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I was not raised going to church... ever. I used to go to church every once in a while with my neightbor, and then I went to a youth group with them when I was in high school. I don't know a lot about religion, but I have been to both a Christian and Catholic church and I prefer the Christian religion. I would like to take my children to church as a family when they are a little older so that they aren't as in the dark about this as I am. I really want to go as a family, but my husband wasn't raised going to church either, and basically would rather be doing other things with his weekends since we already have such busy lives. How can I give my children, and myself for that matter, a good idea of what religion is and how do I get my huband involved?

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Hi, my name is H.. May I suggest the LDS (Mormon) religion? It really is family focused. Everything centers around the family from improving family relationships to soing things with the family to anything. Ya some say were not "christians" but in fact we are. If you think maybe interested I can get the missionaries out where you live and they can talk to you. Let me know.

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I been a Christian since 1990 and I wont get back to my oldself anymore Im happier now and busier with my life, i'm a sunday school teacher and a childcare provider during weekdays, I recomend for you to search for a full gospel non denomination church to go too, I dont know if you heard about the "Rock" Church its by Aero Drive I think you can search d the internet. They have a very Good service there and the pastor there is Miles Mcpherson his a former charger player and a founder of miles ahead ministry. they have 4 to 6 service every sunday and have some sunday school for the kids. Try it and let me know what happend, your husband will like it to God is the only one that can touch and change peoples lives we only need to give him some time.
God Bless.....

Hi there C.! Glad to hear you want to get involved in church! I too didn't grow up in it but only went during the summers that were spent at my grandparents. I am now married with two kids of my own.

First, GO. Take your kids. I know you would love to be able to all go as a family but if your husband doesn't want to go at this time he may later. But don't pressure him. You will notice a change in your kids and yourself -for the better. Going to church to praise the Lord will fill your spirit with such joy - and strength. Always ask your husband if he would like to go but don't ever pressure him as you don't want him to think you a nag. The best way to lead a spouse to the Lord is not by pressure but by changing yourself and allowing your spouse to see that change in yourself and children. And don't forget to continually pray that the Lord will change his heart . I hope this helps!

C. i would really suggest that you pray, prayer always works. I am a mother of 5 and my family has been going to church for 3 years but now my husband quit going and he just does other things for his weekend my teenage sons even quit going but for me im still pressing on because i feel im responsible for planting a seed for my girls so what im doing is just being an example and praying maybe they will follow so C. read your bible god will answer you.

I'm not sure what you mean by "when the kids get older" but one thing you may try is a christian preschool for your oldest, when you are ready to send him. Try and find one that has an active parent component, and then get active! Your child will be learning in school and you will be getting involved in the school/church as well, so it may be just a natural extension for you to begin attending services regularly, and will be easier to do, because the kids will be "warmed up" to the location already and will not cry when you take them to sunday school!!


Tell me more about you, and what you are looking for in your life and the lives of your children.
I think that God is tugging at your heart. He made you, He's loved you this whole time, and He misses you as a parent would miss their long-lost child.

Do you know about Salvation? Do you know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior?
He's ready for you to give your life to Him...he's just waiting on you to want Him! Believe me, your husband can become saved through you and your children someday...I've seen it happen. It starts with you, though. Don't worry about your hubby...God will work on Him in His own time. Just focus on your relationship with God, and THEN God will make the changes that are needed in your family with the kids and your man. Do not get confused about religions and such. If you have any direct questions...please message me! I'll be glad to answer them, to correspond through phone or email consistantly with you, and to be on this road with you wholeheartedly! Let me know! I've been where you are!
If you are curious...I am a 100% Bible-believing Christian (not Mormon or Catholic). I go to an Evangelical Free church (which just means that we aren't limited by denominations; we only follow the Word of God)
I heard someone above me recommend the Tierrasanta church, I think??? If you live in the San Diego area...this is a good choice. I've visited that church before and KNOW that your kids would be well-cared for, guided, taught, and most of all enjoying it!!!

Write me back!

N. Rios

I know of a great church that I bet your husband would love! We've taken lots of our friends there that weren't so much "church people" but they loved it. It's Canyonview Christian Fellowship in Tierrasanta, The Pastor (mike) actually used to be Catholic when he was young. It's a super fun laid back church, and I think you should definitely check it out! Let me know if you have any other questions!!!

I would say look for a church whose religion is acceptable to you & get your kids involved in the kids group there. cub scouts (he's still a little young, but later), sunday school. If the kids like it, THEY will get the family involved. My grandfather was catholic & grandmother baptist so they didn't go to church..but then my father got involved in boy scouts which was sponsored by the presbyterian church & eventually the whole family (even the aunts) started going there. if the church does not have a strong children's program I would not not think the kids would get much out of it as this is not your old-time family church.

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