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Good Birthday Gifts for 3 Yr Old Boys

Hi everyone! My son, Philip, is turning three July 13th. Each year, we get one "big" birthday gift for him. Big does not necessarily mean expensive. Instead, "big" means a the gift that he really enjoys and does not grow tired of too quickly. For instance, his first birthday gift was the Little Tykes Outdoor Adventure playset (grandparents went halfsies with us). Second birthday was a two seater red wagon and tricycle. Both of these gifts are still enjoyed each and everyday and we feel they are developmentally and educationally appropriate. We are coming up empty on ideas for this third birthday. Thomas the Tank is out. He's not interested and we aren't pushing it since we have a tiny cottage style home athat can't fit a train table or anything relatively immobile. Philip is obsessed with books, and wants to read them 24/7. He also loves puzzles. Any ideas for our little boy this year would be appreciated!

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Thanks everyone! Such wonderful ideas! We have opened ROTH IRA in his name, as the strong urging of our parents. We also already have a little chair with his name on it and each year's birthday gift from the grandparents is the zoo membership. We have Leapster from Xmas this past year although he's not really into it as much as books and puzzles. So, I think we are considering an outdoor swingset/fort, but it's a bit pricey and will take up much of our little backyard. But, it will be used by both Philip and her little sister when she gets bigger. Also, the dinosaur idea is a good one, as he is really into dinosaurs and bugs (yuck!). Thank you everyone for these great ideas!

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I have a 3 1/2 year old boy and his favorite toys right now are small cars. We have a wonderful fold up mat with roads and city scenes on it that lays on the floor and he has a small kid's fishing tackle box that he carries his cars around in. This has been great since we can take them with us when we go somewhere. We just fold up the mat and put all of his little cars in his box and take them with us when we go visiting family or on vacation. I bought the mat from One Step Ahead/Leaps and Bounds. They have some great educational type toys also.
Hope this helps

My son will be three in November and we are planning on getting him an art table/easel. He can use it to color, paint, read, do puzzles, or just play with his cars on it. It has its own light and seat attached to it and can be folded to fit in the corner. We found the one we like at Wal*Mart for $20.

Have you taken Thomas to the Library? I don't know how old a child has to be to have his own library card, but if he qualifies and you have a good children's library, they have all kinds of programs for kiddos, year round. Also, the card would be a good way to start teaching good responsibilities.

I know it isn't 'big,' but it is huge in rewards for him.

B. M.

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Hi - congratulations on a lovely family. Are you anywhere near a zoo or child's museum? If so, how about a visit there with lots of photos and books related to where you go? With the photos, you can compile an album he will enjoy looking at. Just a thought. I send best wishes for your son's birthday to be filled with sunshine and laughter.

my son loved and still enjoys leapster. Can read, play or sing with the different cartridges

R., I am responding because I noticed you said your son loves books! My 3 year old also loves books and for his last birthday I started a wish list on amazon.com. It was perfect! I started the list because we already have enough toys and he doesn't seem to play with many of his toys anyway. He got to help pick out the books and was very excited when he opened them at his party! A few trips to the library first would be helpful. There might not be enough time to do this for his birthday this year, but it would be a fun idea for Christmas or his 4th birthday!
Good luck! Hope he has a great birthday!
A. N

My son will be three in November and we are planning on getting him an art table/easel. He can use it to color, paint, read, do puzzles, or just play with his cars on it. It has its own light and seat attached to it and can be folded to fit in the corner. We found the one we like at Wal*Mart for $20.

Hey, so what's the problem with buying this child Books? You mention he is obsessed with books. There are lots of truly educational books out there in his age bracket. And puzzles also...If he likes building puzzles, then look for puzzles that are about the human body or something scientific but for a 3 yr old mentality! The child will be learning while experiencing something he truly enjoys. I see no problem in that. When my oldest was only 2 he also loved reading. BAck in that time the Snoopy and Charlie Brown educational encyclopedias were selling at Winn Dixie food stores for min. price with every food purchase. I bought several. My son started out enjoying the pictures, eventually learned to memorize the stories and facts told because I would read to him from those books. And later on, he read them to himself! He was learning while enjoying his favorite pasttime.

give it some thought. Gifts don't have to be BIG nor Expensive especially for children this young. They should come from the heart of the giver and touch the heart of the receiver. That's it!


My daughter loved books at three, too. My suggestion would be to get him a computer for kids. My daughter has four of them, each one different. Our favorite two are by Vtech. They are not that expensive, actually one came from a consignment shop for five dollars and another from a thrift store for a dollar. My daughter plays with at least one several times a week. They have helped her learn her numbers and letters by the different games and she likes having a mouse shaped mouse on one of them. Hope the birthday goes well!

How about an art easle? They can fold flat against the wall and some can be stored behind a dresser. They can have the chalk on one side and paper on the other, I take my daughters outside when she uses the chalk. Much better on that than scrawled all over the porch. I'm not sure if your son is a budding artist, but surely it will keep him enthralled and give you some much needed QUIET time!

We live in a one room cabin and this thing is priceless! I store ours under the couch!
Good Luck and God Bless!

Dump trucks or trains!!


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