I was turned away from my ultrasound appointment and a lab blood draw. These were important dates: 2nd tri ultrasound where I was supposed to find out the sex of my baby and the blood glucose intolerance test blood draw. The blood glucose intolerance test involves drinking a glucose drink, then having your blood drawn an hour later. I was given the bottle and instructed to drink it, then head to the lab. Dr. Melin said that the lab may give me a hard time but to have them call her office if there was any problem. She said this way I would not have to sit around the lab for an hour before they drew my blood. I followed the instructions but when I got to the lab, they refused to draw my blood and scolded me for drinking the drink saying that I could have passed out due to the shot of glucose to my system. This scared me that I could have had some kind of accident endangering both myself and my baby just because I was following my Dr.'s orders. Both times I had to take time off of work that has to be made up ...meaning I have to work extra hours (not cool if you are pregnant!!). Then I had to reschedule time out of my day to repeat the appointment and then make up more work hours. This last time I decided enough was enough and have changed physicians. Also, they do not have an answering machine and the phone transfer service usually hangs up on you so you have to call back repeatedly to even get through. Although, Dr. Melin seems to know what she is doing, I can not forgive this last episode with the glucose test. She also rambles on constantly so plan on your appointments taking longer due to her incessant talking. I would not recommend her office due to these experiences.

I have to be the voice of dissent...I went to west coast for my twin pregnancy & really liked them in the beginning. When I was hospitalized, Dr. Sean Saffer was unfortunately not very attentive and the nurses were unable to get him to call back several times. Fortunately, I was delivered by my perinatologist - Dr. Catanzarite (if you need a peri, you cannot do better than that group!). After their birth, they spent time in the NICU and breastfeeding was rough. When I developed mastitis for the second time, Dr. Henao told me it was time to "bind my breasts" and "get over" my hopes to breastfeed. I left in tears. I was able to find a fantastic LC at Mary Birch and my twins are now 9 months old and exclusively breastfed.

Possibly I just had some bad experiences, and they absolutely were great for routine appointments. But, when push came to shove, they didn't hold up.

IGO Medical Group is fantastic. Dr Gurushantiah has been my primary OBGYN for 6 years and has helped me through some serious complications from cervical precancer, hemmoraging as well as my first pregnancy. Her associate Dr. Gunnerson is also wonderful. I would highly reccommend either doctor and have to many friends who are all very happy.

I love Dr. Elizabeth Silverman at North County OB/GYN. They are located in the XIMED building near Scripps Memorial in La Jolla. She's really wonderful and the office staff is great. (Kelly Harkey, as someone else mentioned, is also in the same office.)

Hi A....excellent doctor (OB) with Sharp Rees Stealy is Gary O'Hara. He delivered my daughter over 14 years ago...and I have continued to see him over the years. He is awesome.

Hi A.-

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE my OB/GYN... (She delivered my daughter as well as both my niece and nephew). She has a very kind and gentle manner, but not "wimpy". She has always taken as much time as I need to answer any questions I have, and has always made me feel as if when she is with me, there is no place else she should be... makes me feel "cared for"....She is across from the Sharp Complex off the 163, although she is associated with Sharp, she is an Independent Dr, so she takes other types of Insurance. I truly do love her and have recommended her to everyone I know who is looking for an OB. Hope that helps!

Colleen McNally
8010 Frost Street
San Diego 92123

I've also seen 3 of the other Dr in the practice and they were also great, but Dr McNally is the greatest!

I was in a similar situation just a little while ago and was referred to West Coast OBGYN, affiliated with Sharp Memorial in Kearney Mesa. It's a group practice and all 4 docs and the NP are all great, but my now 5 month old daughter was delivered by Dr. Henao at Mary Birch. I could not have had a better experience. Their website is www.wcobgyn.com. Good Luck!

I recommend Dr. Catharine Marshall at Del Mar OB/gyn - she is in the same office as Dr. KB Lim and she is terrific!

Dr. Colleen McNally at Womens Health Care (Frost Street) is AWESOME!

I second IGO Medical Group! Dr. Guru was my OBGYN for both of my pregnancies and she is awesome. She was very supportive throughout my pregnancies and always answered all of my questions in detail. Dr. Guru always made me feel like she was really excited for me and was glad to be my doctor. The few times I had to see another doctor in the practice (when Dr. Guru was out delivering babies) I was equally impressed. This is a fantastic group of doctors that I would highly recommend, especially Dr. Guru!

Kelly Harkey at Scripps Memorial in La Jolla-North County OB

I highly recommend Dr. Chrysten Cunningham. Her practice is in Hillcrest next to Scripps Mercy. I'm on my second pregnancy with her and will never go anywhere else. She has her own private practice so you always see her & she delivers at Mercy & Mary Birch. Here's her website: www.drcunningham.yourmd.com

Good luck!

West Coast OB/GYN - they have their offices right across the street from Sharp Memorial/Mary Birch hospital.
They are the BEST!!!!

West Coast OBGYN or Womens Health Care (Dr. McNally rocks) are both on Frost Street off the 163 fwy...

I have had all three of my babies with Sharp Rees Stealy Dr. Barmeyer. In addition to being a wonderful OBGYN the office is located next door to Mary Birch Hospital for Women. Dr. Barmeyer also works at the hospital so on two occasions he actually delivered my babies. I have nothing but positive memories.

Good Luck :-)

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