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Going Out of the country.....vaccines???

Im going out of the country (costa rica) in june and im very scared about getting my daughters vaccinations. shes very healthy and she gets all her vitamins and prevenative natural supplements but im still worried about going out of the country. i dont her to get something that i could have avoided, but i also dont what her to potentailly get some of the side effects from the vaccines. does anyone have an opinion on this, is anyone a holistic/open minded pediatrition?? what are the risks of both sides, what should i do??? HELP!!!
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thanks everyone:) i think with all of the reearch ive done and with all of your responses, im going to stay away from the vaccines and stick to the holistic approach. thanks for all your advice!!

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I am NO advocate of vaccines! There is a really good book out there called "What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinations" by Stephanie cave, if you look it up on amazon, a host of other books will show up too that may be helpful. I think it is important to understand the risk of the disease & how to treat it rather than just poisoning your VERY YOUNG, still developing child because you don't have all your information. I have been happy with Susan Delaney at the Wellness alliance in Carrboro. She is a Naturopath, not a pediatrician, but she may be able to help you. Would you rather live with hep B or an autistic child? Vaccines are no guarantee of protection, either...things to think about. It really is a matter of research & weighing all the pros & cons to conclude which risk you can live with. You will never regret spending the time to research it your self. Research Costa Rica as well, I saw one post that mentioned it tends to be a cleaner South American Country. Good Luck to you!

I know you already posted that you were just going to go the holistic route but wanted to add something. If you've been to Costa Rica before you know that it is one of the cleanest and safest Latin American countries. Not trying to knock any of the others, but in comparison to other "third world" countries it is easy to find clean places to eat and public places are quite clean. Vaccines only really become an issue if you will be going someplace VERY rural for an extended period of time. I studied in Costa Rica for a semester in college and went on various other trips there and I didn't ever need vaccines for those trips. So, as long as you use a little common sense (the same you would use here!) I don't think your little one will even be exposed to anything dangerous. Hope this helps put your mind at ease a little!

there are many holistic docs out there....google PAVE organization or try NVIC organization and also try Holistic Mothers Network......these organizations can help you.......
Regarding the military, let's not forget all the men and women serving our country who are very ill from the vaccinations they were forced to take! How about the toddler from Indiana whose father was in Iraq; when the father came home, the little boy suffered a life threatening disease that he caught from his father who had the small-pox vaccine awile before. The wife also caught a small form of illness from her husband, but she was able to be treated outside the hospital.....

Look up ABC or CNN if you don't trust my response.

Better yet, look up the exact ingredients of the vaccinations from the medical industries who are creating them.

Our own government has created a system called VAERS. Look it up! It's a data system where the government keeps track of all persons injured by vaccinations....our government pays out billions of dollars to people being hurt by vaccines!

Anyone read USA today this past week....the front page read something like, "doctors admit to receiving money from pharmaceutical companies".....

Do research on anything that goes into or on you and your children's bodies........I did....a long time ago!
Knowledge is Power.

Ask about Hepatitis B shots...I know waaay back when my 16 year old was only 2 we had to have that shot before we traveled. T. K.

I don't have an answer but this is a great question. Because we may be traveling out of the US I wonder the same thing. My 17 month old has all her shots but MMR and Chix Pox. I have concerns with getting vaccines as well.

Hello S.,
Check out this website it is from the CDC. Personally myself, I would have my children immunized for the pure fact that I'd rather be safe than sorry. Yes, negative effects may happen from immunizations but I'd feel safer doing them anyways! Hope you have a fun and safe trip :-)


Definately consult your pediatrician. We had to get Aryan's done at 18 months as well. He couldn't get the typhoid b/c it's not approved for kids under 2 yet. So technically the only one he had to get was the Hep A shot which is now required by CDC. So have you looked into exactly which ones she will need? Aryan also had to take Malara tablets, but when we started to take those, he had a reaction to them so I had to stop them. :( But he survived.

The ones recommended in India where we went was Hep A, Tetnus, typhoid and Hep B. Considering he had all them but Hep a series and Typhoid he only had to have one.

I know each child is different but I would recommend doing them NOW if you can only so that you can take action if she DOES have a reaction.

Good luck!

I totally understand your concerns about the vaccines she would need. But being my hubby is in the military, I have an understanding about why we have to have them. There are some things that your daughter could catch that would be way worse than the side effect of the vaccine for it. And there are some diseases that if a person caught it, wouldn't be allowed back in the United States. Do you know which ones you would need for where you want to go? I would highly recommend talking with her pediatrician about your travel plans and how long you plan on being away. He/She will know the best course of action to take in protecting your daughter from anything she could possibly come in contact with.

Good luck and have a safe trip!!


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