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Giving Meds?

Does anyone have any tricks or tips for giving their baby meds? I have to give my 14 months old med twice a day and its one big fight. Just wondering if anyone had any advice or if I just have to fight it out. Thanks!

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M., I have a 2 year old and the only thing that has worked for him is threatening to take his medicine myself. There is a little bit of age difference, so it may not work yet, but you will soon find out that everything is "mine!". Hopefully it will work. Good luck!

I would get my daughters medicine flavored from walgreens, its like 3 dollars but well worth it, takes the yucky out of medicine. I would then have my husband hold her down while i used a syringe to squirt just a little at a time into her mouth and then i would close her mouth with my hand so she would swallow.
We have never had any more problems getting her to take it!

One of mine hated meds, she still does, I had to hold her down and force her mouth open, I never found a solution, it was a fight everytime.

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My son just finished Augmenten for an ear infection and I forgot to have the pharmacy flavor it, so we had a fight on our hands too. I had been told once by my pediatrician's nurse to use a little chocolate or strawberry syrup (the kind for milk). He didn't like the chocolate, but loved the strawberry. My daughter also had constipation problems and had to take mineral oil (double yuck!) for a few months, we also used the strawberry syrup for her as well.

Here's a couple of suggestions: Mix it in a food the baby likes (applesauce is a good way to do it, and you can even get flavored applesauce. They do this all the time with Alzheimer's pts, so it has no effect on the medicine). That way they don't see you comming with the dropper, med. spoon, or whatever. You can also go to the pharmacy and get flavorings to add to the medicine itself, and that alone often works, particularly if your child is crazy for grape, or cherry, or whatever. There are a number to pick from.

I mix the meds with a little chocolate syrup for my 18 month old and he asks for more!!

are you using an oral syringe? that works best. squeeze it just a little at a time slowly aiming inside toward her cheek.

If it's not easy then most likely not much advise will help but I've found when mine when thru that stage it was easy to just give them a little at a time while they cried with their mouth open. If you have a big fighter you can hold them down but I always hated that but if you have to you have to. That stage didn't last too long all 3 of mine take medicine easy now even my 16 month old. I just call them & they come & take it. Hope it gets easier for you.


try using a syringe squirter thing and quickly squirt it to the back of her throat

It was always a fight to get my son to take anything. We tried the pharmacy flavors to no avail. I finally broke down and bought some orange Fanta soft drink and mixed his medicine in with a couple of sips of soda. The Fanta is caffiene-free (Sunkist is not) and he drinks it with no problems. Granted it is not a good idea to give kids lots of soda, but I decided a few sips was worth it if he would be able to get his entire dose down! Sometimes you have to do whatever works! :) Good luck!

We used a syringe. I think that Target may provide this with the prescription. If not ask at the pharmacy if they have them. You have to administer it slowly and maybe stop and then start again, but at least you aren't wearing it and neither is the baby. Good luck.

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