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Glass of Wine or Alcohol for Breastfeeding Mother of Toddler???

I have had barely a drop of wine or any alchohol since becoming pregnant and now bfeeding for 17 months. I bfeed 3 times a day.

Can I have a glass of wine or a bit of amaretto without any risk to my loved one?

Thanks as usual for your thoughtful advice.

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My answer is a very definitive "no". I mean why risk it? I had a friend who thought it was okay, and we had quite a falling-out over it. I could never understand the point of the gamble. Wine will still be around when you've decided you're finished B.Feeding and if you (or anyone) is getting to the point in their B.Feeding experience that they are contemplating harming their child - perhaps it's time to quit B.Feeding. I don't mean that to sound harsh, but I just feel it's the truth. I'd rather my infant drink formula than a cocktail...

One glass of wine should be fine. If you drink more than that, I'd pump and throw it away before the next feeding.

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The one thing no one yet has mentioned is that alcohol metabolizes differently when you have a full stomach versus and empty one. So, when I'm bf'ing and want to have a drink, I will eat a meal, bf, and then have the drink, or bf, meal, drink. I know it takes me longer to metabolize liquor slower on an empty stomach, so I need to eat.

And - I've also been told by dr.'s and a couple lactation consultations that beer is better than wine, and wine is better than hard liquor. Both at metabolizing in your system and the ingredients aiding in production.

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Yes, in moderation of course. My doctor advised me to wait at least 2 hours after drinking before breastfeeding and to keep it to one drink. I usually did it after the bedtime feeding was done. You deserve it after breastfeeding for so long. Great job.

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YES!! you can!! and there is no reason to pump and dump either.. breast milk is like gold.. no reason to waste it!! Just nurse and then have a drink.. and as previously mentioned wait at least 2 hours to nurse again!! And enjoy it girl!! You are doing a great job!! =))

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it's perfectly fine.
My MIL's Dr told her to drink a glass of wine while she was breastfeeding because it relaxed her and in turn , because she was relaxed it would relax baby.

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Yes, you can drink. I didn't like to do it when she was up, but after she went to bed, I would have a couple and it's out of your system before they get up. My dr. said that only 2% of a drink actually gets in your milk and it only stays there for 2 hours. Basically, if you feel sober, your milk is fine.

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It was not that long ago that drs told nursing moms to drink a beer a day to help with breast milk production...

When nursing I try to time it so that any drinking happens AFTER baby nurses for the night and hours before the next nursing... If you worry about it you can always pump and dump... Giving baby a bottle of breast milk instead.

The key thing is that you are not getting sloshed and feeding baby. A glass here or there is fine.

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Yup, fine! There's some good info about it on llli.org which is the La Leche League website. Generally though, nurse and then have your drink. That way the alcohol will be as diluted and metabolized as possible in your milk. Or best option is to have a drink after your last nursing of the night. Also, one drink a day is unlikely to impact your nursling.

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yes you can have a drink! Here is a good article, it's more statistical on the matter and short and easy to read, http://www.obfocus.com/nutrition/alcoholinmilk.htm

Basically all of the concerns are for newborn babies, because their systems are just developing and they metabolize alcohol much slower than a toddler. I am still nursing my 28month old daughter, and I have an occasional beer or glass of wine. Most follow the 2hr rule, but even shortly after consuming a beer with a meal, the transfer is so minimal that there is no effect to a toddler. Baby will be fine! ENJOY!!!!!

To the post just prior and others similar in thinking, The chemicals that are in Baby Formula or in ANY processed foods on grocery store shelves and fast food chains, are MUCH WORSE than an occasional trace of NATURALLY fermented alcohol found in beer or wine!!!! (sorry, just had to give my opinion on that)

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