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Goat Milk

Hi ladies-
I have a 11 month old daughter and I want to stop breasfeeding (well pumping) at 12 months. She is a really good eater and I have been trying to give her some cow milk here and there to get her used to the taste but she hates it!!!!
I have been reading about goat milk and seen that it is the closest thing to breast milk. Has anyone experianced with this?
Any suggestions on how to wean her off my breasmilk?
Thank you

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Why not try almond milk or rice milk? There's a saying: Cow's milk for cows. I get the feeling that would speak for goats too.
Almond milk really is quite tasty. Maybe if YOU drink it, or rice milk, it will go through you, and she'll get the taste of it from you and the transition would work easier?

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Why not try almond milk or rice milk? There's a saying: Cow's milk for cows. I get the feeling that would speak for goats too.
Almond milk really is quite tasty. Maybe if YOU drink it, or rice milk, it will go through you, and she'll get the taste of it from you and the transition would work easier?

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Goat milk is very similar to breast milk. I nursed my son for the first 9 weeks and then tried several formulas.. Every formula made him SICK!!! He is highly allergic to formula.

I finally took my mother's advice and gave him goat milk and he was a completely different baby.. A VERY HAPPY baby.. finally!!
I had taken my son to the doctor's office several times and they had every excuse.. acid reflux, protein intollerance..
NO.. it was the formula.

I Highly recommend Goat's milk!!! Cow's milk may be a little hard for her to digest right now.

I weaned both my boys easily with Soy milk. It is sweeter than cows milk and tastes more like breast milk (which is sweeter) I use silk organic (red container) If you do go soy milk makes sure it is organic. I also put them right to a sippy cup. It was something new and they felt like a big boy and special(instead of giving it to them in a bottle)

Can't tell you anything about goat's milk, but I can tell you a little about weaning. I have an almost 13 month old, so we are just ahead of you. I am down to nursing just once a day (yeah!). This is my second child, so I am a little more relaxed about it this time around. Cow's milk is new, and most kids don't like it right away. Just keep offering it at mealtimes/snacktimes, and she'll get used to it. Don't worry if she doesn't take much, especially while she is still nursing a lot. My daughter didn't really start really drinking it until we started cutting out some of her feedings. The other thing is try to give her other forms of milk. YoBaby yogurt is great right now. It is made with whole milk. We open one up, pour a little bit of whole milk in, mix it up and put a straw in it. She sucks it right up. I have heard that YoBaby also makes a smoothie, but I haven't found it anywhere. When we are in a rush, we pop a straw through the foil of a Danimals (not whole milk, but her older sister's "wergert" of choice), and she sucks that up, too. This eased her transition to cow's milk.
Cheese counts, too, so push the cheese!
When you actually start weaning, you need to replace feedings with a snack. Fruit, yogurt, crackers, "big girl" food. Don't think that you just need to replace a nursing with a sippy of milk, any snack will do.

my daughter was breastfed until she got formula at about 10 months.. she hated formula.. then she got used to it..

then we switched her to milk.. and she hated milk and then she got used to it..

she now drinks milk fine and asks for more..

keep offering the milk.. in a cup, bottle differnt sippy cups.. whatever..

my son will drink milk out of a cup but not a bottle.

he likes cups with straws...

try differnt cups try it cold or warm...

she will decide to drink it someday..

Hi A.,

It's good to take cues from your daughter about the cow's milk. Cow's milk actually causes a lot of kids problems and the longer you can hold off the better. I have three kids and while we do have plain organic yogurt and cheese, we really never have drank milk. They're 8, 6 and 6.

My partner is a pediatrician and she sees a lot of kids who have problems because of cow's milk.

Goat's milk is a better choice - it is closer in composition to cow's milk and more easily digested by human babies.

You can check out the blog where my partner talks about cow's milk - www.nourishyourkids.com/blog - just look to the categories on the left for cow's milk posts.

Good luck!


