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Go to Church or Not????

i have always been going to church but when my hubby and i met, we both agree that you can worship god in the comfort of your own home. this is what we do and we are happy to do so. alot of people don't like the idea that thats what we do and they say that we should go to church. i have hearing aids in both ears and i always have to turn them down when i go anywhere so thats why i worship god at home ( plus my hubby has to have the car for work). what do you all believe?????

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You worship at home and don't go to church. Alot of people worship at church and never crack a Bible or even speak about God in there home. So it is AWESome that you have brought God into you home...and are building a Christian foundation for your children. That being said...I believe you are totally robbing yourself and your family and all the people whos life you could touch and visa versa by not being a part of a group of believers. The Church is built up of a body of people with different gifts and talents all important in the Kingdom of God. God created you for a reason...and He created us all to go forth and tell others about Him. Jesus would go off into the wilderness and pray to spend His alone time with God...but He always came out of the wilderness to minister and witness.

Hebrews 10:25
not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as is the manner of some, but exhorting one another.

A church where your children could be in a nursery where they are happy and well cared for and as they get older taught scripture and songs appropiate for there age would be great..so you and your husband can worship knowing they are ok.
There are alot of people that like you can't hear but do attend church. Some have interpretors..mine doesn't ..yet...but I invite you to attend or watch our service FREE on streaming video http://www.maurydavisministries.com/ My Pastor also comes on CHannel 5 on Sunday mornings at 10:00 am if you are interested in watching him. Nothing is as important as your personal relationship with Jesus and like I said it is great you have that intact....but to not give others the chance to meet you and your family is robbing the world of the uniqueness God created when He created you and your family :) Pray about it...I sought a church for a long time..and tried quite a few ..til God led me to the place I know He wants me to be. Nothing like the feeling of KNOWING you are where God wants you to be. And you are not sure God wants you to stay at home..are you wouldn't have asked the question :) Obstacles like "a ride to church" can be worked out. "Seek and you shall Find." This goes for everything in life worht finding. God Bless

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Being a part of a church is wonderful and I believe it is what God requires as Christian. You can also help be a part of a place that is a pillar of strength for that community - and that's a great thing to contribute to and most churches have wonderful activities that kids enjoy. I say try and see how the family likes it

That is interesting because my husband and just started doing that also. Since we have 2 little ones(5 month old boy and 19 month old girl) getting up early and being on time for church can be alittle hard. We read this book by Charles Capps called The Tongue- a creative force which blow our minds. We take passes from that book and do further studies in the Bible. We find that this has been very spiritually forfilling for us. We do plan to visit a few churches to followship with other christians. We also plan to take lots of weekend trips for our business so we plan to worship in the car as well.
Perhaps we can exchange information sometime.

J. G


It is imperative that your children are raised with a strong belief system. This is what will get them through the hard times in life. Your example comes first, but the reinforcement, learning and training they get in Sunday School with other children their own age is something that will stick. There is a feeling of belonging, they will learn more, and it will be fun. I still sing the childhood songs I learned in Sunday School. They bring me joy - especially in hard times.

going to church is not only worshiping God but is also a spiritual net work. we as christians are to lift up one another encourage If we don't have that it can become easy to slip into what this world offers. Going to churh no matter what isnt always easy it can mean fighting with Family who can't always understand why I am in church twice on sunday and bible study on wednesday night. I some times find it inconvient but because I am faithful I have been blessed we move around alot and finding a good church is not easy. But my girls see and know I try to live what I believe. We go because I believe God commanded it for my own good! to be with brethern of the same faith as I .

You are membres of God's very own family,citizens of God's country, and you belong in God's household with everyother christian. Ephesians 2:19

Following Christ includes belonging, not just believing. For the organs of your body to fulfill their purpose, they must be connected to your body. The same is true for you as part of Christ's body.If an organ is somehow severed from it's body , it will shrivel and die. It cannot exist on it's own, and neither can you. It's good to get out of the day to day and be with other believers, in the house of the Lord. The church is God's agenda for the world.Jesus said, "I will build my church, and all the powers of hell will not conquer it." Only in regular contact with ordinary,imperfect believers can we learn real fellowship and experience the New Testament truth of being connected and dependent on each other. I pray you and your family can find a home church, so you can pray, and worship with other believers. God bless

Read the book of Acts, that's where the church was established.

You can worship God anywhere and in your own home, and when I travel and can't find a church to go to or am unable to attend, I do have time with him, but God didn't have that in mind for us. God established the "church" for a reason, to come together collectively as a group of believers....what we call the church. It's a way to lift one another up, worship, praise, to bear each others burdens and be there corporately for one another in Christ's name. It's easier to focus on God with a group of belivers. Not to hap hazardly worship him at home and get caught up doing other things. Before you know it, He get's put by the wayside, when we should be focusing on him. I know it's easier to stay home, but there are a lot of people in your same situation that go to church, and there are people who can pick you up and bring you home too. It's a choice. No matter what you decide to do, you still have a friend here!


Everyone has their own point of view on things like this but for me I need church. I need the fellowship and the accountablity. I think yall should decide what is best for you but if you dont go to church you should still get christian fellowship. You could have bible studies at your home and have friends come join you. Its your choice but for us I lack in my christian walk if I dont. I hope that helps. God Bless.

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