Hello A.,
Yes, you heard right about goat milk. Go for it!I have 3 boys (12,7,3). After nursing, they all got a goatmilk shake(instant in can) mixed with my favorite nutrition powder that gives optimal nutrition. This contained more nutrients in it than any formula I ve seen on the market! They never lacked any nutrients and the MD was amazed how healthy they were. We never used formula( did the goatmilk with that powder shake instead).They cont. the shakes with the Kid's formula to this day. Now we mix it in soymilk or other beverage! As a result they have been very healthy with a strong immune system.
Hope you had a blessed Thanksgiving!
C. W.

My baby nursed for 16 months. The only milk I can get her to drink is pink milk. I tried and tried for many months, and poured out sippy after sippy of undrank milk. When she turned 21 months I added nestle quick strawberry and she will drink it. I have tried goats milk. My son drinks it because he has asthma and he can't have cows milk. To me, the goats milk tastes like cows milk only creamy. It is very good. But I do not think it tastes like breast milk at all. (Yes, I've tried my breastmilk.) Breastmilk has a taste of it's own. Anyway, all you can do is keep on trying milk. Mine still won't drink it very good at all. She gets milk in her cereal, she eats yogurt, and is just starting to like cheese. She may never like milk. All you need to worry about is getting enough calcium in her diet. Good luck.

Hi A.,
I hear so many moms say the same thing you are saying, their babies do not like cow's milk. I have heard goats milk is the next best thing to breast milk also. Everything I have been reading states that cow's milk is not the best choice. I get my information from www.mercola.com and Jordan Rubin's website (I forget the website) Google his name...these two sites are awesome!! You will be pleased. I wish I tried a different road when my babies were small!

it's worth a try.. I HATe the taste and smell of goat's milk, but my friend's son who has milk allergies will drink it just fine and he'll eat the cheese. What about switching to formula?

My son hated white milk. The only way I could get him to drink it was by using the sugar free Nesquik powder. I usually add 1/2 tsp. to his cup. It is great because it is packed with iron, vitamin D, calcium and other nutrients. It has more vitamins that ovaltine. Good luck!

I just have to offer the suggestion that if you are looking for something closest to breastmilk, keep feeding breastmilk. Although most introduce milk at a year, you don't have to. I wouldn't give my child goats milk...even though they have lactose issues, they like cows milk just fine. Every milk is breastmilk of SOME sort, remember, so I would (and do) give cows milk. My opinion...


PS My kids also like rice milk and soy milk...just a thought. OH YES, and if you do research on the internet, PLEASE PLEASE educate yourself on the sources you use. For instance I wouldn't take 'Mercola's' advice if you PAID me! He's a lunatic!

When I was weening my daughter at 17 month my Mom was telling me goats milk was the best. Thats what they use in Europe. And she'd even ran out and bought some for me (yes she's a busy body, but I love her any way) What even kind she got was yucky it smelled like a bard and none of us liked the taste. I do know that different kinds of goats milk tastes different. So thats something to mull over. Maybe you could find someone local w/ a goat as well?
Good luck, A. H

Have you ever tasted breastmilk? It's kind of sweet flavored - what baby would want to switch to cow's milk after having the good stuff! Luckily my two boys never gave me a problem at all switching to milk but with other things we eventually had to give up like the pacifier and bottle, I really found that cold turkey was best. It still wasn't easy, around 3 days of pure hell for everything, but once they adjusted they were fine. I'd say when you're ready to do the switch just do it. Keep giving her milk, even if she pushes it away, it won't hurt her to not drink as much for the day or two until she adjusts. Just think, if you switch to goats milk now, then eventually you'll just have to do it all over again when you do the final switch to cows milk. Good luck!


Breast milk has a sweet taste to it that cows milk doesn't have. Most kids have an issue transferring from one to the other. Try mixing the two together or add just a tad of sweetener adding less and less until she gets used to the taste. Eventually they do make the transition. :)

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